Hope deferred…

We are suppose to be off by now…it’s a solid 4 weeks after our hoped for departure and we still have not been able to take off as planned.

The biggest obstacle is the finalization of the kids adoption. Back in June was the first delay when the hearing was postponed to terminate parental rights due to a lawyer not showing up to court. That delayed things by 2 weeks. Then when the day finally arrived to sign papers…the delays continued….medical records were not secured, documents that needed to be written were not complete, adoption assistance was hung up as the county doesn’t really want to help pay for these children to get services they need. (I’ll be fighting that post adoption or just believing God to provide)

Yesterday I got word that all adoption papers are finally ready to be signed (the earliest they can meet with us & coordinate everyone’s schedules is October 1st. (Should’ve been August 30th) After signing we will be assigned an adoption date to go to court ….we are hoping, praying & believing for the absolute quickest date – October 8th….but we are at the mercy of court schedules and it could be pushed out until the 15th, 22nd or heaven forbid the 29th of October. Kind of makes my heart sick a bit.

Once we realized we were going to be delayed…we decided to take short local trips as we awaited the big departure. These too were challenging as we ended up waiting for over 3 weeks for our SUV to get repaired (we were told it would be 1 week) We had to find a place to park the trailer while we were still here as our homeowners doesn’t allow more than 72 hours of parking in front of our home….we are so thankful for our dear friends the Walkers who provided that answer and our former students Brandon Hibler who towed it over there….blessings abound.

We know that God has brought this all together & it is ultimately His timing that is what is important. There are several obvious reasons that we needed to be around this month….one most important being here to support my dearest friend Nina as she walks through the loss of her mother. We’ve also learned a lot in our two short trips about the travel trailer and how everything works as well as realizing what things we needed that we had no way of knowing we needed. We also have a much better picture of the expenses we will need to raise. So here we sit waiting patiently for God to send us off to our Road Trip to Rapha…the healing year to focus on these precious kiddos.

We are ready to go…we are wanting to go…we are needing to go….but your timing Lord is perfect! 🙏

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