Our Core Beliefs

Core Values & Beliefs

♥   We believe that purposeful, abundant and eternal life are ultimately found through a relationship with Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord

♥  We believe the Bible is the inerrant inspired word of God and is the bottom line on absolute truth and in life.

♥  We believe that there is a great cost as well as total investment of your time, talent and treasure to following Jesus but that the payoff is amazing!

♥  We believe in loving and serving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and in loving and serving others as we do ourselves. (which is really hard!)

♥  We believe life here on earth is short and it is best to make each moment count for God’s kingdom.

♥  We believe that God is the only provider of our needs…not a company, not a job, not a person who signs a check…God alone. (and if it is the Lord’s will…it is His bill!)

♥  We believe trials, tribulations, crisis and problems as well as blessings, joy, good times and miracles are all part of this God inspired adventure called life.

♥  We believe that God gives us each unique gifts and talents that are to be used for His purpose…we are just His dispenser.

♥  We believe in the fellowship, love, friendship and accountability of a local community of believers that we are committed to through the good, the bad and the ugly.

♥  We believe that caring for the orphans, widows, poor, hungry, homeless, sick, hurting and those in bondage is caring for Jesus.

♥  We believe that God’s perfect plan for the family is one husband and one wife in a lifelong covenant called marriage who are raising children to know, love and serve the Lord and then sending them out to be world changers. (and yes that plan is often foiled and that God is a God of second chances)

♥  We believe that all children are an amazing blessing from the Lord…the unborn, born, biological, adopted, fostered, orphaned, disabled or damaged and that because they have God’s heart, they should have ours too.

♥  We believe that it is not what happens to you in life that really matters but how you respond and give God glory.

♥  We believe that we are to speak, teach, train, inspire and motivate to the best of our ability but that the results are up to God.

♥  We believe that God is God and we are not!