Celebrating Life!

Over 13 years ago a distraught young  woman found herself facing an unplanned crisis pregnancy. She was upset and conflicted.  She was unmarried, struggling financially and already had a one year old child. 

So…when she walked into a crisis pregnancy center in Tennessee…she was ready to get an abortion. This state did not allow abortions past 12 weeks and she was well past that, already in her 3rd trimester. The counselors there lovingly talked with her, encouraged her and shared with her the options of keeping her baby and that they would assist her with resources to raise the child or to place her baby in the loving arms of a forever family through adoption.

After much counseling she made the decision to choose life (she could’ve driven one state over and legally gotten an abortion) and to pursue adoption.

Six week later….she gave birth to a beautiful healthy 6lb baby girl.

• A baby girl who just months earlier…could have been just another one of the 63 million casualties that have taken place since January 22 1973…49 years ago when the Supreme Court  made abortion legal in our country.

• A baby girl who could have been destroyed and torn apart limb by limb through the gruesome procedure we call a just a “choice”

• A baby girl who tragically could have never taken a breath or given a chance at living the unique and exquisite life she was made to live

• A baby girl who was not a mistake or an accident, but a planned creation of God.

• A baby girl with unique l, one of a kind DNA, different than her mother who was carrying her.

• A baby girl who was not a “potential” human, but rather a human with great potential.

• A baby girl who never would have been placed into the arms of loving parents and been given a forever family to grow up in if her mother had chosen abortion

But praise be to God….and thanks to state laws and the counseling and prayers of the Christian staff & volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center…this baby girl’s mom chose life!

And six weeks after she was born this baby girl was placed into the arms of her adoptive parents who with love and joy overflowing from their hearts and uncontrollable tears streaming down their faces looked down into her beautiful brown eyes and said…”You are ours!” The miracle of adoption!

May 17, 2009

The mommy in this picture is me and the handsome man is my amazing husband and “baby girl” is our precious daughter who was given to us by God through the unselfish act of love of her birth mother who ultimately chose NOT to abort her despite the obstacles she faced and instead gave her to a large, loving…. “church going family” (her only request for who would adopt her baby).

9 months later ….on January 22, 2010, the exact anniversary of that ominous Roe vs Wade decision to make it legal to have an abortion at any time during pregnancy, (and I do not believe it is a coincidence that the court “happened” to choose January 22 as her official adoption day….no God in His amazing providence choose to “redeem” this day through a child who was rescued from abortion and given life!)…we sat in front of a SJ County Judge and committed to love, care for and share all our inheritance equally with baby girl just as if we had given birth to her…and with the pound of a gavel, she became officially a Lambdin!

Today she is a precious, sweet, kind, generous, talented, smart, amazingly mature young lady…loved not only by her family but everyone who meets her!

She deserved to live the life she was given! She had a God given right to live….as does every child in the womb. (our current location or level of dependency does not change human rights)

This week as we celebrate her “Gotcha day” – May 17 – pictured here:

• We celebrate her life!

• We celebrate and honor her birth mother’s loving choice!

• We celebrate her state of birth which limited the ability of her life being taken before birth!

• We celebrate adoption!

•  We celebrate being a Lambdin!

• We celebrate being a part of God’s family!

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