Family & Friends Friday – Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, best friend & partner in everything!

(aka: dear darling hubby – ddh or “Dan the Man”)

Dearest Dan,

I pray that your special day is blessed beyond measure!  

  • May the Lord your God pour out to you His abundant love, grace, faithfulness, joy and peace.
  • May your students both near & far affirm your calling to young people and the influence you have had in their lives.
  • May your co-workers at JECHS encourage, support and praise you as you minister together for God’s kingdom
  • May your friends remember you with kind words, appreciation and laughter
  • May your family share their heartfelt sentiments of how much they love, support and are proud to call you their son and brother
  • May your children shower you with love, hugs and kisses and may you bask in the joy and contentment of their complete adoration and respect of you…their awesome Daddy.

I am blessed by you each & every moment of my life.  You are truly the best!  I know I have told you this before but the Lord truly shined down upon me when he gave you to me as my closest friend, my faithful husband, my hard working partner in everything we do and the true love of my life.

May a portion of how you have blessed others come pouring out to you today as you celebrate another year of life.

I love you!



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