Christmas Day Celebration

Christmas Day at the Lambdins is very relaxed and kick back.  We enjoy staying home with our immediate family…but welcome any & everyone who may want to join us! 

Mom & Dad have filled the stockings to the brim and the girls have filled our stockings as well.  After making some coffee the first thing we do is empty our stockings one at a time and look at all our gift & goodies. The girls are always so sweet and generous to us.  We can always count on getting a Starbucks card and our favorite candy! (Dark Chocolate covered pretzels for me and Rocky Road candy for Dan) Then there is usually a much desired gift for each of us.   We fill their stockings with some traditional items – clementines, hair things, lip gloss, nylons and their favorite candy.  Occasionaly there are a few other things added to that mix.

Then it is time to reveal who their Secret Sister has been!

Let me stop here and unveil the new name we decided upon for our Secret Sister tradition.  We got so many wonderful ideas from all of you – in fact I received over 50 responses to that blog post.  After much discussion the girls and I agreed on………….. (drum roll please!)

The Secret Sisters and the Undercover Brother!

We all had so much fun saying that throughout the Christmas season of course you have to say it with a little bounce and accent that I can’t quite convey in writing.  But it “stuck” very easily and has already become our new name. (and next Christmas we hope it is the “Undercover Brothers“!)

The girls love revealing who they had and they each share from their heart how much they love and care for that sibling and what makes them special. It is a very heartwarming and uplifting time.  Besides their words of affirmation if they were able they get them a gift according to their ability.  The squeels of delight and hugs that we here throughout the openig of gifts is delightful. 

We all enjoy looking over our gifts as we eat some gooey cinnamon rolls and drink our coffee.  The rest of the day is spent kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the day.  We sit down late in the afternoon to our all time favorite Christmas meal:

  • London Broil marinated in teriyaki sauce
  • Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Rolls
  • Salad
  • Condiments – pickles & olives
  • Ice Tea & Sparkling Cider

It is simply delicious. A few hours later we are ready for dessert options – Derby Pie with whip cream, Pecan Pie ala-mode or a variety of Christmas cookies.  We finish the day with a Christmas Day devotion and worship time honoring the birth of Christ! 


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3 responses to “Christmas Day Celebration

  1. Sorry, I have to ask. What is Derby pie?

  2. bethlambdin

    Derby Pie is this incredible yummy ooey-gooey Pie like a big moist chocolate chip cookie! It is actually called “Not Derby Pie” on my recipee card.

    Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Derby pie
    Derby pie is a pastry created in the Melrose Inn of Prospect, Kentucky, USA, by George Kern with the help of his parents. It is often associated with the Kentucky Derby.

    The pie is a chocolate and walnut tart in a pie shell usually with a pastry dough crust. It is also commonly made with pecans, chocolate chips and Kentucky Bourbon. Popular additions are butterscotch, caramel, and other types of nuts.

    The name “Derby Pie” is a registered trademark of Kern’s Kitchen, which registered the name in 1968. The company uses the name in the form “DERBY-PIE®” in official literature and advertisements. Kern’s Kitchen diligently guards the trademark and secret recipe, which is known only to a small group of Kern family members and a single Kern’s Kitchen employee (who actually mixes the recipe today). The company has filed several lawsuits over the years to protect its commercial rights. Because of this, others who make similar pies have had to alter their recipes slightly and/or use a different name (such as “Pegasus Pie”, a reference to the Pegasus Parade at the Kentucky Derby Festival and May Day Pie, in reference to the First Saturday in May, the day of the Kentucky Derby).

  3. Interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

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