Making a Difference

Tonight was our monthly family communion time – such a warm, wonderful tradition. (and I love it that my almost 5 year old Joy jumped up and down in the kitchen with glee saying – “communion, communion, communion!!!”)

I shared with my family during communion this recent email I received from a dear friend Geigy who is serving along with her husband, Jeremiah and their three children as missionaries in Japan. (

Hey there Beth, I don’t know if I sent this to you already.  But for Thanksgiving last year, we made the communion bread you wrote about and had communion with our home bible study.  The Japanese members were just amazed, it would never occur to them to do something different.  It was a joy to share in the sweetness of Christ together.  We got several requests to do it again soon.  Here is our picture with our Japanese English bible in the back, with the Operation Japan prayer guide on top of the bible.

Your blog posts are going all around the world and changing lives 🙂


It blessed me so much to hear that:

  1. Instead of just reading about somethig and thinking it sounded great – they actually did it!
  2. In a small way we are sharing communion with our fellow believers across the world in Japan!
  3. My blog is making a difference in others lives!

One of my puposes in life is to inspire, motivate, influence and make a positive difference in people’s lives.  I am blessed, thankful and content tonight to have done this in Geigy’s life.

Going to bed fulfilled…..

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One response to “Making a Difference

  1. Patty Martin

    Beth, you have been inspiring MANY people ever since I met you in 1985 ( “He’s Alive in ’85 ! “) at the Springs. You’ve encouraged more people than you maybe even realize, myself included. It was always a joy ( we all had FUN, didn’t we?! Even in the midst of counseling teens and counselors at night mtgs!) to work the Teen Camps w/ you. I know that God is not done yet w/ our friendship, even if it IS only via email these days!
    Much love from Patty

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