Welcoming a child

This weekend we sat down with our family and made the decision to sponsor a child monthly through World Vision.  We reviewed the packet they sent us giving us details of the child we will sponsor and watched the DVD highlighting children from different countries who have been helped through World Vision.  It is alwaya amazing to me to see the way people live in other countries.  The things we take for granted in the United States are vast! (like having clean running water at our disposal every minute, indoor plumbing, floors that are not made of dirt, multiple bedrooms – or even beds for that matter!) 

Here is the darling little seven year old boy, Nthabana, from Southern Africa that we are sponsoring:

This is a family project – not just a “Mom & Dad” thing, so we discussed how we were going to all participate.  Here is our plan:

  1. Prayer – We will all pray for him and his family.  We will add his photo to our prayer album that we use during homeschooling to remind us to pray.  We wil pray for him during family dinner time as well as individually.
  2. Finances – It costs $35 a month to sonpsor a chld through World Vision.  We are all going to chip in!  Joy is going to contribute her change each month. Grace is going to weed the yard for an hour a month. Rebekah, Kristen, Amy & Michelle are going to each chip in each month from their personal savings.
  3. Correspondance – Once a month we will sit down and write him letters, assemble a care package and have the younger ones draw pictures.  What a great family night activity!

Jesus said “…whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me.”  Matthew 18:5

This is a perfect and easy way to welcome a child, in Jesus name.


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