Our Adoption Yard Sale

Here is the report on our Adoption Yard Sale and Bake Sale we held on Saturday! It was fabulous. 

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to the many who donated items and baked goodies for us to raise money for our upcoming adoption:

  • The Buyco family
  • The Fichtner family
  • Sherwood Manor Swim Team
  • The Meier family
  • The Barth family
  • The Hale family
  • Gloria Grupe
  • Sister Lillian
  • Ceci Sallee
  • The Ward family
  • Michelle Sallee
  • The Rodriguez family
  • The Reichard family
  • The Saucedo family
  • The Krahmer family
  • The Martinez family
  • The Sciarini family
  • Charlie & Lisa Fairchild
  • Mike & Lynn Krogstad

As you will see in the slide show following, we had an amazing amount of items donated.  We also are so grateful to our dear family members – Uncle Doug, Aunt Kass and Chrisann as well as our friends Monica & Ana Martinez who came over at the “crack of dawn” on Saturday to help us set up and then worked tirelessly for hours helping to sell things.  What a blessing! 

Total amount raised at this event:  $1,500

I also had a Creative Memories adoption sale for my clients of some discontinued and overstocked items where I made an additional $300.  Add to that a jar of change our dear life long friend “Grandma Gloria” brought by, a piggy bank full of change from our friends five year old daughter (who wanted to help us get this baby!) and a jar of change the girls have been collecting and the GRAND total for the weekend is almost $1,900.  We will go to the bank Monday and add this to our adoption fund which will bring us to over $4,200 in that account….leaving us just $2,800 needed to pay our adoption placement fees.  If you would like to partner with us and help us with the remaining amount needed  – you can donate Online here!(Paypal or credit card)  Every donation, regardless of size helps us get to the goal. We know that the Lord will provide.

Here is a slideshow of our glorious day!

P.S. – We should be hearing early this week (maybe even tomorrow – be still my heart!) if we have been chosen to be the “forever family” for this precious baby that was born on April 29.  I will post the moment we get word.


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2 responses to “Our Adoption Yard Sale

  1. Your adoption stories bring me to tears. I just sent you a donation, not much but every little bit counts, right? At one time my husband and I were considering adoption. We did mountians of paperwork and started “feeling” out our family for donations. No one was supportive. I now know that it wasn’t God’s timing as my husband left me and our two children in 2006. We have no contact with him and seeing how difficult it is on our biological children I can only imagine how tough it would have been for an adopted child. You are a wonderful family full of love and I will keep praying for you!

    Emilie Kell

  2. kate

    I love those pics!!! I wish so badly that I could have been there to help!!! I love you all!

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