Who knew?

I just ran across an article on people who live to be 100.    Of course there were the obvious things like eating “heart healthy” and watching your waistline  —  but look at this one —

Giving birth after age 40 more than quadruples a woman’s chances of living to 100.

You can read the article here

Wow!  Who knew?  I have had two sweet babies after age 40 – I wonder if that means I have eight times the chance of living to be 100?  🙂

I am always saying that having kids at my age keeps you young!  I guess I was right.  I often wonder if I only had two children (Michelle & Amy) and I was on the home stretch towards an “empty nest” like many of my peers, if I would feel like slowing down and taking it easy?  Perhaps I would “feel”older.  Of course when you are chasing a one year old (and are trying to adopt another baby) slowing down does not even enter your mind, nor is it an option.  Perhaps aging has a lot to do with your mindset. I can’t think of slowing down for at least 20 more years.

Just thought I would share that fun fact with you today.  My daughter Rebekah who is always saying “Mom, You have to live to be 100”  was simply thrilled to hear this information (and being the strong willed choleric child that she is she will now settle for nothing less than my living to be 100!).

For now….I will keep living and enjoying my life as if today was the last day.

One more thing –  The article also said –  Coffee is another potential “health drink,” with studies showing that moderate coffee intake is helpful in preventing diabetes, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, cirrhosis, kidney stones and even heart disease.  You don’t even know how happy that made me!  As soon as I reach my goal weight, I will be adding coffee back into my regular routine (in moderation of course!) along with a splurge of dark chocolate also said to add years! (it is TRUE – read it here & here)


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  1. Deanne

    uh oh! Not only did I only have one child at age 20, but I hate coffee (does LOVING the smell have any health benefit?) and detest dark chocolate (it’s milk chocolate or bust). It’s not lookin’ good!

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