Barn Raising Update

We have been working steadily for the past two weeks getting bits & pieces done on the new room.  We are so thankful to all of the people who have helped with their labor, their ideas, their wisdom and their expertise.  (THANK YOUFelipe, Scott, Chris, Rick, Kim, Jennae, Jason, Josiah, Justin, DJ – we cannot tell you enough how very, very much we appreciate each of you)

Here is a peek at the progress so far:

We are gearing up to put the crew to work who have volunteered to come out either this Friday or Saturday to help us “raise the barn” – aka – finish this room.

Dan will continue to sheet rock this week as well as getting the supplies ready for the weekend activities.  We hope to complete the following:

  • Any remaining sheet rock hung
  • Taped & Textured
  • Walls & doors painted
  • Hanging doors
  • Tile floor laid
  • Possibly put in the windows (if they arrive)

That will get us to the place where we can begin to move in furniture and then work on putting up our long counter work space and cabinets as time, money and expertise permits.

We have lots of people who have inquired about being involved but we have not heard for sure.  This is who we have a commitment from for some or part of the two days (if you told me you were coming and I don’t have you on this list – please tell me again!):

  • Scott & Brandi Gaston
  • Justin & Deanne Barth
  • Jeff Gilbert
  • Felipe Rodriguez
  • Donna Nelson – babysitting our wee ones
  • Cindy Moore, Rachel Fichtner, Tracy Rodriguez, Deanne Barth – bringing food to feed the workers

If you have been thinking about possibly coming to help or you can bring food or drinks to share – let us know by Tuesday so we can get a good schedule going of who will be doing what. (but ya know if you just show up we will put you to work!)

We are hoping that if Extreme Home Makeover can re-do an entire house in a week we can add on a small room in a few days.  Here is Dan working away right now as I type this!

I will post pictures of this event over the weekend.

PS – A cool breeze blew into Stockton today making our house very comfortable today – we are praising the Lord for the relief from the heat!



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2 responses to “Barn Raising Update

  1. Tracy Rodriguez

    Good afternoon. Felipe will be working on Thursday and Friday of this week. He might be called in on Sat. We will not know for sure until that day. Having said that, if he is not called in on Sat, he will be helping out where needed. As for Tracy, Monica, Molly and Zoe, we will all donate a pizza and a 2 liter soda each to help the workers, get through the day a bit quicker. That is a total of 4 large pizzas and 4 2-liters of soda. We will be buying from Little Ceasars (hope that will suffice). In addition, we will be praying for a successful “barn raising event”, cooler weather, as well as financial relief in this very shaky economy. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 The Rodriguez family

  2. noactive

    Barn Raising Update .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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