In honor of….


I have

  • donated money through my local grocery store
  • purchased several “pink” products where profits go to research
  • prayed for those I know and those I don’t know who are fighting this terrible disease

and last but not least

  • I went to get my overdue mammogram this morning (I only skipped it last year because I was nursing the sweet baby)

I had my first mammogram at age 35 to get a baseline reading and then every other year starting at 40.  My first appointment, I was filled with anxiety due to all the horror stories I had heard & read over the years about the dreaded mammogram.  I do not like pain and avoid it at all costs.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when it was not only pain free but quick and easy. I guess it might be because my “mammories” have been thoroughly “broken in” (read here – never to be the same again) as I have nursed multiple babies for a grand total of 8 years and have experienced the intense pain from “barracuda” babies, cracked & bleeding nipples and breast infections or perhaps it is because I have extra “fatty tissues” (finally fat that comes in handy) or maybe my pain tolerance is better than I thought. (I doubt this is the case!)  Whatever it is – having a mammogram is a “no brainer” in my book….and even if it was painful, I would still do it! 

This morning I was “in & out” in less than 15 minutes and because I went during October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I got a free bottle of pink nail polish. (which I will never wear as I am more of a bold cranberry, bronze or muted mauve type of girl, on the rare occasion that I even wear fingernail polish) but my “girlie girls” will LOVE it!

(the puffy dark circles under the eyes today are from staying up far too late working – 3:30am – forgetting that I had an 8am appointment. Can you say …nap needed?)

Are you current with your mammogram?  If not – schedule that appointment today.


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2 responses to “In honor of….

  1. Thanks for the post in honor of breast cancer awareness, Beth! As an 18 year survivor (I was diagnosed at age 35) I’ll be walking in the San Diego Breast Cancer 3 Day (60 miles in three days) for the third straight year. This year I’m walking because one of the women I walked with the first year was diagnosed this year. I have posted a link to my website in case any of your readers would like to make a donation.

    Jan McCallum

  2. bethlambdin

    i took that picture

    sweet graciegoo

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