Pumpkin Patch Day

Yesterday was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch – love it!

The day was beautiful (although a bit warm for the end of October) and we enjoyed all of our family traditions – dressing in fall colors, taking lots of beautiful photos, walking through the patch, taking a hay ride, petting the animals, picking wild flowers and eating pumpkin ice cream before coming home to a delicious dinner of chili & cornbread.  Daniel was quite active this year…it is hard to believe that he wasn’t even walking last year at the patch!  He was busy rolling in the hay, throwing dirt, hitting the pumpkins with a stick and devouring as much ice cream and popcorn as he could. Boys! Yes, they are different than girls and I am enjoying every minute.

This is our nineteenth year of going to the pumpkin patch on a fall Friday afternoon in October – why family traditions?

Besides creating wonderful family memories to be looked back on fondly and fabulous photos, it also gives your children a sense of belonging, security & uniqueness.

Belonging – Children have a strong desire to belong to something important. We see this being played out regularly in our society in the negative form of gangs and peer pressure.  By doing family outings they get to experience that sense of belonging & togetherness.

Security– When you go have outings and events that your family participates in on an annual basis it gives children a strong sense of security.  During difficult or tough times or when they are going through major changes emotionally, physically, psychologically or in any area of their lives (ie: going to a new school, moving, joining a new activity) they get that security from knowing some things never change.  It is a warm safe, comforting & reassuring feeling.

Uniqueness – What makes your family special? It is your specific traditions, rituals, activities, events and outings that are unique to your family.  The more you have…the more your children will be connected to your family.  You want your children to enjoy family life and being together.  You want to foster relationships with their siblings. You want them to think…”Wow! Our family is the best”  or “Our family is fun” so that they do not so easily look for “fun” in undesirable activities. Annual outings are a great way to achieve this!

Enjoy the slide show of our day at “the patch”.


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4 responses to “Pumpkin Patch Day

  1. Tracy

    Great pics. can you send me your popcorn ball recipe? that really has sounded good, since you gave me the idea yesterday…. 🙂

  2. Katrina

    Your pictures are great! I just can’t get over how old all your kids are getting! So gorgeous– and handsome! 😉

  3. Beth these pictures are Gorgeous!! (did my sister take them)?? You all look so beautiful!! Looks like such a fun day, and a beautiful weather. XO

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun!

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