Sweet Sixteen

Happy 16th Birthday my dear Amy Girl!

You’re all ribbons and curls,
Oh, what a girl!
Eyes that twinkle and shine,
You’re sixteen,
You’re beautiful and you’re mine.

How quickly those 16 birthdays come and go —

1st birthday – pretty & pink baby girl

2nd Birthday at the Pumpkin Patch

3rd Birthday – you began your love of horses!

4th Birthday – at Chuck E Cheese

5th birthday – my princess

6th Birthday – the magician came to our backyard

7th birthday – another “dress up” party

8th Birthday – celebrating with Daddy for his 40th – a hoedown!

9th Birthday – the camping birthday (when the squirrels ate part of the cake!)

10th Birthday – Decade Day! (and Mom’s pregnant & feeling sick)

11th Birthday – A trip to Florida & South Carolina with Mommy

12th Birthday – The year of the beach boardwalk birthdays!

13th Birthday – Surprise Party!

14th Birthday – the “Nerts” Party

15th Birthday – the low key freshman girls sleepover

And today —

You’re sixteen,
You’re beautiful and you’re mine.

Yes my dear, sweet, special Amy girl!  I love you.


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2 responses to “Sweet Sixteen

  1. She is such a Beautiful “sweet 16 birthday girl!!” I enjoyed looking at how much she as grown into a lovely young lady!! Beth, you are so blessed, it brings a joy to my heart to have seen all of you this past weekend. You must be so proud!! Love, Nene


  2. Donna

    Happy 16th Birthday Amy!! Today is a special day for us also here, it is my Emilys 4th Birthday I know it will not be long and we will be celebrating her 16th birthday also!!
    I wish you the best today I am sure your day will hold many wonderful things and lots of great memories have a blast being 16 and loving Jesus!!

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