A Party Waiting to Happen!

n633092661_1240866_3968There are so many wonderful things about having a large family and I was reminded of one of my favorites on New Years Eve —

A large family is a party waiting to happen!

You don’t need to have a party plan, invitations or even a season, special occassion or a holiday.  It’s like those instant soups – just add water! Or perhaps you could see it as a “party in a box” – a large family has everything pre-packaged that you need to have a great time! 

  • There are always enough people to play games (and even if everyone doesn’t want to play there are still enough!)
  • There are always a enough personalities to add variety, uniqueness and interest to everything
  • There are always enough ideas to inspire creativity
  • There is always enough talent to provide entertainment
  • There are always enough hands to help with preparation, food & clean up
  • There is always enough humor to bring lots of laughter (sometimes for years after)
  • There is always enough noise to assure the neighbors that you are truly partying
  • There is always enough conversation to give insight, wisdom and spark debate
  • There is always enough love for everyone to have full hands, full hearts and more than enough hugs and kisses to go around!

Yes, having a large family is truly like having a “party waiting to happen” at any given moment, right in your very own home (of course we can take the party “on the road” too or even bring it to your house!).  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!



 These photos were taken as the girls spontaneously started a dance routine while washing dishes


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3 responses to “A Party Waiting to Happen!

  1. Pam

    Beth, no matter what you write you always bring me to tears. Sometimes because I lack what you have and sometimes because you inspire me with challenges and lastly because you always bring glory to God. Thank you.


  3. carrie

    I hear ya! We were VERY late to school today as I was not in a rush and I was a bit sad as I dropped them off. Mine only go to preschool, part time a few days a week:) What am I going to do when they go off to college:) It was a wonderful holiday season with time together. Chris’ schedule, as well as working with military families has truly taught us to cherish EVERY moment. Hard to believe Kindergarten is only 8 months away. I am glad we will be homeschooling while we are in HI, as the time really does go by so quickly. Looking forward to doing Epiphany together tomorrow.

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