My foggy day

Sometimes the weather just fits the day.


Living in the valley, we get a few too many winter mornings like these where we are “socked in” with pea soup fog. On a rare day, I do enjoy the white blanket that covers the entire area but  the majority of the winter I look for ways to find the sun by heading to the foothills or the beach.

Today however the fog fit the occasion as it hung over the valley on our way to the airport to take Michelle back to college for her second semester. A fog was hanging over my heart as I realized that our three weeks together as a family were coming to an end.  Mist welled up in our eyes as we said our goodbyes.


As I looked out the window at the encroaching fog I thought that with all the things I dislike about our winter fog, it does have some lessons that I could apply to my life.  dscn6479 

  • Fog forces you to concentrate on what is directly in front of you…since you can’t see much else. Sometimes I get so distracted by the future that it hinders me from doing what I need to do today.
  • Fog slows you down.  Not only does the fog seriously slow down the driving speed of even the most risky drivers it seems to slow down all activity.  I for one need to on occasion seriously slow down.
  • Fog creates a quiet over everything.  We all live with constant noise – how can we ever hear that still small voice of the Lord trying to whisper in our hearts.  I could use more quiet times in my life.
  • Fog brings a cold dampness and mist that turns our brown and yellow land bright green for a short season.  A reminder that the tears of sadness often provide fertile soil in our hearts for beautiful green growth.

I will embrace the fog of life and see it has an opportunity to slow down, concentrate on today, seek quiet moments as well as allowing the melancholy moments of life to bring growth.

Yes, today the fog fit the occasion and it as it burned off later it was a welcome reminder that behind the melancholy fog is the joy and bright outlook of sunshine. In fact the sunshine seems even brighter after the fog.


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6 responses to “My foggy day

  1. Sheila

    Beth: I love the fog, unless I have to be driving. I just wanted to comment on how your analogy of fog and life was so true. Again your writing is a gift, keep it up. 🙂

  2. Ginger Koel

    Thank you so much for this little gift. This is the year that I have given myself permission to keep my life simple and clear some of lifes clutter. I function so much better that way and I enjoy life much more. I know it was sad to send your daughter back to school but you will be surprised just how fast these four years go. I always look forward to all my children coming home, I think I am the happiest then. My husband really can see a difference.
    Take care,
    Ginger Koel

  3. arvie


    you touched me today…thank you for this.
    i’ve been in a fog for so long ~ i’m looking forward to the sunshine…i know it will come, and it will be bright and beautiful!

    be blessed,

  4. Becky

    You really do have a way with words. Love to read you on Monday’s.
    Grandma Becky

  5. I miss my wonderful sister michelle!!!!!!!

    but I do love our type of snow!!!!!!!! (fog)

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