Super Bowl Sentiments

Ok….so I am watching the Superbowl. 

But not because I am a “die hard” football fan, although I do like the sport more than many women I know.  Not because I particularly care about either team, I will always be a San Diego Charger fan (due in part to having lived there two different times for a total of  six years and because my Dad was a native “San Diegan”) as well as a Washington Redskin follower (if you have ever lived within the beltway I think you have to become a fan or else!) not too mention my passion – GO NAVY!  BEAT ARMY! (which is self explanatory for any military children out there – the rest of you just might not get it). And most definitely it is not because I do not have a massive amount of work to be accomplished. (I do!)

So why am I about to spend four hours of my life on the couch eating chips & cowboy dip (that I shouldn’t be eating) and watching a game (that I am not super interested in) on our postage stamp size, bunny eared TV (with not so great reception)?

  •  Because my husband loves football and… I love my husband!  He comes from a football playing, football loving family.  He played in high school and then went on to coach that same team for the next ten years before he retired from coaching to spend more time in ministry and become a Daddy.  When I married him, I married a football fan. So throughout our married life I have been well aware that many Saturday & Sunday afternoons would be spent watching football.
  • Because although we have been blessed with six daughters who will never find themselves on the gridiron (and will not be cheering either – I won’t even get into my anti cheerleading bias, lest I make some enemies) – it looks like we just might have a future football player in our family in our newest little boy whose first word was “ball”, who at 20 months will sit down & actually watch an entire game with his dad (this is NOT normal for a toddler of either gender!), who can easily identify a football player or ball on the TV, computer or even on a magazine in the grocery store, who bends down & says “hut, hut, hike” the minute the game begins (it is sooooooooo cute!) and who is rarely found without a ball in his hand.  I actually hope his passion continues as I would love being a football Mom (call me crazy!)
  • caloma-apple-hill-211
  • And finally because this is where the family is convened this afternoon and I love being together with my family in one room. (even if as I look up from my laptop – three of the girls have already fallen asleep)

 So…here is my commentary on the highlights of today’s game  –

The recognition of the courageous hero’s of  1549 that crash landed in the Hudson River earlier   – the pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his crew – who could help but not be inspired by this group.  And I couldn’t help but thinking that each of those who were on that flight are thanking the Lord that they are alive today to witness yet another Super Bowl.

The honoring of our military by having  General David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, perform the ceremonial coin toss for the Arizona Cardinals’ and Pittsburgh Steelers’ team captains.  I am so pleased that at this much watched event, we give honor to those who truly deserve it!

The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award was presented to quarterback Kurt Warner for his philanthropy.  Warner, who led the Cardinals to their first championship game in 60 years, created a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor construction throughout the Midwest. He has raised over $450,000, including a $100,000 personal contribution, $100,000 from his foundation, and $100,000 each from the Cardinals and the NFL Disaster Relief Fund.  Bravo Kurt! I love to see those who have been blessed with fame and fortune using it for the good of others.

I also love it that Kurt Warner and his wife  have seven children, he has adopted two of them (one with disabilities) and is a believer!  What an inspirational role model.

And though I am always hearing about the great Super Bowl commercials – I must admit I spent much of the time working on my lap top during the commercials and half time performance.  Besides, it was my way of boycotting NBC for their censorship of one commercial that SHOULD have been aired today. (You can read the deal here –   Here is this amazing commerical —

I love an exciting finish….and even though the girls and I were all rooting for the Cardinals (because we love Kurt Warner) my dear darling hubby was quite happy with “his” team the Pittsburgh Steelers winning yet another Super Bowl.  The back & forth at the end gets the adrenalin going and there was lots of cheering and sitting at the edge of our seats (as well as coaching from the couch for Dan)!  What a great game.

Finally I love to listen to the post game interviews always hoping for some of these athletes, who many across this nation look up to, will be great role models and give God the glory for their athletic abilities and amazing life!  Unfortunately the Lord was not publicly recognized by anyone this year, which was disappointing because….after all, without Him there is nothing.

Hey…one last thing – if anyone out there reading this blog won some money in a Super Bowl pool – I’ve got a great non profit organization you can donate some of your windfall too – Jim Elliot Christian High School – an incredible ministry to young people committed to raising up teens to go out and have a positive impact on the world (and yes, we have a football team…go Eagles…baby Daniel’s future team!)




 Just go to , click on Support JECHS and then click on “donate online”.  I can’t think of anything better to do with your winnings! 🙂


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2 responses to “Super Bowl Sentiments

  1. Andy

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

  2. kelly

    Awww…you used RJ’s football picture! It was such a fun time watching him play. I love Jim Elliots’ coaches and how they inspire, and set a positive example of Godliness to our young men and women…Go Eagles!!!

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