Where in the world is….

…..Beth Lambdin???

Ok, so it has been awhile since I have posted.  After Daniel’s accident, we left for our annual beach holiday for much needed refreshment, rest and relaxation….away from it “all”. 


Of course, I came back to an overwhelming amount of work to be done – and then Joy became very sick and I spent the last week doing the ER, doctors appointments, IV thing. 

In less than a month I have a huge fundraiser to “pull off” for Jim Elliot besides the “normal” things to do in life – homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, my CM business  etc…..  But I do hope to get back to writing, motivating, inspiring and encouraging soon.  I have so much to tell & share about my life, my family,  my passions and pursuits.  So many insights. So many blessings. So many challenges. 

Until then…here are Daniel’s before & after photos – God has been gracious to us and he is doing just great!










PS – And I am having some “blog” issues with my domain as well as changes in the subscription service – so hopefully this will post. (If you are reading it – I guess it did!)


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3 responses to “Where in the world is….

  1. Cathy Husen

    Hi Beth,
    I had no idea Daniel was involed in an accident. Poor baby. I’m glad to see him smiling again. Take care and God bless.

  2. Krista Coyan

    Glad to see you are OK…I check everyday and was really starting to wonder what had happened. Thanks for filling us in and know that you have people here in the Czech republic who are thinking of you

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