Adoption Update:Ready for Take Off

Tomorrow morning we will board an airplane bound for Tennessee and all of our lives will be forever changed.   Although we are obviously not new to parenting, we are new to adoption.  In many ways I have many of those same thoughts and feelings that I did almost 20 years ago as the days grew close to deliver my first child:

  • What will the whole experience be like? (no labor pains – I’m likin’ that…wooohoooo!!)
  • Will Dan & I be good “adoptive” parents? (is it any different than biological parenting? I don’t know?)
  • Will the baby be easy or  fussy? (although the preliminary  report is that she is easy)
  • Am I really ready?

Just like most of us in new uncharted waters we find ourselves perhaps anxious, apprehensive or simply wondering what it will all be like.  One of the best things being a “Mommy of many” has done for me is to become more comfortable and relaxed with the unknown as well as more willing and able to just trust God and give Him complete control. (yes I am a “recovered” control freak…or maybe the better wording is “in recovery” as it seems to be a life long process) I am confident that just like 20 years ago after delivering my firstborn, all my questions and feelings of uncertainty will quickly give way to a complete overwhelming and unconditional  love as I take this sweet baby girl into my arms and look into her eyes.  Perhaps it will even be more amazing as I experience for the first time what God has done for me when He adopted me into His family.

“He predestined us to adoption as children through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will” Ephesians 1:5

” …you have received a spirit of adoption as children by which we cry out, ‘Abba Father!'”  Romans 8:15

As we go to pick up this precious child of God and adopt her into our family, it will be a living picture of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for each of us who have been adopted into the family of God.


This is a recent picture taken by the “cradle care” family  last Sunday on Mother’s Day. Isn’t she just darling? We all can’t wait to kiss those soft chubby cheeks!

I am taking my computer and my camera to give you all updates from Tennessee.  It is sure to be an exciting several days. We so appreciate all of your love, support, enthusiasm and prayers.

Financial provision update:  Thank you to all who have helped us raise the money to fund this adoption.  We are praising the Lord that in a short four days we now have the money to pay the agency in Tennessee. (thanks to over 65 friends who donated this week everything from $5 to $500 – every gift of every size counts!)  We put our traveling expenses on a credit card that we will need to pay off within 30 days. We will also have to pay our “post adoption” fees to the agency here in California by the months end ($1200 for 4 “post placement” visits from a social worker).  If you want to be a part of meeting these needs you can contribute here –  or email me for my mailing address  We are truly grateful for everyone who has been a part of this adoption…..may it be blessed back to you in abundance!


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3 responses to “Adoption Update:Ready for Take Off

  1. Oh Beth,

    What a wonderful journey you are on! Every second of our beautiful Rebecca’s birthday on July 31, 2000 is etched in my mind. From the phone call just after midnight, telling us our baby was being born, to my hubby sitting up in bed 6 minutes later and announcing our expected “boy” was a “girl”, to the phone call at 9:30 am confirming he was right, all as vivid today as if it happened yesterday. We were able to make the 1 1/2 hour drive and bring our baby home that same day! Talk about a whirlwind of emotions… but I wouldn’t change a thing.
    I can tell you that the minute you hold that sweet baby, she will be YOURS. The feeling is indescribable! Enjoy and savor every moment…

  2. Kara


    What do you need for your precious little baby? You mentioned that you gave away all your girl clothes?


  3. Kelly Raulerson

    I am so excited for you it gives me chills! As I told you before I am a mother of 3 adopted beauties. I don’t know what emotions come with physically having them, but I am forever grateful to my birthmom’s for their sacrifice of LOVE! Don’t ever forget about them! I can’t imagine what it would be like to be faced with that decision!

    Adoption does give you a small glimpse (nothing can compare to God adopting us) of God’s love for us when he adopts us into HIS family! Enjoy every moment! It will be such an emotional day for you all! Your heart will be so full it will feel like it is going to burst! I look forward to your many more updates to come! Best Wishes and Godspeed! Kelly Raulerson

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