Cherish the time

I received much feedback from my previous post – Living life at both ends of the spectrum – it is always good to be reminded of the importance of our loved ones and in the midst of our busyness in life hopefully those reminders cause us to stop, reevaluate and take the time to love, cherish and enjoy the most important people in our lives.

I received one email that really touched me and I just had to share with you all what Crystal from Maine had to say from her current life perspective:

“I am presently at the other end of this spectrum – caring for my dad at home at the end of his wonderful life, as a loving husband, & wonderful father. I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything, no matter how hard it has been. One last smile… last “I Love you” or  “God Bless You”.

Hospice has been a blessing, but the faith in our Lord Jesus as he comforts us, in our sadness, and grief, is where its really at. It’s been 3 weeks since he came home from the hospital, and as a nurse, I know his time is coming near. I just felt the need to respond to your post I just got in my email and I as a fellow CM scrapbooker,I too want to share this picture, my sister took and I created.”


So while we remember that life with our little ones is fleeting and will soon give way to them leaving home…let’s also be reminded of our older loved ones who will all too quickly pass from this life to the next and all we will have left is our memories of time spent with them. Take the time today to let them know you love them and cherish the time you have to spend together. (and take it from someone who lives 3000 miles away from her Mommy – if you live close…take advantage of that and make the most of every opportunity!)

UPDATE: Please read the comments below for a message from Crystal about her Dad going home to be with the Lord yesterday.


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7 responses to “Cherish the time

  1. oh my! What a precious picture! yes, remembering all those we love and not take a moment for granted of utmost importance!
    much love to you, my dear sister!

  2. Crystal

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for posting this.
    My dad went home to be with his maker and reunited with his high school sweetheart of 46 years yesterday exactly at noon. My sister, brother and I were all at his side, and although it was a very hard experience to go through, we are so blessed to have had him in his home….he know he was loved to the end, as well as us knowing he loved us!! We are keeping the Faith!!

  3. bethlambdin

    Crystal…I am so sorry for the loss of your precious father. You are blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family and to have cared for your Dad until the very end.
    I rejoice with you that he is now with Jesus and you will be reunited again one day.
    Because you took the time to write to me – many wil read thi post and make time to cherish the moments they have with their loved ones!
    And I am thinking many photos like the one you took will be a part of may lives.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective, your love and your loss with us all.
    Love, Beth

  4. Sharon F., CA

    Please accept our sincere sympathies at the passing of your Dad. While it is not easy, I believe its is a gift to have the opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one. Your note definitely struck a chord for me and my family and I am forever thankful you shared your story with Beth and she in turn with us.

  5. This reminds me so much of another homegoing. My upline’s upline, Ruthie Korch, lost her Mom in June of this year. Her daughter, Jessica, captured the memorable last days in her blog (June 3-7, 2009).

    While losing a family member (especially a Mom or Dad) is very painful, knowing they are finally home with their Lord and Savior gives us hope that we will see them again. Blessings!!

  6. Patti S. Michigan (CMC)

    Thanks for posting this touching photo. On June 5th, my dad was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. He is being treated for it but we know that it is a matter of time. He only lives about 25 minutes from me and I will be visiting him tomorrow. I think I’ll bring my camera 🙂

  7. La Donna


    I so enjoy reading your “blog”, you are such an inspiration. I agree with one of the past comments that you need to “publish” a book based on all of your “Monday Motivations”. You are such an encouragement to this generation. God’s richest blessings be upon you and your family.

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