If you give a mouse a cookie….

….he will want a glass of milk!

If you decide to be handy and put up shelves in your wife’s garage laundry room…


….she will want you to paint the walls first


If you paint the walls first…


….she will decide that you might as well finish the floors


If you finish the floors…


….you will have to move everything out of the garage


If you move everything out of the garage…


….you might as well organize and clean it all before moving it back in


If you organize and clean it all…








 …she will decide you need to finally make the other bookshelf  for the living room (that matches the one you have had for 8 years)








 If you make the other bookshelf….










 …..she will decide she wants you to put it up even though it is 9pm










 If you put the bookshelf up in the living room…










 …you will make your wife EXTREMELY happy!

 Happy Wife….Happy Life!

new years 046









 Have you had a “If you give a mouse a cookie”  (translated – “if your wife asks you to do….”) experience lately?

 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

PS – For any out there who haven’t read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – it is one of my all time favorite children’s books.


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5 responses to “If you give a mouse a cookie….

  1. Ken Kendall

    You are so right. Happy Wife – Happy Life.

    I just started a new blog about how men can better love their wives. I would really appreciate your comments and feedback if you have a minute to take a look.



  2. Karen McMillan

    Beth, too funny. We just read these books this weekend. Just noticed on the beautiful shelf your CM albums on the bottom. Big no, no in my home. You never know when water will decide to visit. I always keep mine on the upper shelves. Just an FYI from experience.

  3. Katherine McCauley

    Dan the Man totally rocks!!! Very nice, Lambdins!

  4. Can Dan the Man come to my house???

  5. Char

    My husband calls this “the cup dispenser” theory. All you see is one cup, and it looks like a simple little “cup” so easy to do, to make his loving wife happy. But once you pull that cup, another one falls into place, and another and another, till you are left juggling a a whole armful of cups! He often shares this theory with grooms to be. Just for the record, I’m known for asking the simple question…..”how hard would it be?” Aren’t handy husbands, just the VERY best????

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