Christmas Greetings from the Lambdins

December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Lambdins!

This is my third year of doing an “electronic” only Christmas greeting and while I really like the old fashion way better (you remember right? envelopes, stamps…they called it mail!), I have resigned myself to this new way of life as it is the wisest use of our resources. (although, I do regret that our family photo is no longer adorning the fridge of so many of our family & friends)  Thanks to email, facebook and my blog many of you are well caught up on “Life at the Lambdins” so feel free to skim this letter or just enjoy the pictures!  You all hold a special place in our hearts & lives and we value this opportunity to stay connected.

We are living the good life!

This month on December 20, Dan and I will celebrate 24 years of marriage and we are still loving life, loving the Lord and loving each other.  We continue to serve, disciple and minister to young people and their families. This is our 25th year in Christian education and we enjoyed an amazing reunion over the summer of students, staff and families from our years at Brookside Christian High School.  Hundreds of students returned and it was an amazing weekend of renewed friendships, faith and our belief in this life changing ministry.  We were beyond blessed at this reunion to be given a gift of a cruise to Alaska which we will take next Spring…looking forward to living the good life!

Dan…a milestone birthday celebrated this year – 50 years of life, continues in his 13th year at Jim Elliot Christian High School as Chaplain & Bible Teacher, coaching volleyball and soccer (and looking to someday returning to coaching football for Daniel), dutifully takes care of all the “g” jobs at home – gas, garbage, grass, grilling & anything gross, is a fabulous & faithful father to his eight children, “like a father” to countless others, an ideal husband and truly a godly man (yes I can attest to the fact that the man he portrays to the world is the man he is behind closed doors)…living the good life!

Beth (the author of this letter who by the way did not get the approval of any family member for commentary made here)is in a constant state of transition (a classic example: took a break from reviewing the 18 year old daughter’s college applications to change the baby girl’s diaper), recently was released from my position as Director of Development at JECHS and am pursuing a speaking and writing ministry through a nonprofit we are starting called Inspire Ministries, hoping for 2011 to be a year of God opening doors, loving being a Mommy to many different personalities, ages and stages, blessed with an abundance of friends both near & far (loved seeing my high school classmates at our 30 year reunion!), passionate about so many things, thrilled to have been Mrs. Dan Lambdin for now half my life, still trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible (good thing I have an “in” with the Divine)…living the good life!

Michelle…a milestone birthday celebrated – 21, is a junior at King’s College in New York City, using her leadership skills as President of the “House of Truth”, working three jobs to get herself through college, came home for a week at the beach during Spring Break, the entire summer and for a special trip this fall (made it to the big birthday bash for Dad & Amy, attended a high school friends wedding & enjoyed the fall season in Stockton for the first time since 2006), developing lifelong college friendships, loving the city, cooked her first Thanksgiving dinner (and did it while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade out the apartment window), going to China next summer….living the good life!

Amy…a milestone birthday celebrated – 18, is a senior at Jim Elliot Christian High School, intensely playing volleyball, soccer, powder-puff football as well as swimming (where she just competes for “fun” although you would never know that based on her competitive times & results), got her driver’s license, voted in her first election (our political plan is beginning to pay off…just you wait California in another 10 years there will be 8 Lambdin voters!), applying to colleges, a class of 2011 spirited senior surrounded by fabulous friends…living the good life!

Kristen…a milestone birthday celebrated – 16 (and sadly due to our recent financial setback did not get to go to NYC on the traditional Lambdin 16th birthday adventure…but did she utter one word of complaint or disappointment? No, gotta love this amazing girl!), junior year at JECHS, plays volleyball, powder-puff football and soccer, solid academic student, friend to all, always serving and giving, beginning to look at colleges, celebrating her Rite of Passage in January, loves to cook, clean, decorate and organize, wonderful group of friends…living the good life!

Rebekah…a 15 year old freshman at JECHS (yes we have three high school students and we love it!), playing volleyball, powder-puff football, basketball (yay! A new sport to watch) and soccer, became a licensed soccer referee (along with Amy & Kristen) and loved the job & the money, one grade short of straight “A’s” (do they call that a Navajo flaw?), went to Uganda on a life changing missions trip, involved in Interact Club, leading others with boldness and confidence,  making many new friends and staying close to the old ones….living the good life!

Grace…turning 12 this week and is in 6th grade, now the eldest “in charge” at home every day, becoming a leader and trainer for “the littles”, swim team athlete but took a year off soccer (ok not because she wanted to but I needed the break!), traveled to Washington DC and New York with her Granny in the Spring, crowned a Missionette Honor Star, beginning the babysitter circuit (with lots of experience), enjoying her sweet friends, growing up…living the good life!

Joy…the spunky, spirited, spitfire of a 7 year old in the 2nd grade, to her everything is fun and funny, takes hours to do the simplest of chores as she gets distracted by anything in sight (but she is having fun!), sang the National Anthem at summer swim meet in front of hundreds, swimmer, friends galore, spends her days singing, giggling, playing and acting out wild theatricals (ok I do make her do lessons too!)…living the good life!

Daniel…the 3 year old boy spends his days being one of the following (in no particular order):

  • Walker Texas Ranger
  • Buzz Light Year(“ to the rescue!”)
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Roy Rogers
  • The boy who loves his Mommy

along with playing football, baseball, basketball, soccer or recently golf, has a best friend named Andrew who he would spend every waking moment with if he could, tells everyone his mom is going to buy him two brothers (hmmmm…for those inquiring minds yes we are hoping & praying that the Lord would allow us to adopt two orphan boys from Ethiopia…and yes our greatest obstacle, but not Gods, is the money), every night he prays before dinner…”Lord bless our food and please don’t spank my bottom”. Yup, he is definitely…living the good life!

Christiana…besides being simply the cutest 19 month old baby girl in the world she spends her day following Daniel and Joy (who she has renamed “Roy” and we think it might stick) all over the house, dancing every time she hears music, singing “Oh Happy Day”, playing, smiling, laughing (that deep belly laugh that makes everyone who hears it laugh), being cuddled, loved and hugged by her big family as well as everyone who walks through the door, eating and sleeping as desired. Mmmmm…hands down…living the good life!

We hope that this Christmas season finds you living the good life!  We believe that “the good life” – a purposeful, abundant and then eternal life –  is ultimately found through a relationship with Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.  Our prayer is that your relationship with Him be real, renewed and refreshed during this Christmas season and throughout the New Year.

If you are local or in the area on Wednesday December 22 between 6pm – 10pm…stop by our annual Christmas Open House…we would love to see you and give you each a warm heartfelft holiday hug! 


Beth…for all the Lambdin clan

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