Traditions Book…are you interested?

traditions book - Page 003

For almost two decades people have asked us to please write a book about the traditions we have done; a manual that someone could pull out from year to year and quickly refer to as they are building their own family traditions. The problem has been that there is simply NO TIME between a life of beyond full time ministry for 30 years and raising our own plus size family, to take the uninterrupted time away from life to just write.

However we have an upcoming opportunity for Beth to spend up to two weeks AWAY within this next month (As it is impossible to stay on task at home between family responsibilities and the ministry.)…..just writing and working diligently on this time consuming project so that in 2016 the traditions book can become a reality. The only obstacle is the need for funds for that get away (lodging, fuel & meals)

If you are one of those people who have been waiting for that book (many who subscribe to this blog are friends from my Creative Memories days who were always asking for a book on traditions as well as inspiration!) , or you would love to see a traditions book become a reality you can make a donation towards that project here (no donation is too small!) –

Thank you in advance for your donation and we can promise you a signed (ohhhhhh me, oh my!) copy of the book when we get it published. (we will look for a publisher but will self publish if we cant find one).


PS – We would also love to come to your church, ministry or organization and do any one of these traditions conferences (your cost would be for our transportation, lodging, meals, cost of materials and other than that a love offering for the ministry)…just let us know!

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