Overcoming the Obstacles #1 & #3

We are so encouraged by the comments, messages & texts we have received from so many people affirming our idea of taking an extended road trip across the country in hopes of bringing healing & break through for our kids. It has encouraged our faith and given us even more confidence to move forward.

We do anticipate 4 potential obstacles or challenges to overcome in order for this to come to pass…we would love your prayers, insights and ideas. We know that with God …all things are possible!

Obstacle #1


We need the finalization of the kids adoption to happen before we leave. If you know anything about the system then you know this is not easy or predictable. On June 16th we are scheduled to go to court for what is called a .26 hearing.

A .26 hearing is when parental rights are terminated and the permanent placement plan is changed to adoption. These hearings can go smoothly or there can be parental objection or some sort of hang up with proper court notifications & protocols. We anticipate no issues…but you really never know. If it goes well and their plan is changed to adoption…then we start that process which could be completed as early as 6 weeks or as long as they want it to take. It includes another home study for adoption, compiling of medical records and some testing. We are hoping & praying for a quick process which means they could be adopted by mid August. We would love to start our journey the last week of August….but the adoption must be final. Prayers to this end appreciated!

Obstacle #2

We need a camper! We have looked at options and we believe that with the number of people we need to sleep (8) and with wanting a vehicle we could use for field trips/day trips without having to always drive a huge RV around….that the best situation would be a vehicle that is large enough to seat us all and has a big enough engine to haul a trailer that is big enough to sleep us all. So we are looking at purchasing or maybe even getting something donated – a used SUV and a camping trailer.

We are very open to other ideas and input from people that may have more or better information for us. We would also love to hear of any great deals you may know about or maybe you have something you don’t plan to use for the next year that you would like to bless us with for this adventure. (Keeping in mind there are 8 of us and our kids are all adult sized ranging in height from 5’4” to 5’10”) Pray for the perfect answer!

Next post our other two obstacles…

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