Road Trip to Rapha

We are still feeling confident that we are to move forward with our plan to take a “gap” year traveling across the country to focus on healing, growth & intentionality for our bonus kiddos and loving bonding for our family.

We are just 3 weeks away from our .26 hearing that will move us closer to adoption (obstacle #1) and we are still researching and looking for a vehicle and trailer that sits/sleeps the eight of us that we can afford (obstacle #2)

I told you there were four obstacles to overcome in order to move forward. I share these with you in hopes that you will pray for open doors & answers as well as giving everyone the opportunity to see and celebrate the hand of God in His provision.

Obstacle #3

Inspire Ministries

Our only source of income in this season of life is our non profit – Inspire Ministries. I am paid a salary as the Executive Director…which last year during Covid…was decreased by over 40%. Our mission is to inspire living a life of passion, purpose & praise and the focus of our ministry is supporting marriage, families, single moms, foster children, adoption and the “least of these” as outlined in the scripture. Most of our ministry is here in the San Joaquin County. During this “gap year” – our ministry would be limited to our former foster youth and continuing to inspire through writing and we could possibly even begin a podcast. We would need to be able to keep all of our current monthly supporters as well as adding more to recoup the loss from this last year.

Obstacle #4


We have calculated that in order to pull this trip off and cover additional expenses that we currently don’t have (camping sites, gas and vehicle expenses, additional food expenses above what we currently spend and occasional educational sightseeing expense & potential payment & insurance on new to us vehicle/camper) will be approximately $2,000 a month.

We would need the Lord to provide that in whatever way possible:

💰 monthly sponsors who commit in advance?? OR…

💰 trust God to provide month to

month while we are in the road?? OR…

💰 raise as much as we can this summer through yard sales or other creative ideas?? OR…

💰 some other miraculous move of God through whatever amazing thing He wants to do!

Again…we appreciate your prayers of faith and words of hope & encouragement! (If you are wondering what “Road Trip to Rapha” is…it’s a name I’m considering using for our trip….I love alliterations and if you’re curious about Rapha…look up this Hebrew word and let me know your thoughts)

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