Living by faith in an amazing God!

Last Monday my 18 year old daughter came up to me and started this conversation…

Joy: Mom are you still planning on taking this road trip in a couple of months? I mean we don’t even have a travel trailer?

Me: Are you MY child? We live by faith …if this is what we are suppose to do…which we believe it is then God will provide us with a trailer when He wants to. And honestly that might be a week or even days before we head off! We have a trailer…it’s just not here yet. I have no doubt!

Joy: ok Mom…I’m just saying….

That very night my younger sister who lives in Houston text me a link to a trailer her friend was selling and said…”this looks like the trailer you’ve described as wanting” I checked it out and couldn’t believe how perfect it looked. It not only had everything we were looking for but in addition has some extras that I only hoped for but never dreamed we would get.

But there were a couple of things to overcome

  1. We were short about $7,000 from the money we have been putting in savings for this trip (and this particular fabulous travel trailer with all the bells and whistles was thousands of dollars less than trailers just like it…)
  2. It is in Waco Texas & we needed to be able to store it there until we can pick it up sometime this summer after we find the vehicle to purchase that can haul it & us (btw that is a Yukon XL 2500 – no older than 2010 because of towing changes or Suburban 2500…both have the engines that can pull it….lots of research and talking to people to figure this out)
  3. The owners live out of the country and were returning home in 2 weeks, wanting to wrap up all details before leaving.

Exactly 72 hours later….after the Lord used some very generous people to provide exactly the $7,000 needed and….my sister drove 2 hours to Waco to do a FaceTime video to let us see it (and it truly looks brand new!) and…the owners son agreed to store it for us until we can pick it up and….the owners decided to bless us by purchasing new tires for the trailer and….

We are now the proud owners of a perfect trailer for our “Road Trip to Rapha” and above and beyond all we could ask or think and paid in full!

And when my daughter Joy heard that news on Thursday afternoon, three days after she questioned me….she laughed said…. “of course we do”

Living by faith in our amazing, powerful, awesome God… truly a blast!

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