Swimming Success

What a difference a year makes!

We just finished our second season on the recreational neighborhood swim team.  (and do I ever love the swim team…..it forces me to go to the pool every day….which gives me an excuse to “live” in my bathing suit and get my hair wet!)Last year at the beginning of our first season on a swim team my then 6 year old Rebekah could barely swim across the short end of the pool.  She was definitely in “over her head” in more ways than one!  On the first day of practice I took my seat by the pool, with a magazine in one hand & my Ice Venti Vanilla Latte in the other, thinking I would kick back in my beach chair during the hour long practice.  But…as I looked up at the pool I watched in dismay as my Rebekah struggled in the deep end of the pool gasping for breath and grabbing the lane lines every other stroke. I looked over at dear darling Dan & said…”I think she’s going to drown….is the coach going to jump in and save her?” That was her swimming debut…..she was horrible. She had no form, no technique,  no endurance, and really no clue what she was doing.  My first thought was…what have we done?  She needs to take lessons, she needs to prepare, she needs to live! (ok, so I didn’t think that they were going to let her drown…but I did almost jump in the pool to rescue her!) 

But what she did have was determination & enthusiasm!  She hopped out of the pool after that first day of utter failure and a very out of breath and exhaustedly blurted out….”When’s the next practice Mommy?”  Her eyes had that look of determination and her voice quivered with excitement.  Soooooo…rather than saying…maybe we should wait a year….I  kept my mouth shut about all my doubts and fears and said with mustered up enthusiasm….”Well it’s tomorrow, sweetheart!”

By the seasons end after practicing everyday and getting mostly “participant” ribbons at meets (those are the pretty multi colored ribbons that mean you didn’t place or you got DQ’ed by the stroke & turn judge…of course Rebekah loved them because they were much prettier than the blue, red or white ribbons!)….. she resembled a swimmer.

Now this year was AMAZING!  She started off the year riding on her experience from last year, still enthusiastic as ever (the girls began asking in March when swim team would start…I guess that’s what I get for taking them to the beach “off season” and letting them swim in the frigid Pacific Ocean), and determined to get as many blue ribbons as possible (her big sisters informed her that these were the best!).  She added to that a daily practice regimen and a little bit of goal setting ….and the results were PHENOMENAL!!!

Rebekah last week looked like a competitive swimmer!  Not only does she have her form & technique down and she consistently placed first (even competing against the boys)…BUT she is only 2 seconds away from “A” times which are the times that a National swim organization has set up for the very best swimmers.  Could this really be the same little girl that struggled to swim just one lap one year earlier??  Yes…what a difference a year can make in our lives.

Are you “in over your head” with your business or life?  Are you struggling to just get a breath and make it to the end of each day without drowning?  Do you feel like you have no “form” or “technique” and really have no idea  what you are doing?? Well, there is good news!  You are no different than Rebekah was last year this time.

Yes…she grew bigger & stronger and yes she had a great coach that trained her & encouraged her….but the number one difference in her results between this year & last year was the consistent daily practice!  Everyday she devoted one hour to her swimming endeavors. She swam laps…..over & over & over again….non stop.  She just jumped in everyday at practice did what she was told and now she has found success!
Everyone who begins a direct sales business starts off the same…..no experience, no technique, and even sometime no clue where to begin.  The ones who are successful all have the same things in common…..Determination  —  Are you determined, as Rebekah was, to stay on the team??  Do you love your products and being a part of the awesome team??  Make up your mind that you will not quit…even when you are struggling for breath & can’t see the finish line….BE DETERMINED to stick with it until you achieve success!

Enthusiasm — This is the single most important factor to achieving great results in anything in life.  Are you excited about your companies products?  Are you excited about the income opportunity we all have in this awesome company that is breaking sales records monthly?  Are you a positive, upbeat and enthusiastic person.  If the answer is yes…..you WILL soon be winning blue ribbons & breaking records.  If the answer is no….begin to fill your mind with positive books, CD’s & videos and become the most enthusiastic positive person you know.

Consistent Daily Practice Add to determination and enthusiasm a regimen of consistent, daily practice (even when you don’t feel like it!).  Make those daily phone calls to potential contacts.  Call your current clients and tell them about new products. Take someone out to coffee and tell them about the income opportunity.  Work everyday at your business.  Attend meetings & conventions at every opportunity.  Practice, practice, and practice some more! 

And a year from now…..you will have a strong business –  winning awards, breaking personal records, promoting to new “A” time  levels and celebrating your success with the whole team!

Off to the pool with the girls……to begin training for the next event….the City Meet!  Won’t you start practicing today?

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