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My “dream” bathroom

Just home from our annual camping trip in Lake Tahoe and thought the timing was perfect to publish a previously written post  as it applies as much today as it did two years ago when I wrote it.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

You see, the “master” bathroom in our 50+ year old home is not usually my favorite place to be.  While I dream of having a large beautiful bathroom complete with a jacuzzi tub, a huge waterfall type shower with a place to sit down to shave, “his & her” sinks and a self enclosed tiolet (so I can still get to my stuff when dear darling hubby has taken the sports page into his favorite reading place)….what I actually have in reality is:

  • a teeny tiny bathroom (I can touch all four walls when I stand in the middle of the room!)
  • with a door that hits my knees when the 4 year old barges in to ask Mommy something vitally important
  •  what I call an “ugly gas station” sink (with a hole the size of my fist in the porcelin)
  • and then a shower that if you bend down and attempt to wash your feet you bang both your head and your tail end on the tile wall. 
  • To top it off it was built with poor ventilation resulting in a regular battle against mold and the water damage beneath the linoleum is so scary that I joke with my girls that someday they will awake in the morning to find that Mommy has fallen thru the floor of the shower and is screaming as she fights off all the vermin that live below our foundation. 🙂

Yet even with all its complexities and problems, when I returned home last night covered with layers & layers of “magnetic Camp Richardson dirt” 207(if you have ever camped in South Lake Tahoe…you know exactly what I am talking about if not – see photo to the left of Daniel’s dirty face while camping this past week!), my bathroom turned into the most desired room in our house!  As we unpacked the car, began the mountain of laundry, cleaned all the camping gear, restocked & put it away for the next adventure all I could think about was getting into that bathroom.  It became the center of my focus and I wasn’t thinking about all its flaws…I was only thinking that it was my bathroom(complete with my germs & mold…which somehow seem cleaner than in public bathrooms).  I looked forward with joy to getting into that small shower and just standing there letting the steaming hot water pour over my entire body.  I relished the thought of every part of my bathroom experience!  It became my oasis!

What changed?  Not my bathroom….it was exactly the same as it has always been.  No, what changed was me and my perspective!  Isn’t it amazing how if we simply adjust our perspective and choose to change the way we see things we can go from disgruntled and unhappy with something….to satisfied, content and even possibly excited about it? 

Perhaps you are not particularly thrilled with a piece of your life right now.  What can you do to change your perspective?  How can you begin to look at the situation, circumstance or person through a different lens?

If you are unhappy in a relationship with a family member, spouse, child or friend….how can you begin to look at that person in a new way?  Can you overlook their faults and flaws and choose to concentrate on and look at the good things they add to your life?

If you are a stressed out Mommy of many little ones and feeling overwhelmed & exhausted….what can you do to look at this short time of your life and savor the moments instead of wishing them away? (they will be gone sooner than you want!) Can you forget the “to do list” or the desire for perfection and just play with and enjoy your children in the midst of all the undone things?

If you are struggling with the work load at home or in the office (even if your office is just steps from your kitchen!)….what can you do to change your perspective? Can you appreciate the fact that you have a home that requires lots of hard work and that you have a job that pays the bills…think of what life would be like without your home or work. Can you begin to “whistle while you work” or remember Mary Poppins advice..”In every job that must be done there is an element of fun”?

If everything you own seems to be old, falling apart, breaking down or in need of major repair….can you begin to look at your many blessings (even if they are “tattered & torn”) through the eyes of those who have nothing? (if that’s hard for you…perhaps a missions trip to the slums of Mexico may help certainly has worked for us!)

If you are heavy laden & burdened by financial strain….can you take one day at a time and trust that the God who feeds the creatures of the earth & dresses the flowers in the fields will certainly provide for your needs? Can you choose to be content in all circumstances?

If you are facing major health issues or other overwhelming circumstances in your life that are causing you to be sad, scared or depressed….can you think on the positive purpose these things will perhaps potentially add to your life.  Can you focus on the little joys in life (like the laughter of a new baby, smell of a fresh pot of coffee brewing, beauty in a flower, hug from a dear friend, a breathtaking sunset, clean smelling bed sheets…the list goes on & on) even when it is compromised by crisis?

Changing your perspective will not necessarily change the “facts” of your life!   Many of us will still have problems in our relationships, stresses in our lives, overwhelming circumstances and things we wish would change even if we choose to look at them differently. I still have a tiny, moldy, flawed bathroom….yet today I see it differently and I am a happier, more contented person because of it. 

Changing your perspective will change you!


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My blogging anniversary

One year ago today – I published my first post on this blog.

After ten years of writing a weekly motivational message entitled – “Monday Motivation”  (which I have archived some of those most popular messages on this blog)- that was primarily written for an audience of the Creative Memories consultants on my team but had gained a readership of not only thousands more consultants but had been passed on to their husbands, friends and other direct sales consultants throughout the nation and even to other parts of the world, I decided to expand my audience as well as my message and thus began this blog – “Monday Motivation & More“.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, motivate, encourage, challenge and bless others through motivational messages, stories of my life and insights gained after two decades of marriage, ministry, business and raising seven (so far!) children.

I want to share (with whomever will listen) my many passions –

  • the Lord Jesus and the Word of God
  • marriage, mothering & family life
  • creating meaningful family traditions
  • babies – both the born & the unborn
  • Christian education & homeschooling
  • photos, albums and memory preservation
  • ministry and missions
  • purposeful & positive living

I want to use my God given gifts and talents to positively influence people and make a difference in their lives.

For those of you who know me well – I am a “stats” and numbers gal – so after one year in the blogging world here are the statistics:

  • 148 posts written (almost triple what I was doing when I was writing a weekly email)
  • 220 comments posted (I would love to hear from more of you – your thoughts, insights, ideas – I know you all have lots to share!)
  • 567 subscribers to this blog (FYI – subscribing just means when I post something it is delivered directly to your email inbox – just click here to subscribe – it is FREE)
  • 31, 300+ “hits”  – averaging 100 per day, 2,500 per week this past year

The top 5 posts (most read – besides the photo page which consistently receives the most hits – proving to me once again that people LOVE photos!)

Top 5 search words used in finding this blog (you know like “google searches”)

  • Beth Lambdin (by far the number one way people find my blog is by searching under my name)
  • Monday Motivation (I am thinking this is all those wonderful CMC’s who have been my biggest fans for the past decade – love you all)
  • Communion (who knew that there were so many people searching this word?)
  • Tea Party Recipes (smile!)
  • Christian Seder (Perhaps more & more people are looking for meaningful tradiotional ways to express their faith)

 Top 5 referrers (People or blogs that send folks my way – THANK YOU to everyone who passes my blog site on to others!)

  • WordPress Dashboard
  • Emails (from those who email my blog site to their friends & family)
  • Mommylife(I occasionally comment on this blog and she has a large readership and many click on my blog after reading a comment)
  • loveconquersall (A dear friends sister,  Jeannene who always has an encouraging word for me)
  • Hysterical Housewife (Becky Collins – whose spirit, enthusiasm & passion I love!) 

On this one year anniversary I want to thank a few people who have really been a blessing to me in this blogging adventure:

  • Christina Gilbert who got me “turned on” to the blogging world and encouraged me to “go for it”.  Christina you are such a valuable resource, an encouragement and you “sharpen my sword”.  Am I ever so glad that the Lord brought you into my life!
  • Jeff Gilbert – you are the BEST!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for loaning me your computer genius and your entrepreneur mind.  I am always challenged, refreshed and renewed after spending time with you. Who knew that my former student would one day be teaching me?
  • Patty Martin – I so appreciate your regular input via email to me.  Your words have meant so much.  I am glad this blog has reconnected us after so many years.
  • My dear darling hubby Dan, the six princesses and the knight – thanks for allowing the “whole world” a look into our lives and for giving up a slice of my time to sit at the computer and write.  I love you all so very very much.

Lastly….I can’t let an anniversary go by without setting goals for the next year. (I know, I know – shocking!) So here they are:

  1. To triple my subscriber-ship to 1500 (are you subscribed?) & double my annual “hits” on this blog
  2. To encourage more of my readers to comment and add their valuable input and ideas to this blog
  3. To average 4 to 5 postings per week
  4. To get some of my writings published
  5. To use this blog as a springboard for speaking engagements for – businesses, schools, church retreats, women’s meetings, mothers groups etc….

Here’s to another year of blogging!




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The thrill of victory!

High school sports – there’s nothing quite like ’em.

I have spent much of my life playing, coaching and now regularly attending high school athletic events.  I was on the swim team and played field hockey in high school (and college too).  As a youth pastor I attended high school sporting events all over the city to cheer on the kids who attended our church. I faithfully sat in the stands almost every Friday night for three years as my fiance and later husband, Dan coached a local high school football team.  When I began to work as a teacher at a Christian High School I got talked into coaching the Varsity Girls Volleyball team (which thankfully my dear darling hubby took over later – and did a far superior job!) and for the past 21 years of working at Christian high schools we have been in the bleachers cheering wildly for countless sporting events.

While I have enjoyed watching my girls (and I am sure all to soon, the boys too) playing youth soccer, swimming on the neighborhood swim team and playing city league softball, I loved going to college football, volleyball and basketball games and I thoroughly enjoy attending a professional baseball game (when we can afford it)….there is still nothing quite like high school sports. 

The emotions run higher – the victories more thrilling and the losses more devastating. The friendships formed often create a bond for life. The fans are more connected to not only the team and the school but to one another as well. The coaches (who get paid very little) are there because they love the kids and they love the game. The entire atmosphere is electrifying.

This past weekend we got to experience yet another exciting high school athletic competition as we attended the softball section finals for our area.  Our beloved Lady Eagles from Jim Elliot were in the championship game for the fifth consecutive year.  Our team was down by one run in the bottom of the seventh with the tying run on second and two outs when the player at bat hit a triple and then ran home to win the game on an overthrow error.  The screams, whistles, wild cheering, hugs, tears of joy, jumping up and down went on for what seemed to be eternity.  Just several feet away, the other bench felt the agony of defeat after being so close to beating this powerhouse team.  The sobbing, down on bended knees, hitting the dirt, consoling in one anothers arms, looks of shock and dismay equaled the emotion of the championship team. For those talented teams, dedicated coaches and devoted fans, it will be a day not too quickly forgotten.

For the vast majority of athletes…that final high school game will be their last time in competitive sports. A few will go on and play in college and then four years later, they too will close that chapter of their lives.  But the lessons learned through athletics will be with them for life! These lessons are some that could benefit our families, our marriages our businesses and our lives.

  • You learn the power in having a positive attitude

Every good coach or trainer will tell you that the athlete who wins is the one who believes he is going to win.  The single best predictor of success when two athletic teams have equal ability and talent is what is in their minds before they compete.  We hear it over and over again…but when will we start being diligent at putting positive things into our heart, mind and spirit.  It is the difference maker!

  • You learn that any team can win on any given day

What a great way to live – knowing that no matter what hand you have been dealt, no matter what the odds, no matter what the gloomy prediction – you can win, you can overcome and you can beat the odds!Unfortunatly this lesson can also work against you – that same softball team that won the championship on Saturday learned this lesson the hard way last year when they lost in an agonizing defeat to their biggest rivals who they had beat decisively several times earlier that same season.  They came in with the a relaxed attitude and a bit lazy, knowing that even if they had a bad game they could easily win the section championship.  They did not play their hardest, they made stupid mistakes, they were a bit arrogant and they were not on the offensive costing them their fourth consecutive section championship and the number one ranking in the state.  You have to live life on purpose, on the offensive and always ready to give it your all.

  • You learn that you must stay focused even under incredible pressure

This perhaps is one of the greatest lessons competitive sports can offer us.  When the pressures of life come, you must not fall apart but remain calm and focused.  With two outs and the team behind by one, the batter up was under an incredible amount of pressure.  If she had concentrated on that pressure instead of being focused on hitting the ball, she most likely would have failed.  In the same way when the third baseman, on the opposing team, was under extreme pressure trying to prevent the winning run from scoring, she lost her focus and overthrew the ball resulting in the game winning run.  How often do we do the same thing when under pressure with often disastrous results. Extreme pressure has destroyed many a marriage, caused businesses to close and contributed to many health ailments and damaged relationships all because we crumbled under the pressure instead of focusing on the fundamentals and keeping a cool head. 

  • You learn that the long hard practices pay off when you win the game

Face it – no one likes to practice.  It is hard work, causes pain, takes lots of time and energy and equires discipline.  It is for the love of the game that people spend hours daily practicing and training.  Yet 90% of an athletes time is spent in practicing and training.  But the 10% is worth it all.  This is not much different than our businesses.  No one loves the hard work, the phone calls, the rejection, the paperwork, the hours spent with seemingly no results….but we all love the pay days, the incentive trips and the rewards of being a business owner.  Our relationships often take lots of hard work, practice and self discipline too.  But what a great reward in the love of a child, a strong solid marriage and life long deep friendships. Almost every area of life takes a large measure of hard work, personal discipline and practice but the rewards are worth it all!

  • You learn that it takes more than individual talent – it takes teamwork

No matter how talented you are – you can’t win on your own.  In order to win a championship, you need a team who will work together towards a goal. A team that is committed to the same end. A team who will support, encourage, challenge and hold each other accountable.  In life, in business, in marriage and family – you need to be a team!  You cannot win on your own.

  • And on a Christian school team you learn that the most important thing is to glorify God!

Last year when the team lost the section championship and this year when they won – the game ending cheer was the same – “Good game (the opponents), thank you officials,  Glory to God!”  The most important thing we can do in our businesses, in our marriage and family life, in our jobs or careers, in our friendships and in our lives is to bring glory to God.  Whether we win or lose, whether we are number one in our field or just barely hanging in there, whether or marriages are strong and healthy or we are struggling to stay together…the most important thing is that we look to glorify the Lord in everything.  We don’t have control over all the circumstances in our lives (and those that we do have control over we need to do something about) but we do have control over our response to the circumstances.  Are you praising or cursing God? Are you calmly trusting His will or panicking and stressing about life? Will you give God glory no matter what the outcome of your current crisis? Is what you are doing glorifying God?

Congratulations Lady Eagles on your fourth Section Championship. May the lessons you have learned during your years as a high school athlete be a foundation for a life of excellence.

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Ahaaa chooo!

I love living in the Central Valley of California!

I love the beautiful & moderate weather that we experience throughout the year.  I love the size of my city and that I can get anywhere I need to in 15 minutes or less – with no traffic.  I love the trees, foliage & flowers that grace the residential neighborhood I live in. I love the cool and comfortable evenings taking walks with my husband after enjoying a delicious date night dinner. I love that I can hop in the car with the kids and be at the beach enjoying the sand & surf or in the mountains camping or snow skiing in a short two hour drive. I love my church that I have attended faithfully for almost 25 years.  I love the dear friends that I have made here. I love my home. I love the beautiful downtown waterfront. I love that I can see Starbucks from my front yard! I could go on & on about the things I love about living in Stockton. But even with all the things I love, I have to tell you that for 6 weeks every year – I am miserable!  I sometimes even find myself loathing it!  You see by living in Stockton, California I can’t escape from the allergies that seem to affect many of our residents.  Before coming here as a college freshman I never had ANY allergies.   Then I experienced my first spring in the Central Valley and now I find myself every year sneezing, gagging, itching, and with watery eyes, a runny nose & a scratchy throat.  The only thing that gets me through is a daily dose (or two) of medicine and the knowledge that “this too shall pass.”

Recently as I was going through another box of kleenex I thought – “this is just how it is with our home based businesses”.  We all love them – the products, the mission, the friends we’ve made, the income opportunity, the trips, the prizes, the recognition, the tax write offs, the conventions.  We could all come up with a long list of things that we love about our businesses.  And yet often, just like the winds of spring blow in pollens, peat dust & allergens that make me miserable, we get “stuck” on the things that make us miserable about our businesses. We find ourselves dwelling on the things that are hard or the aspects of our business that we flat out don’t like. We sometimes even think that because these aspects of business that we should just pack up & move on!

How crazy is that?  Yet even as I type this many of you are considering “throwing in the towel” because…..

  • you don’t like making phone calls
  • you are uncomfortable with sales or recruiting
  • you can’t stand doing the paperwork
  • you are sick of  cancellations
  • you have a fear of rejection or coming across as being pushy
  • or put your own frustration in here______________________

Wouldn’t it truly be crazy for me to pack up my family & move from the place we call home & the people we have grown to love simply because of six short weeks? Yes…it would!  You know why?  Because no matter where I went in the world there would be things I disliked, things that were uncomfortable, things that were not “just right” and things that made me miserable.

And the same is true with your business. It would be crazy for you to quit something that you love simply because of a few hardships, obstacles or discouragements. No matter what you do in life, there will be things that cause you grief.

The better answer is:

1. List all the things you love about your business or life, review it often and be thankful for the things it has blessed you with. (just writing here all the things that love about the place I live has helped me get through each sneeze)

2. Take your medicine every day – what is the antidote to your personal business allergy?  The best medicine for most business “allergies” is a healthy dose of positive thinking.  Are you filling your heart & mind with positive, uplifting & encouraging things?  Are you surrounding yourselves with positive, uplifting & encouraging people?  I challenge you to spend 30 minutes everyday reading a motivational book or listening to a CD. I can guarantee it will do more to bolster your immune system to business “allergies” than any single other thing you can do.  

3. Remember that “this too shall pass”.  Things never seem as bad once we have gotten through them.  In fact, I know that by mid June I will hardly even remember how miserable I am today. What you are struggling with right now in your business, the things that are making you miserable will eventually pass.  You will survive them if only you don’t quit.  You will come up with great ways to overcome obstacles, or you will learn to deal with the hardships or you will simply hang in there (perhaps even suffering a bit) until you make it through the trials & move on to the triumphs!

And as we say after each sneeze – “God bless you” – every step of the way.



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Leader Extraordinaire

My upline Cathy recently promoted to Executive Director with Creative Memories.  For a look at what makes an exceptional leader I’d like to share with you the letter I wrote for her in honor of her promotion. We should all aspire to such leadership.


Dearest Cathy,



CONGRATULATIONS on promoting to Executive Director! I could not be more excited for you as you achieve this CM milestone.  I am filled with so much joy and excitement, only wishing that I could be there in person to celebrate with you! Enjoy every moment of being the shining star.


As my upline in Creative Memories you have been amazing!  From the very beginning when I was not interested in pursuing CM as a business, you called me regularly just to check in.  You did not push me, but simply offered the opportunity to take my career to a new level through motivation, encouragement, enthusiasm and your personal business success.  When I did decide to jump in with both feet, you provided everything that was needed to soar to the top!  You were there to provide wisdom and advice from your years of experience as well as outstanding training. You role modeled a balanced and successful hard working business. You offered incentives and you showered me with praise, recognition and rewards.  You challenged me and cheered me on every step of the way.  When we hit bumps in the CM road, you offered a listening ear, supporting and being there every step of the way.  Your leadership is one to be commended, rewarded and recognized.


You are much, much more than simply my leader and upline in Creative Memories –


  • You are my friend.  We have shared so many wonderful times together over our CM journey.  We have laughed, jumped up and down, screamed with delight, danced, embraced and cried together.  We have gone on the most incredible incentive trips, had the time of our life at conventions, relaxed and scrapbooked together at retreats and enjoyed great fellowship in each others homes. The memories are warm and wonderful and will be forever cherished!
  • You are my sister in the Lord.  Our common faith in the Lord Jesus has been such a great blessing to me.  You are a woman of virtue and solid moral values. What a joy to have a leader whose priorities include serving the Lord.
  • You have given generously of your love to both me and my precious family – Cathy your love is truly the best gift that you have given me over these past 12 years. You have been there to welcome three new babies the Lord blessed us with. You were there as we scraped and struggled to start Jim Elliot Christian High School – always believing in the vision.  You have walked with us through some tough times as we have had to deal with the loss of our employment, major health issues and serious financial struggles. You have celebrated with us through many of our milestones – wedding anniversaries, birthdays, the start of JECHS, graduations and much more. You have been so kind and generous to the girls – showering them with little gifts, passing down your daughter’s fun toys and beautiful clothes and always making them feel special and welcomed to CM events.


Cathy, I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you in every way as you have blessed so many others.  As you continue to celebrate this promotion over the upcoming months may you be filled with great joy and fulfillment as you are given recognition of the leader you have been for years. Here’s to you!


With much love, appreciation and admiration,





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Spring has sprung

Just in from my morning walk and….Spring has Sprung!

Everything is fresh, clean & new – the warm sunny days and perfect cool evenings, the kids riding bikes at the park, the smell of BBQ’s firing up in neighbors backyards, shorts & cooler clothes coming down from the attic, flowers blooming & grass growing longer and greener. Yes, Spring is here…and I love it!

There is something refreshing about the change of season.  Just when we are getting tired of the rain (or snow!), the cold winter nights, or foggy mornings…. God in His incredible creativity brings us a new season to enjoy. It gives us energy & enthusiasm and a fresh new start and perspective on life.

Perhaps this morning you need “spring” to arrive in your home based business. Perhaps its been a long cold winter & you haven’t seen much “sun” in your business lately. Perhaps you need to see new, fresh green growth in your business, or you are ready for a major change, or you need to add some fun & play.

Why not officially declare today the start of Spring in your business and start a little –

  • Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing like a stack of paperwork, unfinished business, discontinued products or inactive customers to really bog down your business! Its time to clean up…..if you haven’t used it…throw it out! If you need to finish up a project – get going! If you have a bunch of customers who never respond – give them one last call and tell them your doing some “Spring cleaning” and you’d like to know if they are still interested in staying on your active mailing list. (If they say no….by all means remove them… WILL be relieved!). Have a Spring cleaning “sale” or “special” and get rid of that discontinued or overstocked products you have. (its a great way to get events on your calendar too by offering EXTRA free gifts that have just been collecting dust anyway!) What a great feeling to start fresh & clean! (While your “physically” cleaning up be sure to start with a clean heart attitude too. Throw out your past failures, excuses or disappointments with your business and start a new today!)

  • Gardening 

 The best thing for any of our businesses is to see a bit of green growth happening. It lifts the spirit and soothes the soul to see the growth of spring & the beautiful array of flowers that begin to sprout up everywhere. It brings joy & life to everything! The same is true as business owners – we need to cultivate NEW growth in our businesses. If you haven’t held an event in awhile, perhaps you need to get revitalized and renewed in your vision for your busness. Or perhaps its time to begin planting seeds to get a fresh new brand of clients at your workshops, or a new excited hostess, or the greatest of new growth, an excited, hopeful, energetic, full of dreams & vision new recruit. Or maybe its time to start that Aspiring leaders group you’ve been thinking about. (I guarantee that if only one new leader pops up into your garden…it WILL revitalize your business!)

  • Play a little

Have some fun! Don’t be so serious – do something spontaneous! Get out from behind the computer and enjoy the sunshine. Have lunch with your consultant friends just for the fun & fellowship. Start a “dream” album, faithbook or celebration album all about you! Do something new in your business that you would enjoy – have a customer Spring tea, or meet at a park (let the kids play) and take time to enjoy looking at your customer albums (and letting them look at yours), or hold a fun theme workshop for your closest friends where you crop along with them & renew your love of scrapbooking. Remember to enjoy life each day and everything it brings.

Here’s to a new fresh spring start in your business….have an incredibly beautiful & blessed day! 



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It’s the deadline

I have a BIG deadline looming ahead of me that is forcing me to turn all my attention, effort and energy in that direction. In less than three weeks I am in charge of a Spring Dinner Auction for Jim Elliot Christian High School, that is their biggest fundraiser of the year. 

I am promoting, planning, preparing, soliciting donations, selling tickets and recruiting, training and leading over 50 volunteers!  

Deadlines are amazing motivators, don’t you think?  So for today’s Monday Motivation, I am reviving something I wrote five years ago about setting your own personal deadlines.  Here it is:

“I work better under pressure” 

Haven’t we all heard (as well as used) those words often in our lives?  The truth is we don’t necessarily work better under pressure BUT we certainly do WORK!  It seems like all we need to accomplish something in life is…..a deadline.

Think about it –

  • How many of you will finally start getting around to doing our taxes this next week?  It’s that April 15th deadline!
  • Why can’t we lose that extra weight until the invitation to the class reunion arrives in the mail?  It’s because we finally have a deadline!
  • When do our kids sit down & really study for that test or write their term paper?  The night before its due – the deadline!

We all have a tendency to work hard & accomplish the goal when under the pressure of a deadline.  Just this morning, I told my girls that if they got dressed, ate breakfast & finished all their chores before I got home from my doctor’s appointment that I would take them to the store to buy their summer sandals.  It was amazing!  What usually takes them over an hour with lots of prodding from Mom was accomplished in half the time & they were ready & waiting to receive their reward.  They had a deadline!

In business, I think we often fail to work hard & accomplish our goals because we lack a deadline.   But the bottom line is we are self employed.  No one will fire us or fail us if we don’t meet these deadlines.  We must have internal motivation, drive & desire to put a self imposed deadline on our  goals & dreams and then work hard to meet that deadline.

  • Deadlines provide us with a sense of urgency.  We feel that “pressure” to get things done….and get them done NOW!!  As a matter a fact I am feeling that same sense of urgency that a deadline provides right now -with less than three hours left of Monday. (can you believe I actually began writing the first lines early this morning?)
  • Deadlines give us extra energy.  Have you ever noticed that you can stay up most of the night and not even feel tired, before a big event and accomplish all sorts of wonderful things, simply because it has to be done by tomorrow.  The adrenaline of the deadline helps us to accomplish the seemingly impossible
  • Deadlines forces us to lay aside our excuses. When faced with a deadline we stop making excuses as to why we haven’t done something yet and we start looking for ways to do it.
  • Deadlines help us to focus. We are able to really concentrate on that one goal and not let anything distract us from meeting it.  We have the single-mindedness, determination and power that focus brings.

Begin today to set yourself a self imposed deadline to meet your business goals.

Set a deadline to schedule ___X___ number of events in the next month by this Friday. Call your upline or manager and tell them your goal.

Set a deadline to make five phone calls before you get to enjoy your morning coffee!

Set yourself a deadline to have your current family pictures in your album & journaled by National Scrapbook Day (what a great example you’ll be to your clients!) Email them & tell them that you’ll have it there to show them along with great ideas to complete simple & easy albums.

Set a deadline to promote to leadership in your company by ______________,2008.  Tell your spouse, your family, your friends, your upline and sidelines. 

Did you notice all these “self imposed” deadlines also included telling others?? The more people you tell the more it will feel like a “real” deadline. (and the more pressure you’ll put on yourself to meet the deadline!)

I had a self imposed deadline today, that when Joy was 6 weeks old, I would do two things – start back up writing Monday Motivations and go back to the fitness center!  I put it on my calendar and planned and prepared to do it, but I also told others.  For Monday Motivations I emailed & told everyone I’d be back  (no pressure there…..Ive already received several emails today asking if I had sent it yet!) and as for working out I shared my deadline with my friends, the owners of the center and my family. 

And as I sit here in the quietness of the late evening, with my muscles aching from my first workout in nine months, typing one handed as I nurse the dear baby, I have that sweet satisfaction that comes when you have accomplished your goal & met the deadline!


Here is that “dear baby” I was nursing when I wrote that Monday Motivatin. Joy just turned five in February!

I hope to be able to keep posting during the next three weeks before the BIG event (as it is a very enjoyable “break” for me) but if you begin to hear from me less, you’ll know why! It’s the deadline! 🙂

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And the winner is….

I don’t usually watch the Academy Awards (or any television for that matter), but last night I caught bits and pieces of this grandiose event.

Why is it that I found myself getting misty eyed everytime the award winners got up on stage to accept their award? After all I don’t know these people personally nor have I even seen most of the films honored. (My two personal favorites in 2007 were –

Amazing Grace“Amazing Grace”  and

The Ultimate Gift“The Ultimate Gift”    neither of which received any Oscar nods but are FABULOUS movies that I highly recommend you see on DVD!)

No, my heart was stirred because it is very inspiring and touching to see others earn awards, be honored, or achieve a lifetime dream…..there is something simply magical about it. Perhaps it because we all have dreams and desires in our lives and for a small moment we can imagine accomplishing our goals, winning wonderful awards or achieving a lifetime dream.

Recently I had one of those magical moments where a longtime dream became a reality.  One of my passions is Christian education! I believe the impact that a Christian school and faithful Christian educators has on young people can change the world. I have seen the influence first hand as my husband and I have spent over two decades in this life changing ministry. Because of that I have always dreamed of being able to help provide scholarships for students who did not have the financial means to attend Christian schools yet wanted to be there. 

The one obstacle to this dream was… You see when you are in Christian education, more often than not your salary is…well let’s just say…”great is your reward in heaven!” 🙂

Just two weeks ago at the Jim Elliot Christian High School Founders Gala, my dream became a reality with the introduction of the Dan and Beth Lambdin Scholarship Fund!  I felt just like one of those Academy Award winners as I stood up in front of hundreds of people amidst the glamour and glitz of this fancy affair, dressed to the hilt and received a plaque announcing this fund that I had been dreaming of for years! It was glorious.

Dan and I are beaming after the scholarship fund announcement!

Why is it that many don’t dream at all, others just continue to dream with no results and some actually achieve their greatest dreams and desires? I believe those who dream, believe and achieve have some things in common:

1. They actually have a specific dream.

Those winning Oscars last night had a specific dream of winning that award. They knew that someday they wanted to be taking that coveted Oscar home. I’m sure many of them had actually visualized themselves up there accepting that honor. None of them had vague hopes or fuzzy fantasies. They knew they someday wanted to be at the top of their field and the “proof” of that would be their nomination or winning of an Oscar.

If you are going to achieve your greatest dreams they must be specific and measurable. They can’t be fuzzy or vague. You have to know exactly what you want. Seven years ago at the National convention for my home business (as I was receiving my Senior Directors Chair – another magical moment achieving a dream) we were challenged by the main stage speaker to write down our specific dream.  It was at that moment that I wrote down that I wanted to have a scholarship fund for JECHS students.

 What is your specific dream? (or dreams – if you are anything like me – you have many!) Take that first step and write them down today.

2. They tell others their dream

One of the single best thing you can do to move your dreams closer to reality is to tell others your dream!  While this is so simple, many people do not do it.  They keep their dreams to themselves, afraid of failure or of looking foolish to others. Telling people your dreams – propels you into action, holds you accountable  and helps solidify your belief in that dream!

I have told hundreds of people over many years my dream of having a scholarship fund.

3. They are committed.

No one achieves great things in life without a rock solid commitment to their dreams & desires. Everyone who won an Oscar was committed to their career. How can you tell what it is you are actually committed to in life? One simple formula:

Time = Commitment

Look a where you spend your time and I promise that is where your commitment lies. There is no way you can expect to have a successful business without putting in time (the same is true for your marriage, parenting or anything else you want to have success in.) It’s not that you can’t do ok or even accomplish a measure of success by just being involved in your career BUT you will never “win an Oscar” by just being involved – you must be committed. (my standard analogy here as to the difference between being “involved” or “committed”….a big yummy bacon & egg breakfast takes two animals…a chicken & a pig…the chicken is involved in making the breakfast, the pig is COMMITTED!)

4. They work hard!

Sorry….there is no way around it. Everyone who has accomplished anything great… hard. It takes sacrifice, sweat, shortness of breath, stretching out of your comfort zone and pain while you are working towards your goals & dreams. There is no easy road or short cut to rewards. As the popular saying goes – “no pain, no gain”.

5. They involve others in their dream.

Every one of those receiving Oscars thanked others – the people that helped them get to where they were – friends, family, co-workers, agents.  Not one of them attempted to say they did it on their own.  And likewise none of us will accomplish our dreams without the help, input, coaching, training and support of others.

The Dan and Beth Lambdin scholarship fund already has over $6,500 in it thanks to the generosity of others who believe in Christian education and believe in us!  And the scholarship fund will only continue as others join with us in donating money to help young people attend our school.  My personal goal is to provide 10 full scholarships and 20 partial scholarships each year. That translates to $100,000 – which may seem like a lot to you – but if just the folks who read my blog each week decided to contribute something we would be right there!  I keep dreaming BIG! 🙂

6. They stick with it.

Quitting is not an option. They are like super glue – holding fast to their dreams despite what is happening around them. No matter what disappointments, discouragement’s, or road blocks they had to endure, they did not quit. This tenacity and perseverance alone is one of the single most important qualities you can develop in your life to ensure your success!

It took seven years from the time I wrote down my dream of a scholarship fund for it to become a reality.  There were many roadblocks standing in the way, many discouraging days, many detours and times when I just couldn’t see how it was going to happen but I just kept pressing on, believing and working to make the dream a reality.

Are you ready to begin to make your dreams a reality?   

Can’t you picture it? Wouldn’t it be great? Your time to shine & sparkle like the stars!

Decide today what your dream is. Write it down, tell someone (I would love to hear your dream!) – then make the commitment, work hard, involve others & don’t quit! And soon you too will be hearing –

“And the winner is…YOU!”

PS – If you would like join me and contribute to to the new Dan and Beth Lambdin Scholarship Fund to help students attend a fabulous Christian High School and have their lives influenced to go out and positively impact the world – you would bless me beyond measure!  Just click here to donate to this fund!  Or you can send a check to (please specify it is for the Lambdin Scholarship Fund):

Jim Elliot Christian High School

2695 West Vine St

Lodi, CA 95242

You will receive a tax deductible receipt.

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More than is humanly possible

In the next 10 days I have more to do than is humanly possible!  Have you ever had one of those times in your life – when you look at your calendar, appointments, “to do” list and upcoming deadlines – and simply feel overwhelmed with the weight of what has to be done? Of course you have! 

Without giving you my “laundry list” or playing the “I am busier than you” game – let me just say that besides all the work that it takes to pack and get my family of nine ready to head to the beach for our annual “hiatus” in Aptos next week – I have to complete my yet to be started taxes (yes, I know it is way before the April deadline – but for financial reasons and college aide forms it must be done before I leave), I am smack n the middle of the adoption process and begin interviews for our home study today (yes, we are “biting the bullet” and using most of our adoption fund for it & believing God to provide the rest), I have a monumental and major event I am responsible for this Saturday night, “The Founders Gala” for Jim Elliot Christian High School with over 250 in attendance!

So, what do you do when you have bitten off more than you can chew?  You chew it, of course!  But let me give you a few things that get me through these seasons of life with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

  1. Give it to God! –  The good thing about doing more than is humanly possible – it means you must let God do it!  So often when we get overwhelmed we forget to stop and give it all back to the Lord.  Life is so much easier and less stressful when we let God control it.
  2. Let others help you!  This is something that I am still learning to do.  Ultimately when we feel like we have to do it all ourselves (read here – “or it won’t get done right”) – it is really another way that we are trying to be “in control” of everything.  Another reason we don’t ask others to help us is because we don’t want to impose on anyone.  Neither of these reasons is valid.  Again – God wants to be “in control” (and He can handle it far better) and we rob people of the opportunity to serve and be blessed when we do not ask for help.
  3. Do the next thing!  Often when we are overwhelmed we get paralyzed and do not do anything or we do meaningless tasks to distract us while trying to ignore the BIG things looming ahead that we need to take care of.  I have found if we will simply focus on what it is we need to do next and then do it, not fretting over what is ahead, we will get it all done. We all spend far too much time worrying about all that we need to do and far less time actually completing the tasks.
  4. Done is better than perfect!  Enough said – all you perfectionists out there – join me in my recovery – and get over it!
  5. Let go of the little things! There are certain seasons of life where some things just don’t matter.  When I am in the midst of an overwhelming time I let things that are not all that important go.  These things include but are not limited to –  having a spotless house, doing my hair and make up (and sometimes if I don’t have to go out – I don’t even get dressed at all!), or preparing meals (you can still sit down at a candlelit table with your family eating grilled cheese sandwiches and canned soup).
  6. Keep your priorities in order!  When we have an overloaded schedule the first things we often let go of our are priorities.  We don’t have time to – pray, exercise, play with the little ones or stop and talk to a friend.  I have learned the hard way that when you let go of your priorities, you lose.  So despite my current abundance of “tasks” to accomplish – I start the day with prayer asking God to “HELP ME!” (and yes sometimes I am shouting that), I make myself take a walk daily (and dear darling Dan  comes with me so we can get some good quality time together talking too), I stop and walk away from the computer to play with the baby or cuddle and laugh with Joy (and note to self – I need to take more time with the older girlies as well), I sit down on the couch with a friend who drops in unexpectedly needing to talk about her current heartbreak. In past days I would have seen all these as distractions, disturbances and obstacles to overcome so that I could get my tasks accomplished – today I call them “divine appointments” that the Lord sends my way to keep my priorities right!

And one of those priorities – the cutest baby boy in the entire world – is up and ready to eat breakfast…so I will end this post here and look forward to the work ahead of me knowing that God is in control!

Proverbs 16:9
“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”


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Facing the Facts (and the Fat)

Ok… it’s time to face the fact – I need to lose the weight I gained during and after baby #7.  Actually, I gained only 15 pounds during the pregnancy, but then added another 15 after I had Daniel.  This is my typical pattern because I am so sick during pregnancy that when I finally feel good, I over indulge. (and enjoy every minute of it!)  My metabolism is always whacked out too after nine months of getting sick and not eating much.

 However, I have many compelling reasons to get this extra weight off:

  1. Since I am not getting any younger (who is!?)and it becomes harder and harder to lose weight as you age – I need to do it now before I round the corner to 50! (eeek! Can that be getting close already?)
  2. My blood pressure is not good when I am overweight – and I need it to be under good control. (and perhaps even off medication…wouldn’t that be great!)
  3. When I am eating healthy,  I feel better, have more energy and I am also more focused on exercising regularly.
  4. The “fat clothes” in the closet are getting tight and I have no business buying any clothes – let alone a size bigger.
  5. And last but NOT least – I have a “fat face” and I can’t stand that.  These pictures are the reality and it’s time to face the facts (and the fat!) 


The photo on the left was taken at a Creative Memories convention the weekend I found out I was pregnant (August 2006) and the photo on the right was taken right after Christmas (December 2007) – 30 pounds heavier.  Yuk!  I just don’t have a good “fat face” and  after seeing this family photo I knew it was past time to do something about it. Daniel is now nine months old and I need to lose that baby fat! 🙂

I actually began a consistent exercise program (walking) and healthy dieting plan (Fat Flush) on January 2nd. I must however say that I have never liked beginning a diet and exercise program…

…in January or on a Monday!

It just all seems too much like the “norm” for me.  After all how many other millions of Americans were starting a diet or joining the gym at the beginning of a new year or a new week? Being part of the “norm” has never appealed to me. I am always telling my kids that I am truly “counter culture” – no I don’t have any tattoo’s or multiple piercings – but I don’t watch TV, don’t eat fast food  and I didn’t date my husband until our engagement or kiss him until the altar, to name a few areas where I am not the “norm”.   I don’t aspire to be “average” either – having the average 2.5 children (although I think it has dropped to 2.09 in America) never entered my realm of thinking. (And with 7 – hopefully soon 8 – children I am quite well above average, thank you!) In school, I never wanted to be an “average” athlete, actress, singer, leader or student either.   I mean after all…who actually aspires to be average?

But I digress….

Yes, I began a diet & exercise program to lose that extra 30 pounds (plus perhaps another 10-15 that I have never lost during my last 17 years of childbearing) along with the rest of the world who decided to “fight the fat” in the New Year.  However, I console myself in the fact that I WILL be different than the norm because the majority of those who start the year implementing a new health plan will fizzle out within a few weeks.  In fact here it is January 22 and most likely many have already quit their well intentioned resolutions.

Why will I be different?

  • I have compelling purpose

See the list above! I keep those things (and the pictures) ever before me so that when I am tempted to eat that peanut butter cookie during Tuesday Tea Time – I can resist and stick with the plan

The same is true with our businesses. We must have a compelling reason to work. For each person this may be different. Some may desperately need the income provided by their career….others are facing very soon a private school tuition payment, needing to purchase a new car, or a child going off to college or getting married. These things certainly should compel us to work.  For others it is the desire to be at home & still make money to add to the budget.  And some may be motivated by the company mission, the friends or the self fulfilment of using their skills & talents.

Find out your compelling purpose for your business and keep it in front of you spurring you on to start up & stick with it!

  • I won’t “give up”

Don’t think for a minute that I will not experience defeat along the way. The excuses will come — not enough time, its too hot, its too cold, its too hard, I’m too tired, just one cookie, this couldn’t hurt… get the idea. I will find myself at the end of a long day…not having done the very thing I committed myself to doing. But instead of quitting…I will start again the next day.  By persevering, not giving up and continuing to diet and exercise despite all my excuses I will achieve my goal. But it won’t happen overnight!

I have found from my years of working with home based business owners that the biggest reason they don’t experience success….is simply giving up. We often start out strong with great resolve to be a success and then when we experience roadblocks or we sabotage our own success with excuses (the same ones….too busy, too tired, to hard) we simply STOP “exercising” our business muscles. We wait for the next motivational spurt at convention, or a meeting, and then we start the cycle over again. We simply must get into a daily habit or routine of exercising our business muscles everyday if we are going to develop a lifestyle of a successful career.

  • I have support and accountabilty

 My family is such a great suport group – the two eldest girls at home, Kristen & Rebekah are helping to cook for me and make my salads.  My dear darling Dan is always supportive and encouraging to me and I have a good friend, Nina who holds me accountable. (and visa versa) And I have just told thousands of people who read this blog that I am going to lose 30 pounds – that is sure to hold my feet to the fire!

 There is an abundance of opportunities to partner up with someone who will encourage you, motivate you & even (gulp!) hold you accountable to your business. Perhaps it will be your sponsor, good friend, spouse or a business coach. Be sure to give them permission to “hold you” to your goals & plans with your business. Accountability here is the key!

  • I found a program that works for me

Its so important to have a plan that will fit your lifestyle. Finances prohibit me from having my Curves membership reactivated at this point but I CAN walk! And I am blessed to live right across the street from a mall so if the weather is bad, I can walk through the mall at a quick pace for 30 minutes. Now, I still don’t jump out of bed in the morning ready to go sweat & strain for 30 minutes. In fact more often than not I’m groaning & complaining in my head about how much I don’t like to exercise. But I quickly remember my compelling reasons and I head out the door…..because after all I can do anything for only 30 minutes!  I also have found an eating plan that not only works for me in losing weight but is very healthy and stabilizes my blood pressure as well. (This morning it was 112/72)

You need to have a business with a plan that will work for you and your lifestyle too. There are sooooo many “plans” that can work (just like there are a zillion exercise programs, gyms, fitness centers and diets out there) The key is to find the plan that “works” for you & then DO IT consistently. 

Begin today (after all its January 22 – so you won’t be the “norm”) to fight the fat or build your business (or both!)….the pay off will be worth all the pain! 

PS – I’ll keep you updated since you are all now my accountability partners!  Since January 2 – Total pounds lost: 15 (although five of it was just that post Christmas “I just ate two pieces of pie weight”), Exercising 5 out of 7 days a week, BP – is great & I just began cutting my meds in half and the fat clothes are no longer tight.


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It’s a wonderful life

How many of you watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” during the holidays? (if you are like my family, it is a tradition!)  At one point during that movie George Bailey says – “Aren’t you tired of just dreaming about things?”  I think about that line a lot during the holiday season.  It seems that many people are just going through life – day by day – doing what they need to do to get by, but not really living the life that they dream of living and not really ever doing the things they sincerely want to do. Let me share with you how I stopped just “dreaming about things” several years ago during the Christmas season.

One of my dreams – “someday” – was to have dear darling Dan and I renew our wedding vows.  The year previously we had attended the “I Still Do” conference (now called  “Weekend to Remember” put on by Family Life Ministries – I highly recommend it) where we received a beautiful marriage covenant certificate that we brought home and put high up on a shelf in its plastic covering to do “something” with at a later date.  Well on December 16 that year, I looked up at that certificate and said to Dan – “Let’s renew our vows for our 15th anniversary” (which was just four short days away).  To which he smiled and replied “Do you want me to rent a tux?” (gotta love that guy!)

And that is exactly what we did – four days later we had a meaningful ceremony here in our home with our closest friends.  The girls all dressed up in their red velvet Christmas dresses and carried candles and flowers.  I bought a new dress, shoes & had my hair done up & Dan rented the tux.  We even had music, flowers, a cake and toasted with a bottle of Martinelli’s to many more years of blessings from the Lord. (We are getting ready to celebrate 21 years later this month!) It was an awesome and memorable moment.  It was a highlight of our marriage and the girls were impacted greatly about the importance of finding a godly, loving & kind husband to spend their lives with.  I am filled with joy just reliving it again as I share it here with you.

And the beautiful marriage covenant certificate hangs prominatly in our living room today for everyone to see our covenant to one another and to the Lord.

But do you know how easy it would have been to NOT have renewed our vows – just to have continued on to say – “someday” we’ll do that. We could have easily talked ourselves out of it by saying – Yes, but…

....maybe we should wait until our 25th anniversary?

…we only have four days to plan it – how can we pull it off? …our friend, Donnie, who married us has a Christmas dinner to go to that night and can’t come..…we aren’t giving our friends enough notice. …I don’t have anything to wear

…I have so much to do this week

we really shouldn’t be spending the extra money (we decided to use our anniversary trip fund to pay for it…so the girls put together their money and treated us to dinner & a movie and then when we came home they had a sign on the door that said “The Robinhood Hotel” and they had cleaned our room spotless – put sparkling cider & candles in the room & acted like they were innkeepers – too cute!)

The “yes….but” list could go on & on.  We chose not to listen to that voice but to begin living our dreams and doing what we really want to do in this life – right now! It is now a priceless memory that we will cherish forever!

Are you tired of just dreaming about things? Are you ready to begin living the life you want to live this year?  I see so many people around me waiting to really live, waiting to fulfill their dreams.  We’ll do that –

  • after…we get married
  • after…we have kids
  • after…the kids get older
  • after…we’ve moved to a new house
  • after…we have more money
  • after…I get that degree
  • after…the house is clean
  • after…the laundry is done
  • after…(fill in the blank)

OR we are constantly saying I’ll do that –

  • next week
  • next month
  • next year
  • or if its a diet…next Monday 🙂

Its time to stop waiting & stop putting off living the life we dream of and its time to begin to “start doing” the things we really want to do.  Put away the excuses, destroy your “yes…but” list and begin today to live that “wonderful life”.

Some things we must wait to do because we lack the finances but many of our dreams -things we want to do, or see, or experience – we could do now or at least in the foreseeable future (enough to start planning, working and saving for), if we really wanted to.

What are your dreams?

What is the life you want to be living?

What are you doing to make it happen this year?

Take some time here during this “most wonderful time of the year” and right before we turn over the calendar to 2008 and really reflect on your life and the changes or rearranges you want to make happen.  What would your “wonderful life” look like? What do you want to see come to pass this year?

As you read this weeks motivation….don’t just “save it as new” or put it in your filing cabinet as something to get to later.  Take some time today and sit down with your pad of paper & a pen and make that dream list.  Write out what your “wonderful life” will look like this year. Include your personal goals & dreams, your family life, your marriage, and even your career. Then begin to set things in motion to have those dreams become realities!  

We only get one wonderful life – lets stop just “dreaming about things” and start living it today!


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The making of a life champion

I spent Saturday afternoon, in the pouring down rain, watching as my daughter Amy’s high school Varsity Cross Country team took the Section Championship for the fifth straight year! 

I was amazed and impressed as I saw these talented, hard working young athletes give it everything they had and once again take home the top prize.

As a former athlete both at the high school and college level, I know that this championship team did not just get “lucky”, happen to be successful or were even just blessed with exceptional talent.  No, this team has some key components available to everyone, that have contributed to their success.  Whether we are competing as an athlete,  working to run a successful business, managing a productive home, raising the future generation or seeking to live a life of purpose, we too need to seek similar key components if we are to be a champion in life.

 1. You must have a great coach

It is true, whether you are an undefeated recreational girls soccer team, a number one ranked college football program or an Olympic gold medalist – you have great coaches! And in our businesses, families and life pursuits we need great coaches too.

The JECHS cross country team has one of those exceptional coaches.

A great coach is –

  • influential & inspirational
  • a teacher & a trainer
  • a role model & example
  • a cheerleader & encourager
  • a drill sergeant & an accountability partner

We need to seek out great coaches in our life.  Align yourself with people who will inspire and influence you to greatness.  Look for excellent teaching and training.  Be diligent to be around positive, encouraging role models who will lead by example. Submit yourself to programs that require hard work and discipline. Allow others to hold you accountable.

These coaches can also be books, CD’s, videos, articles, radio broad casts, conferences or a multitude of various resources that can help train you to become a champion in life. In fact,  the most inspirational and influential life coach is as close as that #1 bestseller sitting on your shelf…the Bible.

2. You must practice consistently

Every team or athlete I know practices and trains on a regular basis.  Whether its once or twice a week in recreational sports or everyday for championship athletes,  we too need to practice our pursuits consistently.    

What is your practice schedule like?  Are you diligent and consistent in working your business, managing your home, raising up your children or living the life you desire?  Do you practice daily the skills you need to be a champion?  Or are you living life with inconsistent or only occasional training time?

Are you spending time

  • warming up (planning and preparing)
  • doing drills & sweating (working hard at the things that will help you succeed and doing them over and over until you get them right)
  • building endurance & sweating even more! (going the “extra” mile…not just doing the minimum)
  • cooling down (taking time to reflect and evaluate)

For any of us to truly be successful in any area of life we must commit ourselves to a consistent practice schedule.

  3. You must see and believe

Much of what is needed when becoming a champion is mental. It is amazing the power of our mind.  An athlete or team who is mentally prepared to win – can visualize beating the competition, getting that trophy and believes that they can and will win the prize – always has the competitive edge.  On our way to the meet this weekend Amy was verbally going over the race she was going to run.  She decided that she would stay with the top runners and that she would run her fastest time yet. She believed she could accomplish this.  Add to that the prayer that is a regular part of her teams pre-game preparation and Amy came across the finish line in the #2 position for her team with her fastest time of the season and with the coach proclaiming that she “ran the race of a lifetime!”

What do you see for your business, home, marriage, children and life?  What is your vision for the finish line? Do you believe that with the Lords help & strength you can accomplish everything that you set your heart and mind on?

4. You must endure and not quit

Far to many people have quit before they cross the finish line.  They have given up on themselves as an entrepreneur or business owner. They have tired of managing their home and let things slide. They have quit on their marriage or in being diligent to raise their children with strong morals and values. They have simply stopped practicing, training or working towards accomplishing their life goals & dreams.

If you are going to live a championship life….you can’t quit!  No matter how hard it gets, no matter the obstacles, no matter the overwhelming circumstances…keep going.

I can’t say it better than the Bible does in I Corinthians 9:24-25

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”

Let’s live the life of a champion!

  Let’s run the race to win!


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You have to want it!

Greetings to you all on this lovely crisp, clear, cool autumn morning!  What a beautiful day. 


I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my daughter Rebekah’s Honor Star crowning.  After three years of very hard work & determination she completed a rigorous program that included earning 27 badges, memorizing countless scriptures & the books of the Bible, reading the entire New Testament, completing many service projects and much more! She is one of only four girls from our local church and a hundred girls from the Northern California/Nevada district that achieved this accomplishment. I was so very proud of her.



It got me to thinking…of the thousands of girls who start out and participate in this program….what is it that makes only a small percentage of them achieve this honor?  Everything is available for them to be successful:

  • The program is hard but the plan is all laid out and easy to follow. 
  • There are teachers and sponsors available to encourage, assist and keep the girls on task.
  • There are weekly meetings to help them complete their assignments.
  • There are even fabulous incentives — what young girl do you know who would not want to wear a long beautiful white dress, be crowned with a sparkling jewel laden tiara, be given flowers and escorted by her handsome prince of a father while being recognized on a local & district level?
  • And of course there is the wonderful feeling 0f pride for accomplishing a goal. 

And yet even with all that, only a few who begin the program end up being crowned.

So what is it exactly that makes some “go for it” and others pass it by or quit in the middle??? I am sure that there are many reasons but one stood out crystal clear to me this weekend.  All the girls receiving their rewards…..

Wanted it desperately!

There is a lot involved in achieving any accomplishment but it can often come down to sheer determination and will.  Do you really want to achieve your goals in life?  Whether they are business goals, personal goals, financial goals, physical goals, or family goals – do you really want to accomplish them?

As a high school field hockey player (on a very competitive team)…..we use to say this cheer before every game…. “You’ve got to want it to win it & we want it more!  S — C — O — R — E…..score team score!”

I grew up with a Mom who use to say on a regular basis…. “Where there’s a will…there’s a way!”

And as a high school teacher when counseling a young person who was frustrated that life was not going the way they wanted it to I would often say…. “Make it happen!”

A lot of what we achieve or do not achieve in life boils down to this:

Do we really want it?

Are we willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

What do you really want in your life? What do you really want to do, have or accomplish? (staying home with your kids, private school tuition, losing those extra pounds, stopping that bad habit, having a fulfilling marriage, starting your own business, working at your “dream job”, getting a degree, traveling, additional income to “make ends meet” or for some “extras” in life….the list goes on & on!)

If you really want it… need to put your determination and will into making it happen!

Start today! I know you can!


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What are you saying?

Words are powerful

Words impact & influence others 

Words make a difference

My photo album journey resulting in dozens of completed albums, a home based business and a multitude of friends began with these words from my sister, Caroline –“You’ve got to start an album” and “Here is the number of this awesome scrapbooking company…call them!” (this was a demand not a suggestion – gotta love “big” sisters!)

“You have to read this book!” exclaimed two friends and former students, Deanne & Mindy as I stood out in the front yard chatting with them.  Their enthusiasm was so sincere that I went out & bought the series they recommended & it set me on a path of reading fabulous Christian works that have been life changing.

The vision and dream for Jim Elliot Christian High School had its roots in a question from a dear friend, Carrie –  “Have you ever considered starting a school?”

“My wife would love to be in a homeschool co-op – you should call her!” said Doug, the man who was installing our kitchen cabinets and so began our Cornerstone Co-op Academy (which had been etched in my mind years earlier when a CM friend in Florida said “Do you want to come with us today to our homeschool co-op?”)

“Do you trust God?”, “Who is in control of your life?”, “Have you prayed and asked God how many He wants you to have?” came as both a powerful message to a group of engaged couples and as a still small voice and resulted in the greatest blessing of our lives – the 6 princesses & the knight!

A dozen emails that said “You would be great at speaking to and motivating women” launched a season of speaking & traveling throughout the country (and the “You should write a book” words still remain in the “in box” of my brain waiting for action)

A dear friend Christina, proclaimed emphatically – “You need to check out this Mommy Life blog site because this woman reminds me of you!” – and I was providentially introduced to the world of blogging by a “soul sister” in cyberspace. (who I have yet to meet but feel connected to through her blogging)

“We should go on this missions trip to Mexico and help build houses for the poor”  urged the Kirchners and thus our experience in family missions began with Club Dust.

“You can find a way to be home with your kids full time” proclaimed a radio talk show host giving me just the support, encouragement & backbone I needed to leave the 9 to 5 world of working women.

“They have a baby who is waiting to be adopted and I thought of you.” were words spoken recently through the telephone from a dear life long friend, Becky and has set us on the road towards the hope of being blessed with another baby boy!

I could go on & on sharing words that have been spoken and have impacted, influenced & made a powerful difference in my life.  In the same way many of us have been negatively affected by words as well.  We have had things said to us that have damaged our hearts and minds, held us back from accomplishing something great or discouraged and derailed us.  Often those sentences begin with…

  • You shouldn’t…
  • You can’t…
  • Why would you?
  • No one will…
  • You are not __________ enough!

Just as positive words & encouragement can make a life changing difference to others… can negative and discouraging words.  According to a recent study we all speak approximately 16,000 words a day. 16,000!! That means we all have many opportunities to speak positive, uplifting, encouraging, motivating, inspiring and challenging words to others that may perhaps be life changing.  We, of course have the same opportunity to speak neutral or negative words that discourage, drain, dampen, or depress others.  The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 – Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose. 

What are you saying to others today?  Let’s choose to be people whose words bring life – support, encouragement, inspiration, motivation as well as challenging and influencing others in a positive direction!


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Itsy Bitsy Spider

Several years ago, after coming home from a fabulous scrapbooking weekend, my dear darling husband said with exasperation, “I think I have sung the itsy bitsy spider song…300 times!”  I laughed, apologized for not warning him, and told him that this was our then 3 year olds favorite thing to do and to get use to it…because it didn’t look like it would end anytime soon!

Do you all remember that simple little song?  It has great applications for working hard and acheiving success in life! (be sure to sing & do the hand motions as we take a look at this song…its much more effective!)

“The itsy bitsy spider…went up the water spout”   

Do you ever feel “itsy bitsy” with a huge, hard or new task ahead of you?  Yes, sometimes when we are beginning a business, career, relationship, fitness regimen, diet, budget or organizational plan or perhaps just adjusting to a new season of life (moving, going away to college, getting married, having your first baby…or 2nd, 3rd, 4th, becoming single again through death or divorce), we simply are not confident that we can really do it. We feel just like the itsy bitsy spider….a small insect trying to scale a seemingly impossibly high pipe.  BUT just like the itsy bitsy spider….we have to just start going up the water spout… matter how hard and high it seems to be….we need to simply begin to climb and move forward.

“Down came the rain…and washed the spider out” 

YES, it may be depressing but it is true. The rain will come… everyone! Everyone has had the rain come down on them & wash them out.  DO NOT THINK for one minute that those who seem to have “made it” have not experienced everything that you have gone through.  They have had hardships – sickness & disease, handicaps, financial setbacks & ruin, emotional stress & pain, devastating loss, rejection, intimidation, betrayal….you name it….they have experienced it and YOU WILL TOO!  It’s part of living. (If you do not believe it – read Matthew 5:45 – the rain falls on both the good and the bad!)

“Up came the sun & dried up all the raindrops” 

Now that we have been reminded that the rain will come, let’s be diligent at getting the sun to dry up all those raindrops!  The sun is often our attitude and outlook.  You’ve all heard the saying that negative people see the cup half empty and positive people see the cup half full. Well, let’s go one step beyond that and say….successful people see the cup completely full! (half full of water & half full of air).  The better our outlook and attitude…the faster those rain drops will dry up & we can get on and about our business of climbing. I have said it before & I’ll say it again – we need to guard our hearts, minds & spirits from anything negative.  We need to aggressively pursue a positive attitude & outlook, not just sit by and hope we will see life through rose colored classes. Its as easy as 1…2…3 1. Cast out any negative thoughts & attitudes2. Fill your mind with positive (books, emails, videos, audio tapes & uplifting music)3. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring & successful people 

“And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.”

Ok….so its not exciting but consistency works!  You simply must get out there and CONSISTENTLY keep climbing.  There is no short cut, there is no other way.  Do the right things and do them over & over & over & over and yes even over again (even when you don’t “feel” like it and despite the rain…because it will come) and you will succeed at anything you want to do in this life. Iza Trapani told & illustrated a book about the itsy bitsy spider that ended with this verse:

 The itsy bitsy spider

Climbed up without a stop

She spun a silky web

Right at the very top

She wove and she spun

And when her web was done,

The itsy bitsy spider

Rested in the sun.

May you all begin the climb today not letting the rain stop you, keeping a positive outlook, consistently working hard day in and day out until you are resting in the sun, basking in the contentment and joy of a job well done.

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