Change or stay the same

If you keep doing the same thing in the same way….you can expect the same results. This is true in every area of our lives.

 If we keep eating & exercising (or not) the same way we will continue to look the same.

If we keep training & disciplining (or not) our children in the same way we can except the same behavior.


If we keep spending, earning & budgeting (or not) in the same way we can expect the same financial status. 

If we keep communicating, relating & dating (or not) our spouses in the same way we can expect the same relationship. 

This is all well and good…if we are completely happy and content with the way things are.  We can go merrily along this year doing the same things we have always done and getting the same results. 

Yet so many of us start the new year with great expectations of change in our lives.  We set goals, we make resolutions, we decide that things need to be different, we make schedules and lists, we join gyms, we go back to church all with the hopes of change and yet we keep doing daily things the same way and then we are frustrated, disappointed, depressed and sometimes even mad that everything has remained the same. 

If we truly want a change in our lives whether it be in our personal lives, in our relationships with others or our businesses….we must change the way we do things. 

Are you happy & content with your life, relationships or business? 

If your answer is Yes! Yes! Yes!  Then keep on doing the things you have been doing and you’ll keep getting the same results. 

If your answer is “No….hardly!” or it is is like mine…..”Well not really, I’d like more.”  

Then its time to do things differently. 

1. Start with identifying the areas that you would like to see change.  Make a list of all the changes you would like to see in your life, your physical health, your marriage, your children, your business & your finances) 

2. Write down all the ways that you have “tried” to accomplish things in these areas. Be honest and be specific.  Evaluate how hard you attempted something & how much time you gave it to work. 

3. Brainstorm new ideas & new ways that you could accomplish your goals.  

4. Be willing to do things that are uncomfortable or even outright frightening for you. We often have to make ourselves do things that we absolutely do not want to do in order to become who we ultimately want to become. 

5. Make the commitment to daily, weekly & monthly do the things differently that will have a positive effect on our lives. 

Heres to a year of positive CHANGE in each of our lives.  

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