Schools Out!

Schools out for the Summer!

 Yes….it is the time of year that I have always relished, ever since getting off the bus after completing my first year in school!  Ahhhhhhhh, yes! That incredible feeling of FREEDOM after nine long months of being on someone else’s schedule, doing work others wanted me to do, a bit of boredom in the routine of classroom exercises, lessons & homework day after day. There was nothing like hopping off the school bus and running down the street….with the sun shining ever so brightly, the wind blowing gently and the sounds of all the kids laughing & screaming and chattering on and on about their summer plans. It was truly one of the most memorable moments of my childhood!I use to think that my excitement was because I had 3 months in front of me where I could DO NOTHING…..but looking back…that wasn’t it at all.  (Actually I think that I may have even been more productive in the summer than during the school year – attending swim practice every morning, planning & carrying out lavish carnivals for muscular dystrophy, putting on neighborhood plays, going berry picking for hours, working on earning every outdoor Girl Scout badge possible, going to summer camp etc…etc…etc….)  The joy was because I had the FREEDOM to choose what I wanted to do in the summer….noone was telling me what I had to do or had to learn, I got to make my own choices.

Years later as an adult….I thought I would truly never have that feeling again (even though as an educator I still had summers off…there was still the pressure of planning next years lesson plans, cleaning out my classroom, students calling in the summer for letters of recommendation).  Well….I have recently come to realize that one of the GREATEST joys of owning my own business is that it lets me have that same incredible, awesome sense of FREEDOM….all year long!

I have the freedom to choose:

1. When to work & when not to work… is so great to be able to look at my summer schedule and plan out all the things I want to do and then choose when to work my business.  I truly can have it all….summer afternoons at the pool with my kids, camping trip vacations, early morning coffee while reading the paper on the back porch & making money for my family doing something I love.

I have the freedom to choose:

2. How much money I want to make each and every month! Did you know that there are many different ways to make money when you own your own direct sales business?  WOW!   Now I don’t now about you… but in my former job as a high school teacher…there was one way and one way alone to make money….show up, do the job and get the same paycheck every 2 weeks regardless of the time or energy I expended or how well I did the job.  Now I get to decide how much money I want to make each month and then I do it!  I decide each month whether I want to make $200 a month or $2,000 a month (or as your business grows $5,000, $10,000 or more a month!) Isn’t that great?

I have the freedom to choose:

3. Who I want to work alongside!  This is so great!  Many of my clients and success line are my friends and family members!  It is so very AWESOME to attend conventions, meetings, business events, and go on coffee chats & have conference calls with my closest lifelong friends, former students, and my family members! The relationships I have developed thru my business have been life changing both in clients & consultants who have become dear friends.  (And I plan to recruit even more friends and family to my team along the way!)

I have the freedom to choose:

4. Where I want to work my business! I can choose to work in my home or out of my home.  I can choose to travel anywhere I want to  do business.  Get out the map…decide where you want to travel this summer and set up business in those areas!  (Personally I want to have team members in every state in the USA!)

I have the freedom to choose:

5. What parts of my business I want to emphasize! Its so great to be able to use your talents & expertise….and do what you do best. You need a balanced business of  that includes the basics od shows, sales, recruiting, downline management, special events & customer service  but….you can emphasize and spend more time on the parts you enjoy the most. Believe me I did not always enjoy getting up at 6am every morning to ride my bike to swim practice in the summer….but I loved the swim meets….everyone cheering wildly as you came in first place, the enthusiasm & unity of being a part of a team and ESPECIALLY getting those gold medals, blue ribbons and seeing your name in the newspaper the next day — perhaps its a bit like not enjoying making daily phone calls or looking for new contacts BUT loving the results of $$$ sales, home events & recognition within your team or even nationally in your company!

Yes….I am free! And I love it! With my own business, I have the “summertime” freedom everyday of the year…..does it get any better than that?

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