Tea Time Tuesday – The Princess & The Kiss

Every Tuesday afternoon, the girls (who are still homeschooled) and I have tea….complete with the nice china teacups, golden spoons, fancy table settings, cookies & classical music playing.  We have a wonderful hour of relaxation, conversation and learning about manners, courtship, and being a woman after Gods own heart.

     tea-002.jpg        tea-001.jpg         tea-005.jpg

“Sir Daniel Guy” joined us this week & was a perfect gentleman….although we know by next year this time he will forgo tea for a romp around the backyard!tea-003.jpg This week we read “The Princess and the Kiss”  by Jennie Bishop.  It is a delightful book that teaches children to value their purity and the beauty of saving themselves for marriage. We all enjoyed the story and the pictures. 

After finishing reading, the 4 year old declared that she was going to marry a cowboy before proceding to dump two tons of sugar into her tea.  The rest of the girlies (13, 12 & 8 year old) each shared their thoughts on the meaning and symbolism in the book.  They all loved the part where the future prince went to the princesses parents to ask if he could court her!  They agreed that they would be really impressed with any young man who would do that for them. I am praying that there are parents out there raising up those types of knights, warriors & princes who will one day come asking to court our daughters…the 6 princesses!


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