Word for Wednesday – Sharing

 “Share with your sister!” has come out of my mouth regularly as a mom of many little ones.  We’ve all heard those words at school, in the church nursery, on the playground….almost everywhere there are kids together there is an adult reminding them to share their things with others.

Then we become adults and somehow our “sharing” philosophy changes. In fact we quickly reverse our sharing stance even with our children when they become teens and want to share clothing, phones, DVD’s, Ipods etc.. with their buddies.  We say things like…”you need to take care of your things & not let others use them” or “that’s expensive & you shouldn’t be loaning it out to just anybody” or we make it spiritual and say “God wants you to be a good steward of what He has given you!”

In my adult life I have known precious few people who have been really open and willing to share their “things”.  Even then, some who do share…do so with a little bit of cringing in their heart or with “restrictions” on what they are sharing with you.

I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to live in the time during the beginning of the Christian church when sharing was the way of believers….the “norm” instead of the exception.

Look at what the Word says about those believers –

Acts 4:32  

“And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own; but all things were common property to them”

Wow!  No wonder they added to their number daily those who were being saved! Can you imagine if we as believers had this mindset today.  Yes, we are sometimes willing to give away our money (in moderation & with wisdom of course…read sarcasm here) but when it comes to sharing our valuable “things” we are not often so willing – ie: cars when someone needs one, opening up our homes to others either for a few nights or even longer, expensive equipment to take on a project in the yard, blessing others with our “toys” – boats, RV’s, backyard swimming pools, vacation homes that sit unused most of the time, fill in the blank with your precious “thing” that is hard for you to share ___________________.

Church organizations are just as guilty as we believers are of not sharing.  Have you ever tried to get a room in a church for a meeting or activity? (even one that is a good cause or even directly a Christian activity)  After filling out mounds of paperwork that goes from one committee to another & then to the church board before you finally get back an apologetic…”We are sorry but it is against the policies of our church to allow the use of our building for your event. blah blah blah…..”  Often things are cited like insurance issues, janitorial problems or needing to be “good stewards” of their facility. (since when is it being a good steward to let a large multi room building sit empty most weekdays & several week nights?? I’d call it bad stewardship….but I digress)

So….. just last week my dear darling hubby was on his way to school camp in the mountains (an awesome way to start the school year at Elliot – lots of inspiration & bonding with both students & faculty). He needed to drive his own vehicle to camp because he would be joining us at our own “family retreat” (see Family & Friends Friday).  Bless his heart….Dan has always driven the “second” car in our family (read here- very old, broken down, scary, on it’s last leg, you never know if its going to start in the morning….but its paid for & has cheap insurance!). When Miriam, our school worship leader,  heard that he was driving to camp she instantly & without hesitation said….”Dan! Do you want to take my car?” (read here brand new, very nice complete with all the “extras”).  My first thought was….did she realize that meant she had to drive Dans car for 3 days? (not a very pleasant experience but it does build your faith when you have to pray everytime you get in it)

How refreshing!  Here is a young adult who truly is living out the Word of God in her life. I’m praying & looking forward to the day when the entire body of Christ will all truly live what they say they believe!

“And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own; but all things were common property to them”

 Are you sharing your things?


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4 responses to “Word for Wednesday – Sharing

  1. That’s a very challenging word for today. I grew up not sharing very much of my things. I was also the youngest so I got pretty much anything I wanted. Being married now, I find it difficult to share some things. When someone wants to use something of ours, she says “yes” and I say “no”. I pray I will grow in love of others and share.

  2. “He who refeshes others, will himself be refreshed”. Proverbs 11:25b

    Preach it, sister! This is a good word for all of us…and a hard one to follow at times. I guess if we really believed that EVERYTHING is the Lord’s we would have an easier time “sharing”. AND when we refresh others with our generousity, we in turn will be refreshed. What a wonderful system!

  3. Gloria Borden

    It is interesting that you would use that scripture today because it was the text for Sunday’s sermon at NPC.

  4. Kelly Hale

    Very thought provoking! I love that about this web-site, and what you write, it expands my thinking on every level! I love that scripture, we all really need to take heed, and listen to what God is STILL saying to us today! I think we in America especially have difficulty sharing anything, we have way too much, and yet still don’t share….go figure 😦

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