Thursday Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for the life God has given me at this very moment.   We all only have this day to live, love & laugh….we are not promised tomorrow.  None of us knows when life will take a tragic turn or when our own life or the life of a beloved will end. So yes…today I am thankful for life!

We have a long time friend of 18 years who had a horrific accident at work on Tuesday and his life is currently hanging in the balance.  Mike Harper is a God fearing, kind, compassionate & friendly man.  He has a gentle & peaceful spirit that makes it a blessing to be in his presence.  He & his dear wife Diane have raised to adulthood four of the finest children I have known.  He has lived a life of integrity, loving God & loving others. 

Please join me in praying for Mike & his precious family as they walk thru this valley.

Live your life today as if it were your last — love & serve the Lord, make meaningful memories with your family & friends (even within an “ordinary” day), forgive those you are holding something against, let go of your frustrations and stresses, appreciate and cherish your spouse, hug and kiss your kids, smile, laugh a lot and sing with gusto!  Enjoy and be thankful for your life in this moment.

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