Family & Friends Friday – Apple Hill

Fall officially begins for us when we take our annual family outing to Apple Hill!

We have been doing this excursion for nine years now & it has become a much anticipated event for everyone. (Although once the kids hit high school they usually miss out on this field trip due to tests, sports etc…)  It is such a great thing to have outings that your family experiences on an annual basis.  Besides creating wonderful family memories to be looked back on fondly, it also gives your children a sense of belonging, security & uniqueness.

Belonging – Children have a strong desire to belong to something important. We see this being played out regularly in our society in the negative form of gangs.  By doing family outings they get to experience that sense of belonging & togetherness.

Security– When you have outings that your family does on an annual basis it gives children a strong sense of security.  During difficult or tough times or when they are going through major changes emotionally, physically, psychologically or in any area of their lives (ie: going to a new school, moving, joining a new activity) they get that security from knowing some things never change. (ie: we will always go to an apple orchard, eat caramel apples & enjoy apple pie in the fall)  It is a warm safe, comforting & reassuring feeling.

Uniqueness – What makes your family special? It is your specific traditions, rituals, activities, events and outings that are unique to your family.  The more you have…the more your children will be connected to your family.  You want your children to enjoy family life and being together.  You want to foster relationships with their siblings. You want them to think…”Wow! Our family is the best”  or “Our family is fun” so that they do not so easily look for “fun” in undesirable activities. Annual outings are a great way to achieve this!

We had a GREAT day!  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect…beautiful sunny day with a cool fall breeze.  After our “traditional” stop at Starbucks, we hit the road and sang together loudly all the songs from the CD’s we were playing -Les Mis & Phantom of the Opera.  It was awesome – great weather, great music, great company for a 90 minute drive.

We were joined this year by one of the girls friends – Alex and some extended family members – Aunt Jennae, my sister-in-law, cousins Janessa and Chrisann and their friend Laura.  We all enjoyed a picnic lunch by the lake before leisurely walking around the farm looking at the craft booths, enjoying the apple orchards and eating yummy caramel apples.  It was a kick back afternoon of fun & food.

This year we added a new twist to our annual Apple Hill outing by driving around the long loop of apple farms, ranches & orchards.  We oohed & awed over the beautiful views and stopped to take some photos.  We even found a farm with some animals & an old tire swing that we stopped at and enjoyed thoroughly.

After another splendid trip…we headed home with two pies – dutch crunch apple & sour cream apple to enjoy with Dan & Amy (the two who had to be at the high school) over the weekend.


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2 responses to “Family & Friends Friday – Apple Hill

  1. kate

    What beeeeeautiful girls! I love joy’s hair! I wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you guys this year!

  2. Dena

    I LOVE these pictures! These pictures are inspiring me to take my family! Wow your precious little boy looks like daddy!!

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