A bit of inspiration

For almost a decade I have been writing motivational messages on a Monday.  Why?  Strangely, it began because I was not feeling very motivated to accomplish much of anything.  My home based business had just taken a few disappointing turns, my household seemed to be in a constant state of chaos (I can’t imagine why with 4 very active young children), we were financially stressed beyond belief and it was just one of those Mondays that the Carpenters use to sing about – “Hangin’ around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days & Mondays always get me down”

As I sat at my desk staring blankly at my computer screen I came across an article written about a very successful business woman in my field.  As I read not only about her impressive financial achievements but her outstanding leadership and her family priorities, I became inspired!  It was not a new article to me. In fact I had read it several times over the previous year but at that moment it sparked something in my heart and mind that spurred me to action.  I instinctively knew that if I needed some motivation & inspiration to “get up & get going” that there were probably many others in my sphere of influence – family, friends, team members and clients – that needed some motivation too.  Instead of hoping they would happen to run across something inspiring, I decided to send them a bit of motivation via their email inbox.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  What began with an email to several dozen people, all of whom I knew personally, grew to several thousands of people from all walks of life and has recently resulted in a blog web site that will hopefully inspire, encourage, motivate & bless countless others.

Isn’t it amazing what a bit of inspiration can accomplish?

Inspiration has built great cathedrals, designed awesome works of art and composed musical masterpieces. Inspiration has invented wonders, began companies and made millionaires. Inspiration has caused wrongs to be made right, cures to be found and brought hope to the helpless.  Inspiration has established institutions, created amazing ideas and brought unity.  Inspiration has overcome the odds, broken the record, fought the unbeatable foe and made many a champion.  Inspiration has even resulted in love, sweet precious babies and 50 year wedding anniversaries.  Inspiration has brought dreams to life!

It cannot be denied, true inspiration moves us to action.  I know you are all thinking…..”If a bit of inspiration can do all that…..how can I get some?” It really is simple just discover what you are inspired by and be sure that your life is immersed in the inspirational.

Personally I am inspired by –

  • a person who is achieving greatness no matter how big or small –  I feel challenged & motivated when I read about, watch, see or know someone who is doing something significant with their lives.
  • an encouraging comment on a job well done – It inspires me to do more when I am appreciated and when others notice my gifts, talents & strengths (we ought to all try this inspiration on our children!)
  • zest, passion & enthusiasm –  When I see someone truly passionate & enthusiastic about their life, beliefs & activities it makes me want to jump on board! I try to spend the majority of my life around these types of individuals. (even if it is via motivational speakers on CD or DVD)
  • those with disabilities who overcome amazing odds –  We are all disabled in some way & those whose physical or mental disabilities do not stop them from achieving are great inspirations for me to get it in gear. This recent video sent to me by a dear friend who has a daughter with Downs Syndrome was inspirational…watch it!
  • music and media – I have often heard a song played that has stirred my heart and changed my attitude or even spurred me to action. Music has an incredible emotional power. I also have often been inspired to do something by a message in a movie. (most recently The Ultimate Gift – an inspirational must own movie!)
  • financial rewards – I am highly motivated by what money can do for myself & others.  I have many plans & dreams for my life as well as organizations, ministries and people I would love to bless in big ways.  It inspires me to work hard, be creative, innovative and take risks.
  • Gods Word, love and creation – perhaps this should have been at the top of the list (although they are not in any particular order).  I am inspired in every way when I read the Word of God. It challenges, motivates & moves me to action.  His love is amazing and His creation (especially babies and the beach) is constantly awe inspiring and leading me to love others, to live an abundant life, to have joy, to create, to speak and to write.

So I immerse myself in the inspirational and find that most of my life I am truly inspired and moved to action!  May you too find your inspiration and immerse yourself in it.


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3 responses to “A bit of inspiration

  1. beckycollins

    As usual Beth, I’m speechless. I want to steal your post and share it with my world. Can I go to jail for BLOGLIFTING??!! Just kidding, but I do intend to share it with others like I always do by sending them your link. Just amazing, how well you describe what inspires you. I wanna be like you when I grow up….who knows when that will be, maybe 20 more years?

  2. emilienichole

    Very inspirational, I am glad Becky sent me a link. See… she really did give you credit, no bloglifting 😉

  3. Jessica

    Just reading it makes me want to get off my booty and do something…. inspirational! Becky shared your link with me as well…. thank you for sharing with HER!

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