Family & Friends Friday – Fun Fall Picnic

At the beginning of this week I looked at all that had to be accomplished and I brought the girls around the table after breakfast for a little meeting. First I asked them… “What would be a great treat for you?”  After they stared blankly at me for a moment, I elaborated, “What is something you would really like to do one afternoon that would be fun, exciting and that you would look forward to?”  They began throwing around ideas and finally all agreed that a great treat would be to take a picnic basket out to the park downtown and eat, relax, read books & play.

I continued from there to share with them what my life was looking like this week and that I needed their help & support in a big way.  I asked them to work hard, be independent and to take initiative when they saw things that needed to be done. I told them that if they would do that for me, I would take them on their fun fall picnic to the downtown waterfront park.  They all enthusiastically agreed and left the table with renewed energy & focus.

 It was a great week!  I accomplished all my goals (well maybe not all because my goal list is always more ambitious than is ever humanly possible) and the girls were so resourceful, independent & helpful.  It was awesome.  So on Friday we all stopped what we were doing and took off after lunch to give them their treat!  I put together for them a beautiful picnic basket complete with “real” glasses & napkins, sparkling cider, summer sausage, cheese & crackers, grapes, hummus with bagel chips and delicious dark chocolate squares. We gathered together our books to read, some blankets & chairs and headed out the door.  Our dear friend Michelle Sallee joined us and brought her camera for the photo “opp” at this beautiful park!

It was a perfect afternoon.  The weather was sunny & breezy, the food was mouthwatering & delicious, the sparkling cider was a festive treat, and the park was simply beautiful – surrounded by trees just starting to change colors, the serene Delta waterways and the scenic downtown skyline.  We had a wonderful time eating and talking before the younger girls ran off to play and Kristen and I read for awhile and talked with Sallee.

I started the book “A Thomas Jefferson Education” and was challenged, inspired & motivated to take a new look at all education – public, private & homeschooling.  It provoked great discussion and thinking that added to the afternoon experience.  I am sure that this book is the beginning of a molding & shaping of my future.

When we were ready to go home we decided on the spur of the moment to take all of our remaining picnic spoils and drive under the overpass to find some hungry and homeless people to bless with food & water. (Inspired by another book I read a few years back, due the influence of my friend Nina, called  “Under the Overpass” that is a “must read” for everyone!)  And of course as we blessed those in need the blessing came back to us.  As we drove away from that area of town we all renewed our commitment to always have water, protien bars and fast food gift cards in the car ready to have to pass out to those in need. Our last stop before heading home was to take our bouquet of flowers to our dear friend Diane who tragically lost her husband several weeks ago.

What a beautiful & blessed day!

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  1. Nancy

    That has got to be the prettiest picnic basket I’ve ever seen! Not just the basket, but the way you have it all arranged. You must be some sort of artist! I would go on picnics much more often if I thought I could ever pull off such a pretty one (oh, and get rid of the mosquitos in Minnesota!) From what I’ve read, you are a great mom. Wish I lived closer so I could get to know you!

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