Thursday Thankfulness

This week, I am so very thankful for people who are willing to help me.  They make my life easier, more productive, successful and make this journey I am on ever so joyful! We simply can’t do it alone.  I am ever so grateful for –

My dear daughters who help with the baby, keep the house in order and bring me tall glasses of ice water.

Debbie who makes my life easier by co-leading with me our home school co-op.

My dear friend Jeff, who I affectionately refer to as my “personal IT guy” who is forever solving my technology problems.

Amy who drives my daughter Grace home from her writing class every Tuesday.

Candy who is a constant source of inspiration & ideas.

The staff & board of JECHS who are helping me get information & a development team together.

Deanne who is always willing to give me time & input and validates my “lion” personality!

Becky who is such a great cheerleader, promoter & networker for me. (great for my self esteem)

Rachael  who is always willing to come hold the baby, help get us out the door, drive kids places & bring me an Ice Latte.

Sallee who takes fabulous photos for me constantly, plays with my girls, helps chauffeur, run errands and basically says “yes I’ll help” to anything I ask.

Teri who is a wealth of life changing information and who bought me an awesome book this week.

Christina who gives me wonderful input on anything I put in her hands and is an incredible resource of ideas.

Nancy & Cathy who constantly provide training & resources for my home based business to succeed.

Rachel who simply by her presence brings peace, calm & joy into my often hectic life.

Nina who is willing to drive my daughter Amy home after cross country practice whenever we need her to.

Kelly who always opens up her home (& her heart) to my daughter Rebekah at a moments notice.

“Dan the Man” who picks up all my slack – helping to cook dinner, do chores around the house, drive everyone around, run to the store, entertain the baby, change diapers and listen to my constant ideas & inspirations with interest & input.

Wow!  And that is just this weeks list of people who have helped make my life better!

Who are you thankful for today? 

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