Tea Time Tuesday – Happy Birthday Grace!

Today at tea we celebrated Grace’s 9th birthday!  My “sweet baby Grace” is nine….where did those years go?  Grace was born during a season of God’s incredible grace upon our lives as we were in the midst of living by faith day to day (isn’t that how we should always live?) as we were working to found Jim Elliot Christian High School. She was our first Christmastime baby which made the Christmas story – the “great with child” Mary traveling to Bethleham and the birth of a new baby seem very realistic for us all.

Happy Birthday Grace!

We began our tea with each one sharing the things we love and admire about Grace.  We decided to take a break for a few weeks from courtship classes and spend tea time singing Christmas carols and work on memorizing Luke 2:1-20.  We all love singing Christmas carols and as the girls get older and their voices mature, I am so very impressed with how beautiful they sound.  We always sing ALL the verses of each song too! (there is incredible meaning and deep theology in many of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th verses of those beloved carols)  It was such a wonderful time together singing praise to God during Tea Time Tuesday.

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  1. “Happy Birthday sweet Grace…how sweet you are.” I hope you enjoyed your day!!

    You are close to my little Mila’s Birthday. Hers is today.

    We will see you soon!
    xoxo Jeannene

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