Our annual Christmas Open House


One of the highlights of our entire Christmas season is our annual Lambdin Family Holiday Open House!

We have been hosting this event since 1991 – for seventeen years! As a child my Mom & Dad began having annual Holiday Open Houses in 197, when I was nine years old.  It was something we all looked forward to as kids because it wasn’t an “adult party” only.  We all chipped in to get the preparations done, we all hosted and we all cleaned up.  My mother has carried on this tradition now for 36 years!

Dan & I began to follow this tradition after one of our favorite classes graduated from Brookside Christian High School in 1991.  We wanted to have a place for them to “come home” to and see their friends during Christmas break and we wanted to see them all too!  We invite everyone on our Christmas card mailing list and we have close to 100 friends and family show up throughout the evening each year including Brookside & Jim Elliot alumni, current JECHS students & staff, church members, Creative Memories consultants and clients, neighbors, homeschool co-op families and all who have been a part of our lives.

We have gotten very creative with our living space to accommodate the growing number of people God has blessed us with.  For years we provided all the food but in 1997 when we were both unemployed – and attempting to start JECHS and a CM business – instead of not hosting the party we simply asked everyone to bring a small holiday snack to share.  It has worked out perfectly.  However, our famous meatballs have become a tradition at the open house and many people enjoy them each year (some even say – I’m here for the meatballs!)

This year was once again a beautiful evening of reuniting with old friends, celebrating the season and enjoying the company of all.  There is always lots of laughter, love and hugs throughout the entire open house.  We are so blessed with wonderful friends and a precious family.

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