Christmas Caroling

Christmas Caroling – is my favorite Christmas tradition!  I love Christmas. I love music. I love singing about Jesus. 

We have been going Christmas caroling as a family for about 10 years.  We usually head out just as it is getting dark all decked out in our warm & festive Christmas attire.  It is a rare thing (in fact perhaps never) that we are not accompanied by friends or family who join us for this evening of fun.  After caroling to our neighbors, we jump in the van and begin going to the many families on our list to carol to.  We have usually carefully mapped out a plan earlier in the day as to where we are going.  While the stops vary from year to year – some things always remain the same:

  • We always stop at Starbucks at some point during the evening and get coffee & cocoa – we also carol for all those in Starbucks!
  • We have some regular families that have personally requested an “encore” performance each year – Gloria Grupe, the Krahmers & their parents the Cox’s (who ALWAYS sing along with us – it is GREAT!), Granny Ann, the Hales & the Wards.
  • We try to think of those in need – the sick, hurting or elderly and make an effort to carol at their homes.
  • We always begin with “Here we come a caroling”     “Here we come a caroling among the leaves so green and here we come a wandering so fair to be seen. Love & Joy come to you and to you good Christmas too, And God bless you & send you a Happy New Year and God send you a happy New Year!”
  • We sing two carols (all the verses!) and end with “We wish you a Merry Christmas!
  • The last several years we have ended our evening at our dear friends, the Moore’s where we have enjoyed hot cocoa & goodies while staying up fellowshipping until the wee hours of the morning.  Good times!

For the first time this year we were able to sing in two part harmony after I had taught a homeschool co-op choir class and Kristen, Rebekah & Grace learned how to sing in parts.  I can’t wait for the day when we can sing all the carols in 4-part harmony – my dream! 

This year we were joined by Lucas Sherman & DJ Moore – 5th grade boys of close family friends.  They added a little spark & energy to the evening as only boys do.  We don’t have any photos of this year’s caroling (in fact I have never taken pictures of this my favorite event!)…but here is a previous photo (2003)  taken by one of our friends, so you can “picture” us on a Christmas Caroling night.

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