Fat Face Update – March 2

January 2 – starting weight   

March 2 – current weight            Goal weight (38 more pounds to lose)

For those of you out there who are also trying to fight the fat – I found this very cool weight loss simulator at prevention.com – you can make a model with you body shape, your hair, eye & skin color and put in your current weight and your goal weight.  The model can rotate so you can see what you look like from all sides. (if you have such an inclination to see all sides)

Here is an update on my healthy eating & exercise regimen.  After two months – it is still going great (hard yes, but great) and I am still going strong! (not that I am not missing my coffee and cookie addiction) 

Total weight lost: 23 pounds

Exercise: walking 5-6 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes

Fat clothes are loose and fat face is shrinking!

I put my dear darling hubby – Dan the man – on the same regimen beginning February 4th. He had recently gotten some blood work done and his cholesterol was high. So being the good wife that I am – I informed him that he would be changing his eating habits (He already was fairly consistent at exercising). The Fat Flush eating plan that I follow is especially targeted for those wanting to lower their cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure, so he is committed to following it for the next three months to see if he can get his cholesterol down during that time. (although if it works – he will probably need to eat like this the majority of the time if he wants to stay of meds)  In the three weeks he has been doing this – he has lost 13 pounds! Go Dan!

We do take one or two days off a month and for March that will be – Easter Sunday – which is still three weeks away. (mmmmmmmm…looking forward to coffee, cinnamon rolls, a big yummy brunch of egg casserole, asparagus, sausage, hash browns with cheese and sour cream and sparkling cider….not too mention lots of dark chocolate Easter candy!) 

I will update you all again in April – thanks for letting me share – it keeps me accountable to my goals.

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  1. Good for you and Dan! Keep up the good work. Mike has lost 17 lbs since the beginning of the year and I’ve lost 10…and still counting. Hopefully the rest of the sibs are doing the same! Here’s to a more healthy lifestyle.

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