A Flock of Hope

Tonight was the final “sacrificial meal” of the Lenten season.  (you can read about that tradition here)  We decided to donate the money we saved by eating only rice & pretzels each Wednesday night since Ash Wednesday to the Heifer Project.  This organization is committed to ending world hunger and one of the ways they are doing it is by giving others the opportunity to purchase a gift of a heifer, goat, sheep, pig, chickens, geese, ducks etc… to be given to people dealing with poverty from all over the world.

Tonight during our meal, we gathered around the computer and purchased a “flock of hope” (chickens, ducks and geese). According to Heifer International this is what our gift will do:

“Your gift of a Flock of Hope will include chicks, ducklings and goslings that will grow up to lay precious eggs that mean hope and increasing health and prosperity for hungry families from the Philippines to Rwanda. Eggs add vital protein to malnourished families’ diets, and droppings provide a wonderful natural fertilizer to improve crop yields. Over time as the flocks grow, families can sell the surplus eggs and produce at market and use the extra income to send children to school, build secure housing and more!”

We were all very excited about providing this for a family in need. We pray that they will be blessed abundantly!  If you are interested in Heifer Project and looking at their catalog – click here.

We finished our meal with a reading of the scripture when Judas went to the high priests and asked how much they would give him to betray Jesus. (isn’t money at the core of so many sins?) We blew out the fourth of our six candles and then began to make preparations for tomorrow’s Passover Celebration (also known as a Christian Seder) – one of our all time favorite traditions!

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