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It’s gonna be a BIG day!

I rolled out of bed this morning ready to get back to the “normal routine” of life after a wonderful Holy Week full of celebrations, traditions and meaningful moments as we remembered Jesus’s life, death & resurrection.  I was mentally making a checklist of everything that I needed to accomplish:

  • Get the house back in order
  • Finish up on a pile of pressing paperwork & bills
  • Prepare for several upcoming speaking engagements
  • Gather up homeschool assignments to turn in to the charter school
  • Recruit mentors for Rebekah’s Rite of Passage year
  • Send out Amy’s graduation invitations <yikes! she is really graduating from high school already…how did that happen?>

The list was becoming daunting and I heard myself sigh as I walked past the dining room table full of candy wrappers and stray Easter grass spilling over onto the floor.  I was then greeted by my four year old son Daniel with a look of awe and wonder on his face.

He sat up from his perch on the couch and exclaimed with gusto –  “Mommy, It’s gonna be a BIG day!”… then he stopped and asked inquisitively…“Is Jesus still alive?”

I love how the Lord uses children to stop me in my tracks and change my perspective at any given moment. Here I was the day after a glorious celebration of  Jesus resurrection already “bogged” down in the details of life instead of waking up with hopeful anticipation of the great things my risen Lord would do in my life today.  I imagine that the day after the resurrection of Jesus that the women who went to the tomb and were told – “He is Alive!  He has Risen from the dead!” –  did not wake up on Monday morning with a “back to the old routine” attitude.  In fact I am sure much like Daniel they were filled with excitement, wonder and awe and  were exclaiming – “It’s gonna be a BIG day!”   They were forever changed from that moment on…never to be the same again! They along with the disciples and followers of Christ lived the rest of their lives committed to the spread of the good news even to the point of dying for their faith.

I grabbed up my little boy in my arms with my heart full of love and gratitude and said – “Yes Daniel, Jesus is still alive…and He lives in our hearts and yes it’s gonna be a BIG day!”

That is how I want to live my life!  Each & everyday exclaiming – “It’s gonna be a BIG day!”  – because Jesus is alive in my life and I am going to live for Him!


 (If you want to see some photos of our families Holy Week & Easter celebration – you can see them at this link –

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Reflections on Making Holy Week…Holy

I am sitting here in the quietness of my living room (yes, believe it or not, even with 10 people living under this small roof there are moments of solitude and corners to go to escape) watching the flickering of five candles set up on our dining room table in the shape of a cross.  We entered into another Holy Week today with the celebration of the triumphant entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday and a time of family devotions after dinner in which we extinguished the first of six candles that will be put out each night this week leading up to Good Friday where we will face the darkness of the cross.

As I reflected on the upcoming week, where those of us who are believers in Jesus set aside time to remember His last days on this earth, I was sad to think about how this most important season in the Christian faith as been all but laid aside for many.  In days past…

  • students would always have Holy Week off from school
  • churches would celebrate Palm Sunday with great enthusiasm handing out palm branches formed into crosses for you to take home along with a family devotional to be used throughout Holy Week
  • most denominations would have a Maundy Thursday service complete with communion & even sometimes a foot washing ceremony
  • Good Friday was a sacred day with businesses closing at noon and folks attending solemn services to remind them of Christ great sacrifice

Today it seems like Easter arrives to everyone’s surprise and Holy Week is just perhaps a blip on our radar screen.  Easter vacation at school, which always fell during Holy Week, has given way to Spring Break which is taken at various times throughout March or April and not often coinciding with Holy Week.  Very few Christians even acknowledge Palm Sunday or Maundy Thursday. And tragically, Good Friday is just another run of the mill “TGIF” for most people.

I thought about our upcoming week and even with our very purposeful & meaningful family celebrations that we have set aside time to do (Palm Sunday, Holy Week Devotions, our Passover Christian Sedar, Good Friday Observance) we still have a week that is filled with school for my teenagers (although at least our Christian school takes off Good Friday, but at times we have had to fight for that), athletic events, dentist appointments, a birthday party, endless errands and work, work & more work. It just didn’t sound very “holy” and while some of the weeks activities are inevitable, others I could have avoided adding to our calendar or been more dedicated to getting done earlier.  I humbly and with repentance bowed my head and prayed for our family that we would not just live as if this was just another week but that we would set it aside as….holy.

But what exactly does holy mean?

The dictionary defines it as:

  1. consecrated: dedicated or set apart for religious purposes
  2. saintly: devoted to the service of God
  3. sacred: relating to, belonging to, or coming from a divine being or power

Wow!  Those are some pretty intense words — consecrated, dedicated, set apart, devoted to service, sacred, belonging to God.  As I contemplate by candlelight this evening I am making a renewed commitment to not allow Holy Week to ever get so “cluttered” again and to truly set it aside for God and His service. 

If you are a follower of Jesus, I hope you too will consecrate, dedicate, set apart, and devote in sacred service this Holy Week to God!

P.S. – If  you are interested in our family Lenten season, Holy Week & Easter traditions you can  find them on my blog here –

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Palm Sunday – Holy Week Begins

dsc_04141Today is Palm Sunday….the day set aside to remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It marks the beginning of Holy Week for Christians around the world.  Holy Week that culminates in the observance of Christ’s death on the cross (Good Friday) and His amazing resurrection (Easter Sunday) is truly the foundation of Christianity and my faith.

I hope and pray that Christians who are reading this blog will be purposeful this week to use it as a time of remembrance, observation, teaching, training & celebration.  If you want or need some ideas or inspiration I blogged last year about all of our Lent, Holy Week & Easter family traditions here – Easter Season – there are 12 different entries that may inspire you.

This afternoon after church we began our Holy Week observances with our traditional Palm Sunday celebration (for details read here).  We enjoyed a yummy brunch before reading the scriptural account of Jesus entering the city of Jerusalem, singing the song “Hosanna” and blowing out the first of six candles that will remain burning until Good Friday at noon.  Here are some photos of our Palm Sunday celebration.

dsc_0420The girls (minus Michelle who is carrying on the traditions in Apartment 7B6 in New York), Daniel and our friend Maddie Hale.

dsc_0422Daniel blows out the first candle of Holy Week.

dsc_0426dsc_0430Having some fun rein-acting the triumphal entry!

I would love to hear about any of your Holy Week traditions….please share with us all.


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Easter Family Photos

I’ve always loved getting us all dressed up on Easter Sunday in color coordinating and/or matching dresses for the girls.  Besides making for beautiful photos, it also creates wonderful memories and gives us a unique sense of family togetherness and unity.  The girls can tell you many a funny story about their Easter, Christmas & 4th of July clothes! (or just color coordinating for an excursion to make it easier to spot all the kids!) This year I actually picked out the teenage daughters skirts and to their amazement I had “good taste”!  🙂

We also have always taken this dress up opportunity to take family pictures while we are all looking good!  Our dear life long friend Michelle Sallee has taken many of those photos.  She is quite an excellent photographer and has recently started up a photography business.  If you like what you see here – check out her blog at Sallee Photography to look at her awesome photos – weddings, sports action photos, senior portraits, family photos, beach pictures & more.  If you live locally and would like to hire a fabulous budding photographer – I highly recommend her!

What do you think of my beautiful family? The only thing that would have made these photos better is having my eldest daughter Michelle home to be in them!


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Happy Easter

When we wake up on Easter morning all the black ribbons are gone from the table and mantle and they are blaze with color and new life, looking like this –

After sunrise service we unveil the Easter basket (yes we only have one family basket – another joy of having a large family!) and everyone enjoys having a hard boiled egg along with coffee cake & doughnuts for breakfast. (and I’m sure everyone snags at least one piece of candy from that basket too!)

We head off for Easter service at our home church after taking family photos. (to be posted soon)  We have been attending the same church for almost 25 years and we are so blessed to have life long friends who we get to celebrate together with.

After church, we have our traditional Easter Brunch. We were blessed with beautiful sunny 79 degree weather today so we were able to have it outside! (which we love).  We always serve – Egg Casserole, Hash Browns topped with cheese & sour cream, sausage, asparagus (a home grown specialty in Stockton!), cinnamon rolls, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling cider and coffee.  It is spectacular!  After our brunch we had the children share the Resurrection Eggs (12 plastic Easter Eggs each filled with something representing the story of the Passion of Christ from His entrance into Jerusalem to His resurrection). This year we were joined by our dear sister Jennae, closest friend Michelle and good family friends Jen Gibson and her three daughters – Cassidy, Audrey and Chloe.  We all enjoyed a lovely afternoon together.

I pray your Easter celebration was glorious! 


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Christ is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

In the very early morning hours while it was still dark my mother would awaken us up from our slumber exclaiming in a hushed tone – “Christ is Risen!” – and of course we were expected to respond – “He is Risen Indeed!” (which we always did although sometimes quite unenthusiastically when we became “tired” teens) We would then get up & get dressed and head out into the darkness to drive to a sunrise service.  These services were always filled with an amazing sense of awe and majesty as the power of our risen Lord seemed to fill the air and we breathed in His presence.  As the sun rose above the horizon and we sang songs of the risen Savior, it all came alive to me in a new and fresh way.  It is these moving experiences of Easter Sunrise Services, late night church services on a candlelit Christmas Eve, Christian Summer Camp Meetings, sitting alone in a beautiful chapel or sanctuary talking to God,  powerful worship and special communion times that have all been a part of what caused me to fall in love with the Lord and develop an intimate relationship with Him.

And as an adult,  sunrise services still bring me to tears as I sit in the dark of the early morning and watch the sun arise and join together with fellow believers to celebrate the resurrection. I hope that my children will catch this same heart of fire for the Lord as we cultivate these traditions.  In our early family years when we had many little ones, we held a simple sunrise service in our very own backyard.  Nine years ago the pastors of our city came together and began a city wide sunrise service in our community downtown on the waterfront.  We have attended every year since its inception.  And it is AWESOME! (If you are reading this blog and live in the Stockon area – you should make every effort to BE THERE!)

It is awesome to:

  • be up at that early hour and sense the same reality of those who came the tomb on the morning of the resurrection. (Think of the song that begins – “Was it a morning like this?”)
  • watch the sun rise and take in the breathtaking beauty & majesty of Gods creation.
  • worship with fellow believers in the risen Lord from all denominations! (“How good & pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”)
  • listen to the story of Jesus and His triumphant Resurrection! (the story never gets old!)
  • remember & celebrate the day that you first became aware that Christ died for YOU and that He conquered death, hell & the grave so you could have eternal life. It is truly an amazing indescribable love!

 Here is our family this morning at the Stockton Sunrise Service –

The message was especially inspirational and we were moved to adjust our morning plans and pick up some boxes of coffee at Starbucks and pass it out while we were downtown and tell them – “Christ is Risen!”


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Easter Eggs & Cookie Creations

The Saturday between Good Friday & Easter Sunday is filled with preparations for our celebration.  Besides cleaning the house, prepping for our Easter brunch and last minute Easter outfit coordinating, we make our traditional sugar cookies in the shape of a cross & Easter eggs and we dye Easter eggs!  These are fun filled, memorable activities for the kids and build the momentum for the excitement of Resurrection Day!

For those of you who want my be interested in the history of Easter Eggs I read this interesting information on Barbara Curtis’s Mommy Life Blog –

History of the Easter Egg: To keep a Christian perspective of Easter in your home, please note the following research that can help you explain the history of the Easter egg to your children.

The earliest Christian history of the Eater egg tradition is found approximately 50 years after Jesus’ resurrection. Bright red-colored eggs were simply exchanged as gifts as a symbol of continuing life and Christ’s resurrection. The red color was an intentional Christian tradition commemorating the blood of Christ. The red Easter eggs in Christian history were originally used when two friends met on Easter day. They two friends would know to tap their eggs together and one would greet the other with the words, “Christ is Risen!” and the other would respond, “Christ is Risen Indeed!” Then the eggs were eaten in fellowship.

During the Reformation, the church instituted the custom of breaking the Lenten fast with hard-boiled eggs. The eggs were brought to the Easter morning service, and the priest blessed them saying, “Lord, bless these eggs as a wholesome substance, eaten in thankfulness on account of the resurrection of our Lord.”

Our main focus must always be that our children meet Jesus in a personal way. If an Easter egg will bring Jesus alive to a child as a symbolic illustration, we should rejoice in the revelation of Jesus and his Resurrection to our children!

 We have always shared with our children that Easter Eggs, bunnies, flowers etc…. were symbols of “new life” just like the new life we have in Christ.  One of my goals in all our family traditions is that they are meaningful and memorable and that they teach that both life and the Lord are good. (and that we have fun too!)

Enjoy the slide show!

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