Thursday Thankfulness

Why is it that so often we are not truly thankful for something until we have lost it?

I am battling some type of head cold this week – congestion, scratchy throat etc.. (or perhaps it is allergies already?)  It is only slightly annoying so I have been able to carry on with life as usual HOWEVER…I lost my voice and sound like a pretty sick frog! (or I could look at the positive and say I have a very deep raspy sexy voice!) Either way a song just came on the radio that I love to sing with a loud belting voice and though I am no American Idol, I have been blessed by God with a decent strong voice.  Well I went to sing and was rudely reminded of my lack of vocal chords as I croaked out the first line. UGH!  It is just not the same worshipping God while you are mouthing the words. 😦

Here’s hoping that my voice has returned by Easter Sunday so I can belt out – “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” at church and then sing along with my favorite inspirational Easter songs – “The Via Del La Rosa”,  “Arise my Love”, “The Easter Song”, “More than Wonderful” and many more!

I am thankful today for a voice to sing praises to my God!

Enjoy singing along to this beautiful video on this eve of Good Friday. (and sing nice & loud for me!)

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