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Thursday Thankfulness

Why is it that so often we are not truly thankful for something until we have lost it?

I am battling some type of head cold this week – congestion, scratchy throat etc.. (or perhaps it is allergies already?)  It is only slightly annoying so I have been able to carry on with life as usual HOWEVER…I lost my voice and sound like a pretty sick frog! (or I could look at the positive and say I have a very deep raspy sexy voice!) Either way a song just came on the radio that I love to sing with a loud belting voice and though I am no American Idol, I have been blessed by God with a decent strong voice.  Well I went to sing and was rudely reminded of my lack of vocal chords as I croaked out the first line. UGH!  It is just not the same worshipping God while you are mouthing the words. 😦

Here’s hoping that my voice has returned by Easter Sunday so I can belt out – “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” at church and then sing along with my favorite inspirational Easter songs – “The Via Del La Rosa”,  “Arise my Love”, “The Easter Song”, “More than Wonderful” and many more!

I am thankful today for a voice to sing praises to my God!

Enjoy singing along to this beautiful video on this eve of Good Friday. (and sing nice & loud for me!)

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Thursday Thankfulness

  • my financial struggles – because they make me depend on and trust You, while keeping my focus on the right things.
  • my weary, tired, sleep deprived body that reminds me to wait on You to gain new strength
  • my lack of time to get everything done today on my “to do” list that forces me to constantly be looking to see if my priorities are in order
  • my frustrations with others bad/negative attitudes, complaining, unsupportive comments that are a reminder of my own imperfections and Your grace that abounds to me despite them
  • my continual battle with bad habits, sins and control issues as they keep me humble
  • not letting things always go “my way” because Your ways are better than my ways
  • this often times messy, disappointing,  depressing, conflicted, hostile, unforgiving, suffering world we live in because it makes me long for my real home with You!

What struggles, hardships, conflicts, imperfections or problems are you thankful for, in or through today?

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”       1 Thessalonians 5:16

“always giving thanks for all things”  Ephesians 5:20


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Thursday Thankfulness


We have entered the season of giving thanks…and I love it!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving Day is just two weeks away? In our family we want to make Thanksgiving a season and not just a day or an event. Growing up my Mom began a tradition of having a thankfulness banner up several weeks prior to Thanksgiving Day and every night before dinner, we would all write on it the things we were thankful for that year.  By Thanksgiving Day the banner was full! It was a wonderful way of making November a “season” of thanksgiving (rather than just a day) and the banner was a great visual reminder to us all of how very blessed we were. It fostered a spirit of gratitude throughout the entire month.

Our Lambdin family has carried on this tradition. For years we too had a banner hanging up in our dining area but recently we switched to writing our thanks in a special “thankfulness album” that we add to every year.  Both are great ways to establish a tradition of a season of thanksgiving.  This past weekend I found a left over thankfulness banner in the garage. (over 10 years ago we joined forces with my brother Cliff & his wife Lynda and sold products to help establish meaningful family traditions – a great plan – we just lacked investors!) So this year we will use the banner and the album. 

Another way to do this with family & friends who are not local (or college age children who are away from home) is to start a “thankfulness email” & send it back & forth to each other to add their email thanks.  My extended family has done this on several occasions & it has been really fun!

I’ll use the next few weeks to share ideas & inspiration that perhaps you can add to your holidays to help make them meaningful and memorable.


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Thursday Thankfulness

I am thankful for the gift of eternal life.

“For God so loved the world…that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have ever lasting life!”  John 3:16

“Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

At some point in life we have each been given the opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Fourteen years ago today….November 1,1993….. a 4 year old little girl, my eldest daughter Michelle received the gift of eternal life when she asked the Lord Jesus to live in her heart.  She was born again into a new life in God.

 I am so very thankful that she has continued to grow in the grace & knowledge of the Lord and is committed to serving the Lord and living for Him. There is no greater joy in life than watching my children know, love & serve the Lord.

Happy Born Again Birthday Michelle!

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Thursday Thankfulness

This week, I am so very thankful for people who are willing to help me.  They make my life easier, more productive, successful and make this journey I am on ever so joyful! We simply can’t do it alone.  I am ever so grateful for –

My dear daughters who help with the baby, keep the house in order and bring me tall glasses of ice water.

Debbie who makes my life easier by co-leading with me our home school co-op.

My dear friend Jeff, who I affectionately refer to as my “personal IT guy” who is forever solving my technology problems.

Amy who drives my daughter Grace home from her writing class every Tuesday.

Candy who is a constant source of inspiration & ideas.

The staff & board of JECHS who are helping me get information & a development team together.

Deanne who is always willing to give me time & input and validates my “lion” personality!

Becky who is such a great cheerleader, promoter & networker for me. (great for my self esteem)

Rachael  who is always willing to come hold the baby, help get us out the door, drive kids places & bring me an Ice Latte.

Sallee who takes fabulous photos for me constantly, plays with my girls, helps chauffeur, run errands and basically says “yes I’ll help” to anything I ask.

Teri who is a wealth of life changing information and who bought me an awesome book this week.

Christina who gives me wonderful input on anything I put in her hands and is an incredible resource of ideas.

Nancy & Cathy who constantly provide training & resources for my home based business to succeed.

Rachel who simply by her presence brings peace, calm & joy into my often hectic life.

Nina who is willing to drive my daughter Amy home after cross country practice whenever we need her to.

Kelly who always opens up her home (& her heart) to my daughter Rebekah at a moments notice.

“Dan the Man” who picks up all my slack – helping to cook dinner, do chores around the house, drive everyone around, run to the store, entertain the baby, change diapers and listen to my constant ideas & inspirations with interest & input.

Wow!  And that is just this weeks list of people who have helped make my life better!

Who are you thankful for today? 

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Thursday Thankfulness

Ok, so it is not Thursday.  Honestly, yesterday I tried to write on this blog something I was sincerely thankful for. Several times I sat down to do it and was just so overwhelmed with sleep deprived exhaustion that I could not drum up in my heart one thing to be thankful about.

Now don’t get me wrong, intellectually I could think of a multitude of things to give thanks for – my faith, my health, my family, my dear friends, protection, provision, shelter….really there is a never ending list.  But my heart just wasn’t in it.  I was consumed with my personal pity party of how utterly tired I was, how no one was helping around the house and how much I had to accomplish.  As I fell down into bed last night, later than I desired, I was just plain miserable.

This morning…I am still tired. (the baby did not cooperate with my sleeping plan last night!)  But I “happened” (God always gets my attention) to come across an article today in Readers Digest on the “new science of thank you”. It was a fascinating article on how scientific research has come to the conclusion that gratitude plays a huge role in physical & emotional well being.

The studies (there have been several) found that people who were consciously grateful:

  • Felt better about their lives
  • Were more optimistic
  • Were more energetic 
  • Were more enthusiastic
  • Were more determined
  • Were more interested
  • Were more joyful
  • Exercised more
  • Had fewer illnesses
  • Got more sleep
  • Were more likely to have helped someone else

Wow!  Now that is one impressive list of the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude!  All that simply from making the choice to be thankful…even when you may be overwhelmed, tired, or “done” with everything & everyone.  Yesterday even in the midst of my tiredness I could have taken the mental discipline and written out what I was thankful for even though I didn’t “feel” thankful.  One of the keys I have found to successful living is to do the right thing even when you do not feel like it.  We cannot often control our feeling but we can control our actions.

I am thankful today!

  • For my sweet children who are somewhat patiently waiting for me to finish this before we head out the door for a fun field trip!
  • For the most darling adorable laughing baby boy
  • For chocolate chip cookies
  • For bright sunny skies
  • For a husband who kissed me goodbye this morning & told me to have a great day
  • For my daughter who is serving the Lord on the mission field in Africa & received her insulin just in the nick of time yesterday
  • For the ability to negotiate with children
  • For food in the cabinets today
  • For a van that can carry all our family & still invite a plethora of friends to join us
  • For the ability to nurse & nourish my sweet baby

Gotta run!  I hope you take the time to be grateful today…it certainly is easier than exercising! (and it looks like it may just get you to the gym too!)

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Thursday Thankfulness

At this exact moment I am thankful for……my very comfortable bed & soft down pillow!

After a very late night (catching up with my dear friend Teri Helms who always makes me laugh until I cry and really should have a blog site of her own!) and then a day of getting up early and going, going, going…..and then going some more, I just arrived home and am headed promptly back to my room to catch a quick nap before the evening activities of soccer practice, dinner, homework and getting caught up here around the house.

Am I ever thankful for that bed & pillow. (and for the sisters & cousin Ashley who are more than willing to entertain the baby while I nap) 

What are you thankful for at this very moment?

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Thursday Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for the life God has given me at this very moment.   We all only have this day to live, love & laugh….we are not promised tomorrow.  None of us knows when life will take a tragic turn or when our own life or the life of a beloved will end. So yes…today I am thankful for life!

We have a long time friend of 18 years who had a horrific accident at work on Tuesday and his life is currently hanging in the balance.  Mike Harper is a God fearing, kind, compassionate & friendly man.  He has a gentle & peaceful spirit that makes it a blessing to be in his presence.  He & his dear wife Diane have raised to adulthood four of the finest children I have known.  He has lived a life of integrity, loving God & loving others. 

Please join me in praying for Mike & his precious family as they walk thru this valley.

Live your life today as if it were your last — love & serve the Lord, make meaningful memories with your family & friends (even within an “ordinary” day), forgive those you are holding something against, let go of your frustrations and stresses, appreciate and cherish your spouse, hug and kiss your kids, smile, laugh a lot and sing with gusto!  Enjoy and be thankful for your life in this moment.

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Thursday Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for….air conditioning (even if it doesn’t work as well as it should…only getting the house cooled down to 85), ice cubes, ceiling fans & cold showers!  It is HOT! HOT! HOT! here in the Central Valley of California….we are talking 106 yesterday. Yuk! And I have to admit it makes me very cranky, fussy and I have had a very bad attitude.  

Last night as we headed on over to the mall to eat dinner at the “food court” (I refused to turn on the oven to cook dinner)…I got convicted about my attitude.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I could be homeless and outside in this weather with only a freeway overpass as shelter or I could live in a house without any air conditioning relief.  I could not have access to clean water or a shower.  I could live in a 3rd world country with no freezer or ice cubes at my disposal. In fact, I began to feel even a bit spoiled by my many blessings in the midst of this heat wave.  I humbly apologized to my kids and made the decision to stop complaining about the weather and enjoy my air conditioning, ceiling fans, ice & clean cold shower.

What are you thankful for today?

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