Easter Family Photos

I’ve always loved getting us all dressed up on Easter Sunday in color coordinating and/or matching dresses for the girls.  Besides making for beautiful photos, it also creates wonderful memories and gives us a unique sense of family togetherness and unity.  The girls can tell you many a funny story about their Easter, Christmas & 4th of July clothes! (or just color coordinating for an excursion to make it easier to spot all the kids!) This year I actually picked out the teenage daughters skirts and to their amazement I had “good taste”!  🙂

We also have always taken this dress up opportunity to take family pictures while we are all looking good!  Our dear life long friend Michelle Sallee has taken many of those photos.  She is quite an excellent photographer and has recently started up a photography business.  If you like what you see here – check out her blog at Sallee Photography to look at her awesome photos – weddings, sports action photos, senior portraits, family photos, beach pictures & more.  If you live locally and would like to hire a fabulous budding photographer – I highly recommend her!

What do you think of my beautiful family? The only thing that would have made these photos better is having my eldest daughter Michelle home to be in them!


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5 responses to “Easter Family Photos

  1. becky collins


  2. Margo

    Love the photos. Especially the ones of dad and baby. So sweet.

    Thanks for your daily blog. Love reading it.

  3. Thank you sweet Beth,

    for stopping by with encouraging words!! I know with your heart you will pray, you have such a love for children, it is so evident in your own life.

    I stopped by last week and was so amazed by your lovely family you have and your pictures. You all are so beautiful/ and of course “handsome”…(Dan & Daniel Jr.) All your pictures came out so fabulous. My sister is so talented isn’t she?! I hope to see you soon!

    Love always,

  4. Lynn Taylor

    I am always so glad that Gloria sends me pictures so I can see your wonderful family. Daniel is surely growing up quickly. Hope all is going well for you. I know you are all missing Michelle. Take care.

  5. You are truly blessed, lovely family pics:)

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