Spring has sprung

Just in from my morning walk and….Spring has Sprung!

Everything is fresh, clean & new – the warm sunny days and perfect cool evenings, the kids riding bikes at the park, the smell of BBQ’s firing up in neighbors backyards, shorts & cooler clothes coming down from the attic, flowers blooming & grass growing longer and greener. Yes, Spring is here…and I love it!

There is something refreshing about the change of season.  Just when we are getting tired of the rain (or snow!), the cold winter nights, or foggy mornings…. God in His incredible creativity brings us a new season to enjoy. It gives us energy & enthusiasm and a fresh new start and perspective on life.

Perhaps this morning you need “spring” to arrive in your home based business. Perhaps its been a long cold winter & you haven’t seen much “sun” in your business lately. Perhaps you need to see new, fresh green growth in your business, or you are ready for a major change, or you need to add some fun & play.

Why not officially declare today the start of Spring in your business and start a little –

  • Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing like a stack of paperwork, unfinished business, discontinued products or inactive customers to really bog down your business! Its time to clean up…..if you haven’t used it…throw it out! If you need to finish up a project – get going! If you have a bunch of customers who never respond – give them one last call and tell them your doing some “Spring cleaning” and you’d like to know if they are still interested in staying on your active mailing list. (If they say no….by all means remove them…..you WILL be relieved!). Have a Spring cleaning “sale” or “special” and get rid of that discontinued or overstocked products you have. (its a great way to get events on your calendar too by offering EXTRA free gifts that have just been collecting dust anyway!) What a great feeling to start fresh & clean! (While your “physically” cleaning up be sure to start with a clean heart attitude too. Throw out your past failures, excuses or disappointments with your business and start a new today!)

  • Gardening 

 The best thing for any of our businesses is to see a bit of green growth happening. It lifts the spirit and soothes the soul to see the growth of spring & the beautiful array of flowers that begin to sprout up everywhere. It brings joy & life to everything! The same is true as business owners – we need to cultivate NEW growth in our businesses. If you haven’t held an event in awhile, perhaps you need to get revitalized and renewed in your vision for your busness. Or perhaps its time to begin planting seeds to get a fresh new brand of clients at your workshops, or a new excited hostess, or the greatest of new growth, an excited, hopeful, energetic, full of dreams & vision new recruit. Or maybe its time to start that Aspiring leaders group you’ve been thinking about. (I guarantee that if only one new leader pops up into your garden…it WILL revitalize your business!)

  • Play a little

Have some fun! Don’t be so serious – do something spontaneous! Get out from behind the computer and enjoy the sunshine. Have lunch with your consultant friends just for the fun & fellowship. Start a “dream” album, faithbook or celebration album all about you! Do something new in your business that you would enjoy – have a customer Spring tea, or meet at a park (let the kids play) and take time to enjoy looking at your customer albums (and letting them look at yours), or hold a fun theme workshop for your closest friends where you crop along with them & renew your love of scrapbooking. Remember to enjoy life each day and everything it brings.

Here’s to a new fresh spring start in your business….have an incredibly beautiful & blessed day! 



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One response to “Spring has sprung

  1. Matt and I were just saying how the only bad thing about this weather, is needing the heater at night and cooler in the day! 🙂 We took our new puppy to the lake today, and it was so nice out!

    Oh and I may have a dining table in good condition to donate to your adoption fund. I asked someone else if they needed it and they said they didn’t think so, I just have to double check. We may have some other things too!

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