In just a matter of days

Yesterday as I was finishing up a backyard luncheon with my team of volunteers for the JECHS Spring Fling, trying to get Kristen out the door to her weekly cleaning job, getting the diaper bag packed & pulling out food “to go” as we were getting ready to head out the door for Amy’s last home soccer game and a evening watching the schools performance of Aladdin. (which was fabulous!)…..

….the girls blurted out – “Hey Mom!  The adoption agency called and they sounded excited!” After a quick look at the clock to see if they would still be open, I found the phone number and eagerly called Life Choices.  My heart was beating fast and I found myself pacing excitedly throughout he kitchen when the adoption coordinator said with her great southern drawl…”Beth, I have some exciting news for y’all”! She then went on to say that a precious baby boy had been born on Tuesday April 29 and that they would like to present our family album to the birth mother. 

So folks, by early this next week we should know if we are headed to Tennessee to adopt a baby brother! I can’t tell you the excitement and joy that is filling our home today.  This could be the moment we are waiting for!  We have complete peace that if this is the baby that God has for us – it will happen.

 So………PRAY!  Pray for this birth mom who has made a very hard & heroic decision, pray for this sweet 8lb baby boy and pray for us. 

There is the small little obstacle that we will have to write a check for $7,000 to the agency (plus additional post placement fees we will need – but for now we have to have $7,000).  We currently have $710 in our adoption fund. So in a matter of days I may find out that we have to raise over $6,000 in a very short amount of time.  We have applied for grants (but will not hear for 60-90 days – which we obviously can’t wait until then). We have a yard sale/bake sale scheduled for a week from Saturday (if you have items to donate or would like to bake some things for us – AWESOME!).  After we get a confirmation, we are going to see if our pastor would be willing to take an offering for us at church. And on our baby brother blog we have been working on a donor plan involving recruiting 300 “adoption partners” to help us cover the remaining expenses.  Here is the plan – perhaps you or someone you know would like to be one of our baby brother adoption partners.

 We are asking the Lord to give us 300 donors to help us raise the remaining monies needed for our adoption. We are calling this our adoption partners – We are in need of 100 to give $15, 100 to give $25 and 100 to give $50.  This page will keep you updated on our progress!  You can donate Online here!(Paypal or credit card)

12 donors to date – 288 to go

100 to give $15 (or even $10)

  1. Dionne Merriott of Lubbuck, Texas
  2. Terri Goode of Lakewood, Colorado

100 to give $25 or more

  1. Martha Burtenshaw of Centerville, Ohio
  2. Deanne Barth of Lodi, CA
  3. Charlotte Frye of Stockton, CA

100 to give $50 or more

  1. Dan & Krista Coyan, missionaries to Czechoslovakia
  2. Robin Dayneko of Ontario, CA
  3. Lisa Klaassen of Arkansas, Kansas
  4. Alan & Sue Ellen Hale of Grandview, Texas
  5. Anita Boling
  6. Gloria Grupe of Stockton, CA
  7. Becky Wegner of Memphis, Tennessee

 We are also checking with the agency to see if someone wanted to contribute a significant amount towards our adoption (say $500 or $1,000 or more) if they could give them a tax receipt. Please pass this on to anyone you know who may have a heart for adoption and would like to play a part in this miracle.

You better believe that I will be posting the moment we hear word next week if this is our baby boy! 

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