Daniel turns one!

Yes, as unbelievable as it seems to me…a year has passed already and our little Daniel Guy turned one year old on April 20. Being that I have done this seven times now, you would think I would be ok with this phenomenon of how fast life passes by when it comes to watching your children grow up. I am not.  I know that with this wonderful life milestone of turning one year old his life will gain an amazing speed and before we know it he will be starting school, playing ball, turning ten (called decade day at our house), going through adolescence, starting high school and from that point on headed with warp speed towards graduation.  As much as I am determined to slow it all down and cherish each moment, it will still all happen much too fast. 

What is a Mom to do? 

  • Rock that sweet smelling baby all night long
  • Get on the floor and play with those wee ones while they are still crawling around
  • Read a book on the couch with your toddler over & over again
  • Enjoy every minute of having them home during summer vacation (don’t wish it away!) & for us homeschoolers cherish the hundreds of extra hours you have year ’round with your children
  • Coach their teams, volunteer at their school and with their events, chaperone their field trips, teach their Sunday School class
  • Turn up the music loud in the car when your pre-teen asks you too (and be thankful they don’t have an ipod stuck in their ear which limits any communication)
  • Talk to your teenagers(even if it means staying up late at night), attend their games, participate in their activities, chaperon their school events, invite their friends to your home
  • Make meaningful memories and create family traditions at every opportunity.
  • Stop waiting until tomorrow to start living!
  • Kiss their sweet cheeks and squeeze them with a warm loving hug every day (or if you have a wee one you can get away with every minute!)

Happy Birthday my to my baby boy!

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