Mother’s Day Monologue addendum

After writing on Mothers Day, I decided that I should have also shared with you the positive comments that I have heard over the years about my large & growing family.  Although they are few & far between when compared to the negative remarks – they are refreshing!

  • “Don’t you just feel blessed with so many children?”  said a smiling teenage boy working in a Santa Cruz surf shop. After recovering from my shock, I blurted out “Yes I do!” (and then proceeded to quietly tell the girls – that is the type of guy you want to look for in a husband!)
  • “We sure wish we would of had more children” said by many older couples as we are out & about. (ahhh hindsight is 20/20 – are you listening all you young couples out there? I’ve never heard an older couple say “I wish I would not have had that last one.” )
  • “The world will be a better place with another Lambdin in it”  commented my brother-in-law.
  • “I for one, am ENVIOUS of you and wish I had 7 precious children!”  a dear CM friend reminded me to add to my list of comments.
  • “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”  the screams of delight with each announcement of a new child from our own dear children. In fact I have never seen them get more excited about anything else.

Thanks for all of you who emailed or left positive comments.  I hope everyone is encouraged to speak enthusiastic positive and uplifting comments to everyone you know who is pregnant (regardless of their circumstances) – especially those who are “above average” in their family size.  You will be a breath of fresh air!

P.S.  I inadvertently left off a couple of dear folks who helped contribute to our yard sale on Saturday – a big THANK YOU to

  • Charlie & Lisa Fairchild
  • Mike & Lynn Krogstad



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2 responses to “Mother’s Day Monologue addendum

  1. Jaye Jackson

    Beth, God has blessed you and your children with a family filled with love.

    I had always wanted 10 children but my family of three was all my physical body could handle. I have been teaching Sunday school, preschool and in child care to share my love of children so God blessed me in another way.

    Thank you for blessing a child(ren?) by adopting them! You and your family are amazing!

  2. kate

    not to mention the excitment of all those crazy cousins!!! Not good to be in a public place when we find out that new cousin is coming along! ;o)

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