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Tea Time Tuesday: A Word Aptly Spoken

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Proverbs 25:11

If you ever received a note, message or card where someone has taken the time to write out words of love, affirmation, encouragement, inspiration or wisdom to you personally then you know the powerful effect of the written word.  In fact I would be willing to bet that you have some of those meaningful notes, cards or messages stashed away in a special drawer, box or in the attic. 

Sometimes I wonder in this new age of facebook, twitter, text messages and email if the future generation will have the joy and pleasure of re-reading  and treasuring words of love and affirmation given to them by friends and family?  I hope not!

I have a box (actually I have three boxes!) of cards and notes that have been given to me over the years from my husband, children, parents, siblings, friends, business partners and former students.  If I ever need a good “pick me up” or am feeling unloved or unappreciated (any of you Moms out there ever have one of those days?) I can simply open up one of those boxes and read through those wonderful words once again.  They always lift my spirit and refresh my soul.

Today during Tea Time Tuesday we talked about the value of loving, affirming and encouraging others through our written words.  I pulled out one of the boxes and read some of  them to the girls.  We talked about the importance of not merely signing a card with your name but taking the time to write out something sincere, heartfelt and meaningful.  It does not have to be long but needs to be thought out.  We shared many things you could include:

  • adjectives that you could use to describe someone
  • stories you could tell to remember something special about them
  • prayers of blessing on their lives
  • words of wisdom that would add value to their life
  • giving encouragement or inspiration
  • adding relevant Bible scriptures or quotes

Let me share two different cards as examples.  The first is from Gloria Grupe, a dear family friend who always takes the time to not only remember my children’s birthdays but is also really gifted at making cards meaningful.

Dearest Joy:

God loves you dear one – so precious to the Lord.  I hope you are having a good birthday celebration. Always be a good thoughtful helper to Mom and the younger ones.  I saw you one day playing with Daniel when he could not even walk yet.  You were playing and entertaining him while your Mom and I were talking. You were on the kitchen floor. Now you have a brother and new sister.  You are the closest in age — a very special teacher you are.  They need to know all the very important things you know at 7 years old.  That is part of God’s plan for your life, that you be an example, helper and teacher to the younger ones. I know you will do a very good job!

Have a Happy Birthday,  Lots of love and blessings, Gloria

Isn’t that a great birthday card to my 7-year-old daughter?  What a blessing to have a wise older saint in her life that not only speaks words of love and blessing but also gives guidance and purpose for her life!  I could not ask for a greater birthday gift for my children. It challenged me to write with purpose to those who are following along behind me in years.

The next note is from a dear friend who is also gifted at using words to express love and appreciation. Here is a portion of her note:

The gift of your friendship spans more than words can say and is truly among the greatest gifts I count in my life. How blessed I am to have a friend who…

  • I can trust to never veer away from God’s eternal truth
  • has proven to always put God’s interests first
  • lives a life that does not shift as sand among the circumstances of life or the popular notions our culture offers
  • is not afraid to look me square in the eye, tell me the truth, then push me to be better
  • has a good & cheerful heart (Proverbs 15:5) Everything you do is a celebration. You lift life from the mundane, welcoming everyone you know to join in with you

Now about everything else…it would take a book and among the chapter titles would be: Motivation, Inspiration, Encouragement, Excellence. In your full & overflowing life you have always included me. I know you would do anything for me and I hope you know I would do anything for you and your family.  As Jacopo told the Count of Monte’ Cristo – “I am your man (friend)…for life!”

This letter not only blesses my heart but inspires me to greatness. What a gift to be able to use such a simple thing as a note, card or letter to bless and inspire others!  And better yet…it is free! 

We had a lovely tea time and each of us walked away motivated to write some notes of love, affirmation, encouragement and wisdom to our precious friends and family.  I hope to instill a lifelong desire in my children to use the power of the written word to make a difference in the lives of those who cross their paths.



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The Voices Inside My Head

Several months ago I wrote a post about my hearts desire – to minister to others through speaking and writing. At the time I was trying to get a scholarship to attend “She Speaks”, a special conference designed specifically for Christian speakers and writers.  In order to be considered for that scholarship you had to write a blog post, so in the midst of a crazy time of life, I stopped and wrote this post – No Time Like the Present.  And no, I did not get one of the scholarships but through a strange turn of events and the generosity of a few friends I found myself on an airplane this week flying across the country to attend this conference.

As I arrived this morning I was in a very abnormal melancholy mood. I felt like I was surrounded by a cloud as I picked up my registration packet, mingled with other conference attenders and got ready to attend the first of many sessions and workshops.  It was especially odd to me as I had been beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to attend this conference and glean everything possible from the wealth of knowledge and experience that would surround me.  I shrugged it off as missing my husband and kids or having to get up early (I am simply not a morning person).

A bit later in the morning I began to have some impressions and voices in my head saying over and over again:

  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “You have nothing of any importance to say?”
  • “No one will ever ask you to come speak or be interested in reading a book you write”
  • “Who are you to think you should speak or write” (and an additional dig…”you can’t even write consistently on your blog”)

Strange voices indeed for Beth Lambdin.  You see I am not use to hearing voices like that.  I have a pretty good recording in my head, thanks to my parents that continually spoke words like this as I was growing up:

  • “You are beautiful, talented, smart & creative”
  • “You can do anything you set your heart & mind to do”
  • “You were created by God to do great things”

And since I believe the Bible to be the absolute truth & have committed many scriptures to memory I also hear these words in my head often:

  • You are the apple of God’s eye, the salt of the earth & the light of the world
  • You are fearfully & wonderfully made, a new creation in Christ
  • You are chosen of God, holy & dearly loved
  • You can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives you strength
  • You are called by God & anointed to preach

And despite this great foundation, for a moment I was seriously meditating on those defeating and discouraging thoughts. However, as the foreign voices & words came faster and faster I almost laughed out loud in the middle of the session. Wow! It hit me like a brick!  What a SURE sign this was that the enemy of my soul was not happy that I was at this conference.  I immediately silenced his condemnation with a prayer in Jesus name and sat up straight and began to write with gusto all that was being spoken about from the podium. I got extremely excited to think about what God had for me this weekend that caused Satan to bother to  try to throw such trash into my head.  The cloud lifted and the mood dissolved instantly.

I was able to be alert and ready to receive ideas and inspiration throughout the entire day and I felt reenergized and infused with faith, hope and vision for my life. (and there are still two days left!) Later that evening the speaker reminded us all that according to Ephesians Chapter 6 we are in a spiritual battle and that Satan has no business in this place, another confirmation that my experience earlier in the day was an attack.

The last speaker of the evening besides being incredibly inspirational ended his message with a short prayer that caused me to smile from ear to ear. He had us repeat it out loud after him and it went something like this…”Beloved Lord, Let me always speak the truth about what I am….I am wonderful! Amen”  Yet another layer of God’s truth speaking to my heart!

As I got into my rental car tonight to head back to my accommodations, God decided to give me one more reminder of the truth of who I am and what I can do for Him as this song began playing the moment I turned on the car:

Isn’t God just so good? Perhaps someone reading this post is also being plagued with discouraging, defeating or negative thoughts today. Maybe you too are needing a fresh reminder of who you really are. And I am confident that someone needs to be reminded that they are in a spiritual battle! (No those voices of rejection, discouragement & defeat are not your own!)  Stop listening to the enemy and the lies and speak the truth from God’s word about everything you are, all that you will become and the great things you will do! Fight the good fight of faith…you will win!

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the casting down of strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ”   2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Off to bed excited and anticipating all that is in store for me tomorrow on day two of the “She Speaks” conference.  More later…..


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The tale of two “practically perfect” days

This is a tale of two practically perfect days.

A week ago last Friday was our traditional family fall outing to Apple Hill and when I came home that evening I posted my status on my face book account that it was the end of a “practically perfect” day!

We got up early on the first cool crisp morning of the fall…made a quick Starbucks stop for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and we were off.  Highlights –

  • touring the historic town of Coloma – I love history!

  • panning for gold on the American River

  • a delicious picnic lunch  at Apple Hill overlooking the beautiful mountainside and trout pond

  • enjoying the fall weather and colors while making memories with my children

  • yummy caramel apples

  • a leisurely drive down the hill watching the first rain of the season come down on the windshield and blaring music loud in the van while singing along!
  • coming home to a warm bowl of cheddar cheese soup with several friends joining around the festive fall candlelit table before heading out to the perfect Friday night activity – a Jim Elliot football game (bonus – they won!) and having my teenage girls want to sit with their Mom and Dad. 🙂

  • and finally enjoying a freshly baked apple pie ala mode on the couch with Joy – my 5 year old “night girl” (the only one that didn’t “crash” before the pie was done)

I lay down to sleep that night perfectly content that I had enjoyed a thoroughly memorable day with my favorite people on earth doing some of my favorite things and enjoying some of my favorite foods.

The  next “practically perfect” day was last Tuesday when life as I knew it stopped.  Instead of going, going, going from dawn to dusk – homeschooling the girls, driving to and from a multitude of sporting events and practices (we currently have three soccer players, two volleyball players and a cross country runner), tutoring a dear friends son, taking Grace to reading class and Rebekah to play rehearsal (I drive over 75 miles every Tuesday) and in between trying to keep up with my work for Creative Memories, Jim Elliot Christian High School, Cornerstone Co-op Administraton on top of being a Mom/Wife (getting food for all to eat, managing the house and getting in a quick phone call to the college daughter and having a conversation and a goodnight kiss with the dear darling hubby) – everything came to a screeching halt when baby Daniel was in the hospital and my life was quickly pared down to one assignment – being Daniel’s mommy. 

And I have to say despite the staph infection, the hospital surroundings and the lack of sleep it truly was a practically perfect day!

  • We cuddled, cuddled and cuddled some more!

  •  We ate all our meals together (cooked, delivered & cleaned up by someone else – bonus!). We read books, played ball and watched cartoons together.

  • We even chatted on the phone together to big sister in New York.
  • And while he napped I read my online devotions and daily Bible reading (that I sometimes try to say I am too busy to read….excuses, excuses) and I prayed.
  • My friends took over my life – driving my girls to their practices, tutoring schedules & rehearsals.  They brought me a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and fed my family delicious home cooked meals.  And everything the “needed” to get done for JECHS, CM and co-op just didn’t happen.  And you know what?  Life went on.

As I laid in the crib/cage that night scrunched up next to my precious little boy I was fully content that my day had been so simple and truly enjoyable – just caring for my son and time with my Lord, a few visits from dear friends, my girls and the love of my life.

You may be thinking – “how can being in the hospital with your very sick child be a practically perfect day?”  It is because I believe that truly is not what happens in your life each and everyday that counts – it is how you view it and how you respond that makes the difference.  I choose to see and live life not through “rose colored glasses” as the saying goes but through the filter of Gods word that says –

“All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

“This is the day that the Lord has made…Iet us rejoice and be glad in it!”

“In everything give thanks for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.”

“Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice.”

 Two very different days but both practically perfect in many ways.  It is all in how you see it – a lesson we could all take to heart and teach to our children.



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Mother’s Day Monologue addendum

After writing on Mothers Day, I decided that I should have also shared with you the positive comments that I have heard over the years about my large & growing family.  Although they are few & far between when compared to the negative remarks – they are refreshing!

  • “Don’t you just feel blessed with so many children?”  said a smiling teenage boy working in a Santa Cruz surf shop. After recovering from my shock, I blurted out “Yes I do!” (and then proceeded to quietly tell the girls – that is the type of guy you want to look for in a husband!)
  • “We sure wish we would of had more children” said by many older couples as we are out & about. (ahhh hindsight is 20/20 – are you listening all you young couples out there? I’ve never heard an older couple say “I wish I would not have had that last one.” )
  • “The world will be a better place with another Lambdin in it”  commented my brother-in-law.
  • “I for one, am ENVIOUS of you and wish I had 7 precious children!”  a dear CM friend reminded me to add to my list of comments.
  • “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”  the screams of delight with each announcement of a new child from our own dear children. In fact I have never seen them get more excited about anything else.

Thanks for all of you who emailed or left positive comments.  I hope everyone is encouraged to speak enthusiastic positive and uplifting comments to everyone you know who is pregnant (regardless of their circumstances) – especially those who are “above average” in their family size.  You will be a breath of fresh air!

P.S.  I inadvertently left off a couple of dear folks who helped contribute to our yard sale on Saturday – a big THANK YOU to

  • Charlie & Lisa Fairchild
  • Mike & Lynn Krogstad



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What are you saying?

Words are powerful

Words impact & influence others 

Words make a difference

My photo album journey resulting in dozens of completed albums, a home based business and a multitude of friends began with these words from my sister, Caroline –“You’ve got to start an album” and “Here is the number of this awesome scrapbooking company…call them!” (this was a demand not a suggestion – gotta love “big” sisters!)

“You have to read this book!” exclaimed two friends and former students, Deanne & Mindy as I stood out in the front yard chatting with them.  Their enthusiasm was so sincere that I went out & bought the series they recommended & it set me on a path of reading fabulous Christian works that have been life changing.

The vision and dream for Jim Elliot Christian High School had its roots in a question from a dear friend, Carrie –  “Have you ever considered starting a school?”

“My wife would love to be in a homeschool co-op – you should call her!” said Doug, the man who was installing our kitchen cabinets and so began our Cornerstone Co-op Academy (which had been etched in my mind years earlier when a CM friend in Florida said “Do you want to come with us today to our homeschool co-op?”)

“Do you trust God?”, “Who is in control of your life?”, “Have you prayed and asked God how many He wants you to have?” came as both a powerful message to a group of engaged couples and as a still small voice and resulted in the greatest blessing of our lives – the 6 princesses & the knight!

A dozen emails that said “You would be great at speaking to and motivating women” launched a season of speaking & traveling throughout the country (and the “You should write a book” words still remain in the “in box” of my brain waiting for action)

A dear friend Christina, proclaimed emphatically – “You need to check out this Mommy Life blog site because this woman reminds me of you!” – and I was providentially introduced to the world of blogging by a “soul sister” in cyberspace. (who I have yet to meet but feel connected to through her blogging)

“We should go on this missions trip to Mexico and help build houses for the poor”  urged the Kirchners and thus our experience in family missions began with Club Dust.

“You can find a way to be home with your kids full time” proclaimed a radio talk show host giving me just the support, encouragement & backbone I needed to leave the 9 to 5 world of working women.

“They have a baby who is waiting to be adopted and I thought of you.” were words spoken recently through the telephone from a dear life long friend, Becky and has set us on the road towards the hope of being blessed with another baby boy!

I could go on & on sharing words that have been spoken and have impacted, influenced & made a powerful difference in my life.  In the same way many of us have been negatively affected by words as well.  We have had things said to us that have damaged our hearts and minds, held us back from accomplishing something great or discouraged and derailed us.  Often those sentences begin with…

  • You shouldn’t…
  • You can’t…
  • Why would you?
  • No one will…
  • You are not __________ enough!

Just as positive words & encouragement can make a life changing difference to others… can negative and discouraging words.  According to a recent study we all speak approximately 16,000 words a day. 16,000!! That means we all have many opportunities to speak positive, uplifting, encouraging, motivating, inspiring and challenging words to others that may perhaps be life changing.  We, of course have the same opportunity to speak neutral or negative words that discourage, drain, dampen, or depress others.  The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 – Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose. 

What are you saying to others today?  Let’s choose to be people whose words bring life – support, encouragement, inspiration, motivation as well as challenging and influencing others in a positive direction!


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The apple of His eye

Wow! Am I ever “it” …”the one & only”…”the living end”…”the love of his life” and “the apple of his eye”……

Being a mother to a precious new baby is certainly good for ones self esteem.  When I walk into the room he simply can not take his eyes off of me.  A contagious smile spreads across his face and he squeals with delight!  He can’t get enough of me and never tires of being with me.  bw-beth.jpgHe finds pure joy & delight  in this strong willed, obstinate, opinionated, flabby, hopelessly flawed, middle aged woman  that he only sees as his awesome, cherished and beautiful Mommy. 

This morning I found myself battling aches & pains in my back (from an injury earlier this month), feeling extremly tired as well as overwhelmed by the week looming ahead of me and a bit melancholy while contemplating the absence of my eldest daughter who will celebrate her 18th birthday this week…6000 miles away from home (& me!).  As I glumly headed back to my room to get Sir Daniel Guy out of his crib (while mentally berating myself for not getting up early enough to start a much needed exercise regimen),  an amazing thing happened!  As he looked up at me with awe in his big beautiful blue eyes and as a huge smile spread across his face, all my aches & pains, overwhelming feelings, negative thoughts and heartache melted away and I felt my spirits lift and my heart sing! I was instantly transformed by his exuberant & unconditional love.  Everything about life seemed better and brighter under the adoration of this child. I confidently walked out of that room with praise on my lips, a smile on my face and a positive confidence to take on the day and week ahead of me!

If only we could all tap into this type of transformation on a daily basis wouldn’t life be just wonderful?  We could shake off our nagging feelings of incompetence, worthlessness or unattractiveness and confidently know that we are valuable and lovely just the way we are. We all struggle with negative thoughts and feelings that paralyze us and stop us from being our best, doing incredible things and living a fulfilling life.  If only we could replace the negative in our lives with the positive confidence that comes from joyful, unconditional love and acceptance.

We can!  You see we have a heavenly Father who thinks we are “it” …”the one & only”…”the living end”…”the love of His life” and “the apple of His eye”!  Read what He says about us –

“How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.”  Psalm 139:17-18

“He kept him as the apple of His eye.”  Deuteronomy 32:10

“The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

 “Lord….Your lovingkindness to me is better than life.” Psalm 63:3

“the Lord appeared saying, I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

Read those wonderful words often, believe them, memorize them, recite them. Picture the Lord smiling down upon you with joy & rejoicing over you with singing.  Let the love of God pour into your heart and life and transform your  negative thoughts and feelings, your heartaches & headaches and your worries & weaknesses into everyday living with a positive outlook, confidence, contentment & joy.


Baby blessings of wide eyed wonder, contagious smiles, deep belly giggling and squeals of joy to you all today,

Beth &  Sir Daniel Guy



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